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by QZ - about 4 hours
Investors are pouring money into electric air taxis. Firms building the small aircraft, capable of vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL), raised $138.7 million in 2017 and $128.5 million in 2018, reports Pitchbook, a private equity research firm. The startups are aiming to replace a chunk of the $1.2 trillion that US households now spend on ground transportation and conventional air travel each year.
But it’s time to go big or go bust for such startups, says Pitchbook. With the cost of certifying new aircraft hovering at around $1 billion, most of the ventures are burning cash as fast (or faster) than they can raise it, mostly to fund research and development.
While such startups received less funding in...
by Paul Jorion - about 4 hours
Alors que je regardais ceci (une chanson aussi optimiste que le Blog de PJ ) YouTube m’a dit de regarder aussi ceci

Ce qui s’avéra un excellent conseil.
by Hiram - about 4 hours
. Une commémoration oubliée de la Worshipful Society of Free Masons, Rough Masons. Dans les temps anciens (once upon a time), la Worshipful Society (familièrement connue comme “les opératifs”) pratiquait en plus de de ses sept degrés des cérémonies commémoratives, parfois annuelles, parfois circonstancielles, basées sur la construction du temple. La mieux connue est le […]
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by Hiram - about 4 hours
C’est par le site que l’on apprend que lors de la 25e rencontre des Hauts Grades Ecossais qui a eu lieu à Istanbul ces 13 et 14 décembre, trente et un Conseils Suprêmes Ecossais (la liste n’est pas donnée) ont signé ce samedi 14 décembre la Déclaration d’Istanbul : « Depuis son inauguration à Bruxelles […]
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by io9 - about 4 hours
Okay, yeah, we’re talking about the Snyder Cut. Buckle up, this is going to be a ride. Read more...
by QZ - yesterday at 23:40
As climate talks go, the United Nations conference in Madrid was remarkable— not just for being the latest on record after wrapping up two days late on Sunday afternoon, but also for how little was accomplished.
Negotiators could agree that more must be done to cut emissions, but the assembly of almost 200 nations could not agree who should do it. The draft text (pdf) issued from the meeting known as COP25 ended up expressing “the urgent need” to close the gap between national commitments made in the 2015 Paris climate accord aimed at keeping temperatures at a safe level, and what scientists say is necessary to do so.
For a conference given the slogan “Time for Action,” it was an ominous result....
by QZ - yesterday at 22:57
Climate emergency–related criticism of the titanic fund manager BlackRock seems to be coming from all sides, lately. Last month, Extinction Rebellion activists in London protested outside its offices, including by dumping ashes outside the building “to represent the destruction of the Amazon fires.” This week, former vice president Al Gore entered the debate, accusing the asset manager of financing the “destruction of human civilization.” Now, a group of Catholic nuns have joined the chorus.
The Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, an investment fund representing 9,000 nuns, criticized the asset manager for failing to use its multi-trillion-dollar might to encourage companies to divest from harmful...
by HackAdAy - yesterday at 22:01
LED cubes are mesmerizing and fun, but they’re usually a pain to build. Not so with [burkethos]’s cleanly designed cube. 
Many cubes are put together in an elaborate sculptural style. Traditionally the leads of the LEDs are artistically bent and then hours are spent laboring over the future rainbow Borg cube. This build is more reminiscent of a motherboard or back plane design. The LEDs are surface mount units re-flowed onto a rake shaped PCB. At the base of each “rake” there’s a right angle male header. This is then soldered to base board which creates a reliable mechanical bond.
There are some downsides to this approach. For example, the PCBs occlude the LEDs at some viewing angles. However, this...
by io9 - yesterday at 21:30
Okay, The Rise of Skywalker is almost out. But: what’s next? That’s the big question looming over the Star Wars franchise as it reaches forward into uncharted territory, unmoored from stories about Anakin Skywalker and his big multi-generational fuck up. It’s also the subject Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm,…Read more...
by QZ - yesterday at 21:13
Every December, Americans brace themselves for one of the least pleasant elements of the holidays: travel. Cars get stuck in traffic jams, public transport goes on the blink, flights are mysteriously delayed (and sometimes even canceled altogether). But we do it anyway: In December 2018, roughly one in four Americans, or some 73 million people, braved the hordes and got onto a plane.
In Europe, it’s much less common to fly during the holidays. Last year, in countries such as Slovenia or Slovakia, only one in 10 people flew in December. Even wealthier nations such as Germany and the UK fly far less over the holiday months than across the pond. On average, across the EU, about one in eight people will board a...
by Les Décodeurs - yesterday at 21:07
Vous n’avez pas suivi l’actualité ? On vous résume ce qu’il s’est passé ces deux derniers jours.
by io9 - yesterday at 20:45
Two writers, two mediums. Only one Geralt of Rivia. Read more...
by The Verge - yesterday at 20:39
Christmas has arrived early this year, in the form of a 4K remaster of Wham!’s iconic “Last Christmas” music video. It’s living proof that the 1980s did really happen, complete with the crazy hair styles, shell suits, and shoulder pads of the ‘80s. The track was originally released 35 years ago in December 1984, and Sony Music Entertainment has now remastered the original footage in 4K.
The best way to describe it is... odd. It’s like watching people dress up in ‘80s costumes because the remaster is so good. I had to personally play it back side-by-side with the original “Last Christmas” video on YouTube to make sure they didn’t hire actors to recreate it. The indoor scenes and snow ball...
by QZ - yesterday at 20:33
Every year, electric car batteries degrade. How much depends on factors only now being tested in the real world.
Currently the best data comes from informal trials of electric vehicles (EVs) being conducted by fleet operators around the world. A detailed looked was supplied this week by the fleet-telematics company Geotab. It plumbed data from 6,300 fleet and consumer EVs to understand how their batteries were faring in the real world. It was a mixed bag.
The good news was that batteries last longer than many expected. On average, EV batteries lose about 2.3% per year—or 23 miles for an EV with a 200-mile range over five years. Geotab suggests at that rate most batteries will outlast the useable life of...
by Bruxelles - yesterday at 20:13
La Commission promeut une véritable révolution écologique, le mot n’est pas galvaudé, afin de permettre à l’Union européenne d’atteindre la neutralité climatique d’ici à 2050. Le « Pacte vert européen » (European Green Deal en eurocrate) adopté mercredi 11 décembre ne propose rien de moins qu’un changement radical de logiciel économique impactant toutes les politiques de l’Union, de la politique de concurrence à la politique monétaire en passant par la politique industrielle, la politique commerciale, la politique agricole commune (PAC), le marché intérieur, la politique budgétaire, etc. Si certains secteurs économiques fortement émetteurs de gaz à effet de serre vont...
by Torrentfreak - yesterday at 19:05
Two decades ago, the music industry was presented with an unprecedented threat. Napster made it possible for the public at large to share tracks with people they didn’t have to meet in person.
While sharing was already commonplace on bulletin boards and IRC, Napster opened it up to an audience of millions. In the years that followed, torrent sites, download portals, and other pirate services only made things worse. To counter this threat the music industry began filing lawsuits and lobbied for modern anti-piracy laws, which France was one of the first countries to adopt. Ten years ago the French Government approved the HADOPI law. Among other things, it included a graduated response system where Internet...
by HackAdAy - yesterday at 19:00
In 1997, chances are that if you didn’t have a Nintendo 64 already, you wanted one. (Never mind that the games cost the GDP of a small country.) It gave you both the supreme game designing talent of Shigeru Miyamoto and graphics that left the Sony behind. The trouble, though, was that like all consoles, the N64 required a large TV set and a load of wires. There was never a compact all-in-one version that integrated console, display, and speakers in the same package, and that was something [Mason Stooksbury] evidently considered to be a shame. A couple of decades late, he’s created the all-in-one Nintendo 64 appliance that the games giant never made in the ’90s, and we’re lucky enough to be able to take...
by Paul Jorion - yesterday at 16:19
J’écrivais ici en 2010, à la mort de Jean Ferrat : Nota bene : Une proportion significative d’hommes de mon âge ont été amoureux d’Anna Karina (ici dans « Vivre sa vie » de Jean-Luc Godard). On sait quoi faire : on peut pleurer.
by HackAdAy - yesterday at 16:00
Air conditioners are easy to take for granted. From refrigerators to climate control, most of us would miss them dearly if they disappeared. That’s part of what draws [Josh Levine]’s interest in air conditioners, and he has provided an interesting tour of several different units and how different they can be, despite all working in basically the same way.
That white PCB is crucial (for running the bluetooth speaker and LED flashlight, that is.)
One way that air conditioners try to stand out is by being quiet, and the bulk of noise comes from the fans and the compressor. One unit (the Haier Serenity) aimed to be the quietest unit possible, but while this effort had mixed results at best it is still...
by Fubiz - yesterday at 15:25
Le cabinet Workshop Architects a crée le Filux Lab, destiné à la conception artistique dans le cadre du festival international de la lumière, au Mexique. Ils ont ainsi transformé une ancienne maison coloniale située dans la ville de Merida en un véritable lieu de partage des connaissances, de recherche, mais également de galerie artistique. Les architectes se sont servis de l’architecture préexistante, permettant ainsi la fusion de l’ancien et du moderne. En ce qui concerne l’éclairage des lieux, l’espace se veut modulable afin que chaque nouvel utilisateur puisse s’adapter en fonction de ses projets.
Crédits photos : Tamara Uribe    
by Courrier International - yesterday at 15:12
L’actrice Anna Karina est décédée à l’âge de 79 ans le 14 décembre, à Paris. Le site américain The Hollywood Reporter consacre un long article rétrospectif à la muse de la Nouvelle Vague.  
by io9 - yesterday at 13:15
Oooh Yeah Men’s Soft Cozy Sherpa Slippers | $7 | AmazonRead more...
by Korben - yesterday at 13:01
Ce matin, j’ai pris une petite heure pour regarder Requiem for the Amercian Dream, un documentaire qui a été primé et dont la star est Noam Chomsky. Il était dispo sur Netflix a un moment, mais a été retiré depuis. Pour ceux qui ne connaitraient pas Noam Chomsky, il s’agit d’un intellectuel américain, linguiste et professeur au MIT jusqu’en 2007. Il s’est opposé à la Guerre du Vietnam et passe dorénavant pas mal de son temps à expliquer le fonctionnement des États-Unis, notamment du système démocratique tel qu’il existe et du chemin qu’il a pris depuis des années. Dans ce documentaire qui lui est consacré, il décortique le fonctionnement actuel de la démocratie américaine et...
by HackAdAy - yesterday at 13:00
We are lucky to live in an age when tools have almost never been so affordable, when if we’d like a drill press on our benches we can pick one up for not a lot from our nearest discount store. If the cheapest tools aren’t very good quality then even the better ones aren’t that much more expensive. It’s evident that [Workshop DIY] has the resources to buy a decent drill press if he wanted one, but we’re fortunate that instead he’s taken the time to build one of his own from scratch (Russian language audio, Anglophones will have to enable YouTube subtitle translation).
The press itself is made entirely from box section steel tube, with what looks like 25mm square used for the base and 50mm for the...
by Courrier International - yesterday at 12:30
L’élection du nouveau président Abdelmadjid Tebboune n’a pas calmé la contestation populaire en Algérie, bien au contraire. Dans un contexte de répression accrue à l’égard du Hirak, le quotidien algérien “Liberté” fait preuve d’une remarquable indépendance, constate El País.
by Fubiz - yesterday at 12:18
Le photographe belgo-béninois, Fabrice Monteiro, a dévoilé son dernier projet – un effort pluriannuel qu’il a baptisé « The Prophecy », qui lutte et sensibilise aux problèmes mondiaux liés aux catastrophes climatiques et écologiques.
Alors que les images utilisent la destruction et la décimation réelles, les personnages ou les sujets représentés dans son travail sont souvent des figures spirituelles mises en scène.
Les modèles de sa composition sont habillés des débris de consommation qui causent ces problèmes tels que les filets de pêche et les sacs en plastique. La série a fait ses débuts aux États-Unis à Madison, dans le Wisconsin.
Il est présenté dans un séminaire à...
by Torrentfreak - yesterday at 11:34
When a massive police operation in Italy took down IPTV management outfit Xtream-Codes in September 2019, a large proportion of the pirate market was thrown into turmoil.
According to figures obtained by TorrentFreak from network equipment company Sandvine, overall pirate streaming traffic dropped by 50%. But three months is an awfully long time on the Internet and today the market seems to have largely recovered, with providers and sellers finding alternative solutions and users relatively happy once again.
Nevertheless, when chaos reigned back in September, there can be little doubt that customers left high and dry turned to search engines in order to find a replacement. It’s certainly not the best...
by Paul Jorion - yesterday at 11:31
Ouvert aux commentaires. Rappel : options I et II I. Déni de l’extinction II. Acceptation de l’extinction III. Malthusianisme III.a.…
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by La Horde - yesterday at 10:53
Nous avons publié hier un article traduit du site anarchiste américain It’s Going Down, en voici la suite :
Les autorités et les fascistes voudront approcher votre groupe, et vous devriez donc trancher prudemment la question de la visibilité publique avant de commencer. Nous déconseillons fortement aux groupes antifas d’utiliser le modèle contemporain de militantisme (public et ouvert) à cause du risque d’infiltrations.
Si une situation urgente (telle que réagir à un événement fasciste public) nécessite des réunions publiques ou une manifestation de masse, alors ça devrait être gardé séparé de la structure à long-terme de votre groupe.
En fait, nous vous recommandons même...
by HackAdAy - yesterday at 10:00
There are lots of ways to use FPGAs. One way is to convert compute-bound software into hardware. This can increase speed and — in some cases — reduce power consumption. Typically, you’ll do this by writing in a subset of C, but Hastlayer can convert .NET assemblies into FPGA configurations with some limitations.
The Hungarian company behind Hastlayer claims they’ll eventually have to charge money for something but for now, the tool is free and they are promising to always have some free option. The interesting thing is that the .NET assemblies are essentially object code so you aren’t compiling source but rather an intermediate language that you can generate with many different language tools. The...
by Usbek & Rica - yesterday at 7:00
Reportage dans la capitale allemande, où un groupe précurseur d’artistes et d’intellectuels prône un judaïsme « décomplexé de la Shoah ».
by Usbek & Rica - yesterday at 7:00
Les fausses vidéos diffusées en ligne visent le plus souvent des activistes, des journalistes, mais d'abord et avant tout des femmes.
by Courrier International - yesterday at 6:00
Les jeunes de la génération Y se tournent vers des senteurs plus naturelles, plus véganes, plus “gender fluid” que leurs parents.
by Courrier International - yesterday at 6:00
Les pays signataires de l’accord de Paris jouaient les prolongations, dimanche matin à Madrid, pour tenter d’éviter un fiasco au sommet de l’ONU sur le climat.
by Le Taurillon - yesterday at 6:00
Vor knapp 100 Jahren dachte man, der Klimawandel sei eine gute Sache: Damals fürchtete man eine Eiszeit und überlegte, wie man den Treibhauseffekt vergrößern könnte, um die Erde schneller zu erwärmen. Seit über 50 Jahren sind sich Wissenschaftler*innen jedoch einig: Machen wir so weiter wie bisher, wird die Klimakrise die Menschheit auslöschen. Trotzdem handeln zu viele nicht – sowohl Bürger*innen, als auch Politiker*innen. Fakten sprechen jedoch die Wahrheit, findet Stefanie Neufeld. Liebe Menschen dieser Erde,
„Weltschmerz“ bezeichnet laut Duden das Leiden, das wir empfinden, wenn zwischen eigenen Erwartungen an die Welt und den tatsächlichen Geschehnissen eine...
by io9 - sunday at 2:43
Two of the minds behind the nation’s largest pirate streaming services, iStreamItAll and Jetflicks, have pleaded guilty to criminal copyright infringement charges, federal officials said Friday. Now we all can rest easier knowing there are a few less bad actors getting one over on multi-billion-dollar giants like…Read more...
by Hiram - sunday at 0:01
Encore un site curieux et très douteux, repéré par Diario Masónico, un site d’informations maçonniques espagnol. Il s’agit du site appelé Graphiquement très bien fait, il s’inspire et ressemble très fort à celui de la Grande Loge d’Espagne ainsi qu’à celui que la GLUA consacre à ses actions charitables : Masonic Charitable Foundation. Il […]
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by Hiram - sunday at 0:01
C’est Patrick qui nous a envoyé cette photo : Un biscuit du 18e siècle qui figure au musée « Palace of the Legion of Honor » à San Francisco. Si vous aussi près de chez vous ou en voyage vous remarquez un bâtiment un objet ou une décoration maçonnique ou évoquant la franc-maçonnerie, n’hésitez pas à nous […]
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by Hiram - sunday at 0:00
Vendredi 20 décembre, à 20h dans le Temple Arthur Groussier du Grand Orient de France rue Cadet à Paris, sera jouée la pièce de théâtre Pierre Bayle et le fanatique « Premiers combats pour la Laïcité », suivie d’un échange. La pièce a été composée par Jean-Paul Zennacker à partir des écrits de Pierre Bayle et Pierre Jurieu. […]
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by Paul Jorion - saturday at 20:49
La chaîne Fox News, en général le simple porte-voix de Trump & Co. a en ce moment en une ceci (merci à Arnaud C. de me l’avoir signalé – « Arnaud, regarde aussi un peu CNN et Msnbc ! ») : Trump, qui regarde Fox News en boucle, a dû être terrassé aussitôt d’une attaque d’apoplexie. Je vous tiens au courant !
by The Verge - saturday at 20:41
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is so inescapable that it’s even started invading video games. This afternoon, director J.J. Abrams stopped by a unique location to show off a new clip from the movie: Risky Reels, the drive-in theater on Fortnite’s virtual island. It was a unique promotional event for the film, which naturally ended with a lightsaber duel.
The event opened with Abrams arriving on the Millennium Falcon, amidst a battle with some TIE fighters and a few Star Destroyers. There was even an in-game avatar that looked remarkably like the director. After a bit of a preamble with host Geoff Keighley — best known as the host and creator of The Game Awards — a massive floating display appeared....
by Paul Jorion - saturday at 20:01
Bonsoir, j’ai constaté que le jour même, vous aviez fermé les commentaires. J’ai trouvé que c’était vraiment assez « cavalier » de…
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by Torrentfreak - saturday at 18:00
Earlier this year a federal grand jury charged eight men for their involvement with the streaming services Jetflicks and iStreamitAll.
The platforms, which were headquartered in Las Vegas, offered a wide range of pirated videos that could be accessed in exchange for a monthly subscription fee. This week, two of the defendants pleaded guilty. The first is Las Vegas resident Darryl Julius Polo, aka djppimp, who was involved in both services through which he earned over a million dollars in revenue. In a plea agreement, Polo admits the various counts of criminal copyright infringement and well as a money laundering charge. The copyright offenses carry a maximum penalty of five years in prison and money laundering...
by Goalcast - saturday at 18:00
It’s hard to argue with the fact that Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Lauren Hashian have a picture-perfect relationship. The power couple, who met in 2006 and became parents to two beautiful daughters before tying the knot in 2019, seem to have it all. Their love, respect and support for one another is evident, but it didn’t happen overnight. The duo’s unshakeable bond took work, especially from Johnson who was coming out of a decade-long marriage when their paths crossed.  Here’s what we can learn from The Rock and Lauren’s relationship: His first marriage shaped him Before Johnson met singer, songwriter and music producer Lauren Hashian, he enjoyed a decade-long marriage to Dany Garcia. It was that...
by La Horde - saturday at 17:49
Vous êtes nombreuses et nombreux à vous tourner vers nous pour nous demander des conseils pour monter un groupe antifasciste dans votre région. Il n’y a pas une seule façon de s’y prendre, cela dépend beaucoup des réalités locales, et on ne donnera donc pas de solution “clé en main”. Cela dit, des camarades nous ont fait parvenir la traduction en français d’un manuel antifasciste publié sur le site anarchiste américain It’s Going Down, que nous vous proposons de découvrir en plusieurs articles : si certains conseils ne sont pas nécessairement applicables de ce côté-ci de l’Atlantique, l’essentiel peut fournir quand même de bonnes bases pour s’organiser, à conditions de les...
by The Verge - saturday at 16:07
It was the Rorschach mask in the glove box that sold me. Watchmen, HBO’s sequel / reinvention of the comic of the same name by Dave Gibbons and Alan Moore, came out the gate swinging with a prologue set during the 1921 Tulsa race riot. But it was the next scene that got me fully on board, one that showed that Rorschach, the original comic’s most popular character, was a hero to white supremacists. It felt transgressive but also right — and then I flipped back to the comic and you know what? It was right. The TV Watchmen sold me on its relevance by resurfacing something incredibly obvious about its source material that years of fan culture had scrubbed away, mostly because the character looked cool. We...
by The Verge - saturday at 16:00
Image: Warner Bros. I recently saw Motherless Brooklyn, Edward Norton’s adaptation of the two-decade-old Jonathan Lethem novel about a private investigator with Tourette syndrome. I’ve never read the book, but from what I gather, the movie is an almost complete departure from the text outside of its core conceit.
Departing from the book isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Norton’s instinct to play up the noir elements makes for a fun, slapstick twist on the genre at points, and 1950s New York is a lot of fun to explore.
But the movie also feels a little hollowed out. Norton basically jams a tour through The Power Broker (the famously thorough 1975 biography of Robert Moses, which has nothing to do with...
by The Verge - saturday at 15:00
Apologies to Taylor Swift and Andrew Lloyd Webber, but the most interesting cat content online right now is a Snapchat filter that lets humans try on a feline face. The resulting clips are adorable, confounding, and a great example of just how little we know about cat cognition. this video of cats reacting to cat face filter has me crying.— M (@miaaselaa) December 9, 2019 In a video compilation making the rounds online, cats look at a phone screen that shows their owners with a cat face filter. The cats whip their heads around to look up at the human, and then back to the screen. “It appears the cat recognizes that their owner’s face should be on the phone, but it is not,”...
by Le Taurillon - saturday at 12:21
Nel corso dell'ultimo mese ormai migliaia di persone hanno sentito la necessità di scendere in piazza per manifestare contro la Lega di Matteo Salvini.
I detrattori dell'ormai famosa iniziativa delle “Sardine” sottolineano la peculiarità di un movimento di piazza che nasce per criticare un partito di opposizione. Un senso ben più profondo di una mera protesta anti-Lega caratterizza però queste manifestazioni. Chi scende in piazza percepisce la necessità, più o meno consapevole, di agire secondo un insieme “necessario” di valori comuni democratici. Già questo elemento, al di là del mero fazionismo, deve pur significare qualcosa nella povera cornice del dibattito pubblico nazionale.
by Fubiz - saturday at 11:36
Dans ce projet, l’artiste suisse Oliver Lovey crée des illusions en plaçant des images agrandies (à grande échelle) dans l’environnement dans lequel elles ont été capturées. Il s’agit d’un projet intitulé « Miroirs aux alouettes » destiné à estomper la frontière entre réel et photographié.
«Je remets en question les limites de l’image et de la représentation», déclare Lovey. «Je revisite la notion de perspective, de trompe-l’œil et de mise en abyme». Il crée des pièces comme «Anachronie», destinée à transformer un panneau d’affichage routier en un reflet de la chaîne de montagnes à l’arrière-plan. Son travail est destiné à confondre le passant moyen. Pour leur...
by Usbek & Rica - saturday at 7:00
L'Assemblée nationale a voté un objectif de fin de mise sur le marché des emballages plastique à usage unique d'ici 2040.
by Le Taurillon - saturday at 6:00
Gestern sollte die 25. UN-Klimakonferenz in Madrid zum Ende kommen. Da einige Ergebnisse noch ausstehen, wird sie heute weitergeführt. Das Wichtigste fassen wir jedoch schon heute zusammen. Es ist nicht ungewöhnlich, dass die Weltklimakonferenz über den zuvor vereinbarten Zeitraum hinausgeht, wenn noch einige wichtige Verhandlungen ergebnislos geblieben sind. Die Delegierten müssen sich noch über eine Abschlusserklärung, über die Gelder für Klimaschäden in einkommensschwächeren Ländern und über Regelungen für den Handel mit Klimaschutz-Gutschriften einig werden.
Über Erfolg oder Misserfolg
Ob bei der diesjährigen UN-Klimakonferenz von Erfolg oder Misserfolg gesprochen werden kann, da gehen die...
by Torrentfreak - friday at 22:32
Earlier this week we reported on a notable finding. For some reason, the two most active copyright litigants in the US had stopped filing new lawsuits in federal courts. Instead of seeing hundreds of new cases each month targeting alleged BitTorrent pirates, there were none. While the reason for this hiatus is unknown, we can now confirm that at least one of the companies hasn’t halted its efforts at all. Instead, it changed the venue, which isn’t without controversy. In the U.S, copyright-related court cases are exclusively a matter of federal law, which is something every first-year law student knows. You can’t bring a copyright suit in state court, period. However, that’s exactly where Strike 3 has...
by Goalcast - friday at 22:15
Mike Ewing knew it was time to make a change after he was told he couldn’t get on a Harry Potter ride at Universal Studios. He had been waiting in the queue for three hours, but just before it was his turn to get on board, a staff member took him aside and asked him to sit in a chair to verify the safety harness’ fit.  Ewing was too big and didn’t fit, so he could not ride. “It was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life,” the 34-year-old owner of a HVAC company in Westminster, Maryland told Men’s Health.  “To be so big you can’t fit on a Harry Potter ride. That was a real wake up call to me,” he said. Ewing remembered being heavy for most of his life He went out to restaurants a...
by Korben - friday at 19:14
Il y a beaucoup de spécialistes en France et dans le monde qui se triture la nouille sur le sujet, mais AUCUN ne sait vraiment comment Internet est conçu, et comment il arrive jusque chez nous. Heureusement, Timo m’a envoyé une vidéo qui EXPLIQUE TOUT ! Attention, ça va blow votre mind ! Allez, ça va, on est vendredi soir, on SE DÉTEND BON SANG ! C’est pas comme si vous payiez votre temps de connexion à la minute 😉 Merci Timo ! Transition énergétique : où en sommes-nous ? Le volume des datas en circulation explose… 529,4 TWh ont été produites en 2017 et les nouvelles formes d’EnR montent en puissance. Découvrez dans cette infographie, qui en France consomme le plus et quelles régions...
by Toute l'Europe - friday at 18:30
Le "Brexit" est une abréviation de "British Exit". L'expression désigne la sortie du Royaume-Uni de l'Union européenne (UE).
Le 23 juin 2016, lors d'un référendum organisé par l'ancien Premier ministre David Cameron, 51,9% des Britanniques ont choisi de quitter l’UE. Après le déclenchement de l'article 50 du traité sur l'Union européenne le 29 mars 2017, le Royaume-Uni et les 27 autres pays membres de l'Union européenne se sont donné deux ans pour préparer la sortie effective du pays. Le Brexit a toutefois été repoussé à plusieurs reprises, le dernier report l'ayant fixé à la date du 31 janvier 2020 - au plus tard.
Le 17 octobre 2019, un nouvel accord de sortie a été conclu entre le...
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Depuis le 25 novembre, une grève dure s’installe à Radio France dans l’indifférence générale des autres médias. C'est regrettable.
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[DOSSIER SPÉCIAL] En 2016, une majorité de citoyens britanniques a voté pour sortir de l'Union européenne. Trois ans plus tard, le "Brexit" tarde à être mis en œuvre. Initialement prévu le 29 mars 2019, il a été repoussé  à trois reprises jusqu'au 31 janvier 2020.
Le 17 octobre 2019, Londres et Bruxelles se sont entendus sur une nouvelle version de l'accord initialement trouvé en novembre 2018. Mais le Premier ministre Boris Johnson, peinant à la faire ratifier par les députés britanniques, a convoqué de nouvelles élections pour le 12 décembre 2019. Remportant une majorité des sièges, il devrait dès lors pouvoir faire ratifier l'accord par la Chambre des communes.
Dans ce dossier...
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Friday 13th is indeed supposed to be an unlucky day. A thumping 43% majority for the Conservatives under Boris Johnson has, for the first time since the June 2016 referendum, given Britain a clear path to leaving the European Union, even though this path appears more damaging than ever. Opposition parties have utterly failed to provide a credible alternative and refused to act together in the interests of the country, thereby abandoning the principles they claimed to defend. The NHS, the economy, minority rights and the Union itself are in danger from this increasingly hard-right party, which used racism and misleading information to fuel an ugly campaign. In this editorial, The New Federalist investigates...