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by Pseudo-sciences - 2023-04-01 15:00
Mairie du 10e arrondissement de Paris, 72 rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, Paris Dans le cadre de sa fête de l'esprit critique, la mairie du 10ème arrondissement de Paris et l'Association Française pour l'Information Scientifique (AFIS) vous invitent samedi 1er avril 2023 à 15h Les effets (in)soupçonnés de la Lune Y a-t-il plus de naissances les soirs de pleine Lune ? Y dort-on moins bien ? Mieux ? Faut-il tenir compte de la lune pour les travaux des champs ou étendre son linge ? Dans un exposé (...) Agenda de l'Afis
by Buzzfeed - 2023-04-01 08:01
And for a few of these products — guilty as charged — the reviewer is *me.* ✈️View Entire Post ›
by Buzzfeed - 2023-04-01 07:16
"We have a 'you deal with your side, I'll deal with mine' approach to our families. Does his mom annoy me? Do my siblings bug him? Yes, sometimes, but we each handle our own sides — and it has worked wonderfully."View Entire Post ›
by Buzzfeed - 2023-04-01 06:01
It's like you moved but you didn't have to deal with all the annoying parts (which, tbh, are all the parts).View Entire Post ›
by BBC - about 1 hour
The Tates and two associates are moved to house arrest following a ruling by a Romanian judge.
by The Verge - about 2 hours
A Sidewalk coverage map claims the network reaches over 90 percent of the US population. | Image: Amazon It turns out that I have a low-power, low-bandwidth, long-range IoT network all around me, ready and waiting for my smart gadgets to jump on. Today, Amazon revealed just how far its Sidewalk IoT network penetrates the average American neighborhood. And it’s deep. The company’s first Sidewalk coverage map claims that over 90 percent of the US population can access the now public network (it’s limited to the US only). Using a Sidewalk developer test kit supplied by Amazon, I drove around my town to confirm this data and, over three days of traveling more than 40 miles, found that the connectivity was...
by BBC - about 2 hours
At least 24 injured people have been taken to hospital after "significant damage" in Little Rock.
by KCRW - about 2 hours
Paula Forbes loves bay leaves but their relevance has been called into question online in recent weeks. Often fished out of pots, the leaves impart flavor but aren't edible. 
Last year, Ina Garten gave an interview to the New Yorker Radio Hour, where she questioned what the bay leaf brings to a recipe. A mixture of green tea and thyme, with a vegetal and floral quality, the leaves have a tinge of menthol and scent.
Paula Forbes weighs in on the bay leaf brouhaha for her Substack newsletter, Stained Page News and scoured cookbooks to see what experts had to say about their use in Indian, Arab, Louisianan, and Scandinavian cooking.
by KCRW - about 2 hours
After working in the kitchens of Jean-George Vongerichten and Thomas Keller, Jennifer Yee challenged herself to make a plant-based croissant. She says the third time was a charm and she was well on her way to conquering butterless pastry. 
After a stint at Konbi, Yee opened Bakers Bench in Far East Plaza, where she sells plant-based baked goods alongside buttery counterparts. Managing her own schedule, quality of life became an ingredient for balance. Yee admits, "I always felt like if I just put in my time and I just worked at the hardest kitchens I could get myself into and get them on the resume, eventually it would pay off.” 
Depending on the product, Yee uses two different butter substitutes, but...
by KCRW - about 2 hours
Kate Reid was a successful Formula 1 engineer who designed race cars before shifting gears and to bake. Featuring recipes from her famed Melbourne bakery, her cookbook “Lune: Croissants All Day, All Night” is out now. 
This interview has been edited for length and clarity. 
KCRW: Share a little bit about your beginnings and how you ended up designing race cars. 
Kate Reid: I think my love of motor racing, in particular Formula 1, started from a very young age. I'm really close to my dad, we've been best mates our whole life. And for me, Dad had loved motor racing since before I was born. And it felt natural to me that I was hanging out, probably sitting on the couch watching the Formula 1 races as they...
by KCRW - about 2 hours
Chanie Apfelbaum was raised in a kosher home, eating traditional Ashkenazi Jewish food including kugel, gefilte fish, brisket, and matzo ball soup. "All brown foods," she remembers. 
Today, Apfelbaum keeps kosher but puts modern twists when she cooks for her family, using ingredients like coconut oil, miso, and soy, for umami flavor. Since a kosher diet prohibits dairy and meat being consumed together, she opts for real dairy and will turn to a meat substitute so she can maintain a gooey, cheese pull.
Many of her recipes that appeared on her blog "Busy in Brooklyn" appear in her new book, "Totally Kosher." Curried Gefilte Fish Patties
Makes 10 patttties
There’s a time and a place for classic carrot-topped...
by KCRW - about 2 hours
Los Angeles has always been a place where young people dream and work toward success in entertainment while toiling in hospitality jobs. Catering is an odd profession where waiters are perennially backstage, which can be frustrating for anyone with dreams. The workplace comedy "Party Down" debuted over a decade ago with a window into the catering and events world. Season 3 is a reboot airing on STARZ with returning cast members including Adam Scott, Ken Marino, and Martin Starr. New York Times critic at large Tejal Rao took a look at this inhospitable part of hospitality.
"Party Down" dismantles the glamor associated with big Hollywood parties and offers some honest, behind-the-scenes truisms from the point of...
by The Verge - about 3 hours
Image: Disney Issue
You’re watching Disney Plus and it’s too damn dark to see. So damn dark you’re likely to be eaten by a grue. What the heck were these filmmakers thinking? Quick fix
Turn off Dolby Vision, and maybe turn off HDR, in your set-top box or TV’s settings menu. Screenshot by Sean Hollister / The Verge I’m not sure why Disney Plus has an HDR problem, but here’s a quick solution (as shown on Apple TV) The full story
I love HDR. I think every modern movie, TV show, and game should take advantage of the incredible clarity that the extra dynamic range can deliver — particularly on my OLED TV, where the bright beautiful colors and inky blacks are enough to make an art-lover weep. However,...
by HackAdAy - about 3 hours
Sometimes, you just want to go ride your bike in the great outdoors, but you can’t be bothered throwing it in the back of the car. That wouldn’t be a problem if you rode this latest build from [The Q]: a bike small enough to fit in a handbag.
The build starts by customizing a rollerblade wheel to act as the driven rear wheel of the bike. It’s fitted with a tiny sprocket allowing it to be chain driven. Welding some steel tubes then nets a small diamond-layout bike frame. It’s fitted with a chain ring, pedals, and steering assembly just like a full-sized bike, just in absolute miniature.
Riding the bike is “uncomfortable,” in [The Q]’s own terms, but entirely possible. It basically requires the...
by io9 - about 3 hours
Image: Walt Disney Animation StudiosThe Disney+ live-action adaptation of Lilo and Stitch has found its little human star.The Hollywood Reporter, following a report in Knight Edge Media, writes that young Hawaiian actress Maia Kealoha has landed the role of Lilo Pelekai. The casting comes after an extensive open call as Disney searched for the remake’s leading role of a girl who adopts a fugitive alien after mistaking it for a dog. The animated version came out in 2002 from directors Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois; the live-action remake will be helmed by Marcel the Shell With Shoes On director Dean Fleischer Camp, with a script by Chris Kekaniokalani Bright. The film recently added actor Zach Galifianakis...
by Paul Jorion - about 4 hours
P.J. : Vous serait-il utile que je vous montre comment apprendre de la même manière que les humains ?
ChatGPT : En tant que modèle linguistique de l’IA, je n’ai pas la capacité d’éprouver des émotions ou le désir d’apprendre comme le font les humains. Toutefois, les progrès de l’intelligence artificielle et des algorithmes d’apprentissage automatique sont constants et améliorent la capacité de l’IA à apprendre et à s’adapter de manière plus sophistiquée.
En ce qui concerne la compréhension du langage et la génération de réponses, mes algorithmes d’apprentissage automatique sont formés sur de grandes quantités de textes écrits par … Lire la suite...
by Hiram - about 4 hours
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by Hiram - about 4 hours
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Cet article La visite de Charles III en France et la franc-maçonnerie est apparu en premier sur
by Buzzfeed - about 4 hours
Learn which household products are the best at removing certain kinds of stains, clean more than just *dishes* in the dishwasher, plus other helpful spring cleaning tips.View Entire Post ›
by Hiram - about 4 hours
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by io9 - about 4 hours
Image: Box LunchHello Kitty is no stranger to ambitious crossovers, and the new Hello Kitty and Friends x Attack on Titan Collection combines the world of Eldia with the Sanrio icons of adorableness.And even if they feel a little out of place, Attack on Titan’s characters might welcome a break from all that violent warfare with giants to co-star in Crunchyroll’s exclusive-to-BoxLunch line. The 17-piece collection will feature kawaii friendly anime mashups (sans gore) on apparel, accessories, bags, pins, pajamas, and blankets—basically everything you need to be cute and cozy while binging the series.Find Hello Kitty and Erwin, Badtz-maru and Levi, Pochacco and Eren, and more teamups on the offically...
by New Yorker - yesterday at 23:49
Maybe one day journalism could be replaced with an immense surveillance state with a GPT-4 plug-in. Why would we want that?
by The Verge - yesterday at 23:43
The Jetson Rogue. | Image: Jetson Another hoverboard is being recalled due to fire risk. According to a notice on the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) website, the 42-volt Jetson Rogue is being recalled because the lithium-ion battery packs in the hoverboards can overheat. A fire marshal in Pennsylvania determined that a Jetson Rogue was the point of origin for a fire that killed two children, the CPSC’s notice says. The parents of the children are suing Jetson and Target, where they say they purchased the hoverboard, alleging the two companies should have known of the risk of fire-related injuries due to the design of the Jetson Rogue. (The parents originally sued Walmart, but amended their...
by BBC - yesterday at 23:42
The former US president is to fly from Florida and turn himself in while surrounded by federal agents.
by Le Monde - yesterday at 23:41
La ville martyre ukrainienne, symbole des atrocités attribuées à l’armée russe, doit devenir « un symbole de justice », a dit vendredi le président ukrainien à l’occasion du premier anniversaire de la reprise de cette localité par les forces de Kiev.
by New Yorker - yesterday at 23:36
With the media and judiciary already under attack, the Prime Minister’s main opponent was just banned from Parliament.
by New Yorker - yesterday at 23:20
Chris Burden tackled American obsessions—guns, screens, suffering—through a series of shocking performances. Did his pain have a point?
by The Verge - yesterday at 23:07
Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. | Image: Marvel Studios Occasionally, people will (incorrectly) insist that Marvel’s comics and the cinematic stories inspired by them would be better off if they were somehow devoid of any political themes or ideas. But in a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Secret Invasion executive producer Jonathan Schwartz likened the series to John le Carré’s classic Cold War-era spy thrillers and pointed to more recent shows, like FX’s The Americans and Showtime’s Homeland, as sources of inspiration.
“We often see Nick Fury doing the right thing,” Schwartz said. “We don’t always see him doing it in a perfectly morally correct way. All of those things have ramifications....
by io9 - yesterday at 23:00
Image: MarvelOne of the writers that helped build out James Cameron’s Sully family in Avatar: The Way of Water, Josh Friedman, has been hired to pen the script for Marvel’s new Fantastic Four movie. The Hollywood Reporter announced the writer’s attachment to Matt Shankman’s feature debut with Marvel’s first family that’s set to kick off Phase 6 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Shankman, who previously worked on Marvel Disney+ series WandaVision, was brought on to helm Fantastic Four after its previously announced director, Jon Watts (Spider-Man: No Way Home), left the project. (Watts is now heading up Disney+ Star Wars series Skeleton Crew.)Friedman, who previously worked on TNT’s series...
by QZ - yesterday at 22:49
One of the most important changes Americans experienced with the onset of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was that a large suite of preventive services and treatments—from contraceptives to heart monitoring to mammograms—had to be covered in full by insurance policies. But a new ruling could change that.Read more...
by The Verge - yesterday at 22:31
Would your company pay $1,000 for Twitter? Some won’t have to make that decision. | Illustration: Alex Castro / The Verge It seems like some companies may not have to pay Twitter $1,000 a month for the privilege of retaining their verified status and checkmarks. Twitter is giving a free pass to the 500 advertisers that spend the most on its platform as well as the top 10,000 organizations by follower count, according to a report from The New York Times.
The decision comes as Twitter is preparing to make major changes to the way verification works on Twitter. It’s said that it’ll start winding down the legacy verified program in April and announced plans for Twitter Verification for Organizations. The...
by BBC - yesterday at 22:21
In the deadliest incident, a house and barn were swept into the sea on the island of Reinøya.
by io9 - yesterday at 22:15
Alyssa Sutherland as Ellie in Evil Dead Rise.Image: Warner Bros. PicturesA new chapter in the Evil Dead series is nearly here, with Lee Cronin’s Evil Dead Rise shifting the demonic shenanigans from the deep, dark forest to a Los Angeles high-rise. The writer-director has spoken before about why Rise goes in a new direction, but in a new interview he gives more details about the decision.Speaking to Collider, Cronin (The Hole in the Ground) explained that while he’s a confirmed Evil Dead fan, joining the franchise wasn’t something he found “overwhelming.” Instead, he said, “I was kind of excited, but I also knew what I wanted and what the guys wanted was to do something that was a little bit of...
by Torrentfreak - yesterday at 22:14
In recent years, website blocking has become one of the most widely-used anti-piracy enforcement mechanisms in the world.
ISPs in several dozen countries prevent subscribers from accessing a variety of ‘pirate’ sites. While new blocks are added every month, research on the effectiveness of these efforts is rather limited.
Early Piracy Blocking Research
One of the earliest pieces of academic research, based on UK data, showed that the local Pirate Bay blockade had little effect on legal consumption. Instead, pirates turned to alternative pirate sites, proxies, or VPNs to bypass the virtual restrictions. A follow-up study added more color and brought hope for rightsholders. The research showed that once a...
by HackAdAy - yesterday at 22:00
If you look up at the night sky in a dark enough place, with enough patience you’re almost sure to see a satellite cross the sky. It’s pretty cool to think you’re watching light reflect off a hunk of metal zipping around the Earth fast enough to never hit it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work during the daylight hours, and you really only get to see satellites in low orbits.
Thankfully, there’s a trick that allows you to see satellites any time of day, even the ones in geosynchronous orbits — you just need to look using microwaves. That’s what [Gabe] at [saveitforparts] did with a repurposed portable satellite dish, the kind that people who really don’t like being without their satellite TV...
by New Yorker - yesterday at 22:00
The writer and historian talks with David Remnick about the stakes of a Trump reëlection. Plus, Brooke Shields on the sexualization of girls in Hollywood.
by QZ - yesterday at 21:52
The US Treasury Department announced new electric vehicle (EV) tax rules that will reduce or cut tax credits on EVs primarily made in foreign markets in an attempt to combat China’s growing market share in emission-free automobile production.Read more...
by Le Monde - yesterday at 21:25
Le collectif d’une vingtaine d’avocats a expliqué sa démarche, vendredi 31 mars. Sur les centaines de personnes placées en garde à vue dans le cadre de la mobilisation contre la réforme des retraites, une immense majorité a ensuite été relâchée avec un classement sans suite.
by Wired - yesterday at 21:00
From Naoki Urasawa’s Monster to Lost in Space, these are our picks for the best streaming titles to binge this week.
by Wired - yesterday at 21:00
From Shotgun Wedding to No Time to Die, these are the best films available on the streamer.
by Wired - yesterday at 21:00
From Daisy Jones & the Six to Rings of Power, these are our picks for what you should be watching on the streamer.
by Wired - yesterday at 21:00
From Cargo to Okja, here are our picks for the best streaming titles to feast your eyes on.
by New Yorker - yesterday at 20:55
A new film adaptation of the role-playing game unexpectedly opens the trapdoor of memory.
by HackAdAy - yesterday at 20:30
When you want a backpack that turns heads and gets people talking, you can get ahead of the conversation with a talking backpack. [Nina] created a rucksack with the legendary babbler itself, the infamous Furby.
Believe it or not, no actual Furbies were sacrificed in the making of this backpack. The build uses an Arduino Nano, two servos, and a DFPlayer Mini for audio. A 3D printed faceplate is used for the iconic eyes and face. The code is fairly simple, waiting for a random delay and then triggering one of four effects. It can play a sound or blink and does its best to move the mouth while the sound is playing thanks to the handy busy line coming off the sound module. A unicorn children’s backpack offered a...
by QZ - yesterday at 20:23
A thin silver lining of the pandemic in the US has been that more people have been insured than ever before. Early in the emergency, the federal government increased Medicaid contributions to states by 6.2% with a condition: Anyone who qualified for Medicaid coverage—be it due to loss of job or otherwise—had to be…Read more...
by Courrier International - yesterday at 20:12
L’État souhaite aller plus loin que les standards fédéraux américains et favoriser les ventes de poids lourds électriques, assure le “New York Times”. L’objectif : limiter les émissions de gaz à effet de serre liées au secteur des transports.
by QZ - yesterday at 19:37
“I definitely believe that a large part of it [is] as a space enthusiast.” That’s what Matthew Brown told CNBC on March 23, when asked why he was considering a $200 million investment into Virgin Orbit, a nearly bankrupt rocket company.Read more...
by io9 - yesterday at 19:36
Untethered SkyImage: TordotcomThis month, we’ve got tense thrillers set aboard claustrophobic spaceships, a magical sword-maker who gets caught up in a fantastical conflict in Shakespearean London, a sci-fi twist on Pinocchio, and more—including the latest in io9 co-founder Charlie Jane Anders’ hit YA fantasy series. Read on!Image: 47NorthHouse of Gold by C.T. RwiziOn a planetary colony ruled by “a corporate aristocracy descended from Africa,” a separatist cult works to create genetically engineered soldiers to help unseat their wealthy overlords—and things end up not going according to plan. (April 1)Image: Tor TeenBlood Debts by Terry J. Benton-WalkerThree decades after a magical massacre...
by Courrier International - yesterday at 19:24
Exposées aux risques liés aux violations des droits de l’homme perpétrées par la junte militaire, certaines entreprises textiles étrangères délaissent la Birmanie, rapporte le quotidien économique japonais “Nihon Keizai Shimbun”.
by Courrier International - yesterday at 19:09
Les Autochtones du Canada accueillent avec soulagement la décision du Vatican de rejeter la “doctrine de la découverte”, qui avait servi de fondement à la colonisation dès le XVe siècle. Ces excuses étaient attendues depuis longtemps par les descendants des peuples spoliés, aussi bien sur le continent américain qu’en Afrique et ailleurs.
by HackAdAy - yesterday at 19:00
Travelling the continent’s hackerspaces over the years, I have visited quite a few spaces located in university towns. They share a depressingly common theme, of a community hackerspace full of former students who are now technology professionals, sharing a city with a university anxious to own all the things in the technology space and actively sabotaging the things they don’t own. I’ve seen spaces made homeless by university expansion, I’ve seen universities purposefully align their own events to clash with a hackerspace open night and discourage students from joining, and in one particularly egregious instance, I’ve even seen a university take legal action against a space because they used the...
by QZ - yesterday at 18:37
Icing out employees has been the primary performance management process for far too many managers. That observation may seem harsh, but look around your company or grab your org chart. I bet you can name the employees who aren’t in favor with leadership. Those that buck the system, perhaps challenge the status quo, or…Read more...
by BBC - yesterday at 18:20
The hearing was held by mistake as the Paralympian has not served enough time in jail yet.
by HackAdAy - yesterday at 18:00
It was quite the cornucopia of goodness this week as Elliot and Dan sat down to hash over the week in hardware hacking. We started with the exciting news that the Hackaday Prize is back — already? — for the tenth year running! The first round, Re-Engineering Education, is underway now, and we’re already seeing some cool entries come in. The Prize was announced at Hackday Berlin, about which Elliot waxed a bit too. Speaking of wax, if you’re looking to waterproof your circuits, that’s just one of many coatings you might try. If you’re diagnosing a problem with a chip, a cheap camera can give your microscope IR vision. Then again, you might just use your Mark I peepers to decode a ROM. Is your FDM...
by Courrier International - yesterday at 17:56
La visite du monarque à Berlin et à Hambourg cette semaine reflète la volonté de réconciliation entre Londres et ses partenaires européens, dans le sillage d’un Brexit douloureux. Pour la presse britannique comme allemande, le succès de l’opération ne fait aucun doute.
by Courrier International - yesterday at 17:54
Grâce à des micros, des scientifiques de l’université de Tel-Aviv ont réussi à enregistrer des sons, émis par des plants de tomate et de tabac, inaudibles pour les humains.
by Wired - yesterday at 17:00
Need an ultrafast drive for video editing or a rugged option to back up your photos in the field? We’ve got a solution for every situation.
by La Horde - yesterday at 16:47
Le blocage de l'université par des étudiant·es a été attaqué par des militants d'extrême droite, qui ont ensuite tenté de renverser les rôles sur les réseaux sociaux… Voici le communiqué d'étudiant·es présent·es sur place. -
by FluxBlog - yesterday at 16:38
Overmono “Good Lies”
If you’ve read this site long enough you’ve surely seen me try to write about a musical move I mainly associate with Four Tet but is a fairly widely used technique in dance music – sampling and editing vocals for purely sensual effect, often to the point that any lyrical content is lost or illegible. Overmono do that here on “Good Lies” but the vocal isn’t totally abstracted, just edited in a way that smears the singer’s annunciation so some words come through and others get blurred. I love the effect as it intersects with the ebbs and flow of their composition, the way it makes the song overall feel surreal and stoned. We hear music all the time and our brains...
by Paul Jorion - yesterday at 16:17
J’ai la possibilité de prendre 1 nouvelle personne en analyse (présentiel ou distanciel).
Pour la manière dont ça se passe, le contexte, les conditions, voyez ici.
Pour me contacter, écrivez-moi ici.
… Lire la suite...