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Conflict News: BREAKING: Top US commander for the Middle East says first new forces will arrive in Afghanistan within days or weeks - AP

Manuel Valls: L'opposition qui a la confiance des électeurs doit recevoir notre soutien et la pression internationale doit s'accentuer sur #Maduro
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There are many, many gaming headsets that you can buy with your money. Corsair's Void is one popular option. It’s a $99 wireless headset that's generally well regarded. At Gamescom this week, Corsair is introducing the Void Pro, which offers a much better microphone and slightly tweaked ergonomics.
The new Void Pro RGB Wireless version is still $99.99, and there are also two $79.99 wired versions: a USB-only model, and a USB / analog jack hybrid for console gaming.
The wireless model is rated at 16 hours of battery life, with a 40-foot range. Also the wireless and USB models have RGB lights which you can control from your PC, along with the EQ, from Corsair's software.
You don't have to jump into these...
par Paul Jorion - il y a 34 minutes
Madeleine Théodore nous propose le résumé de plusieurs chapitres du livre d’Erik Brynjolfsson et Andrew McAfee, Le deuxième âge de la machine. Travail et prospérité à l’heure de la révolution technologique [2014] Paris : Odile Jacob 2015.
Ouvert aux commentaires.
  Chapitre 9 : Dispersion et inégalités (II)
  Les trois groupes de gagnants et de perdants.
Quand on examine les données et les travaux des chercheurs, il apparaît que le principal moteur de l’accroissement des inégalités est la transformation exponentielle, numérique et combinatoire des technologies qui sous-tendent notre système économique. Cette conclusion s’appuie sur le fait qu’on voit les mêmes tendances à...
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I’m still not entirely sure how DC’s new Dark Nights: Metal is going to incorporate that terrifying squad of evil, alternate universe Batpeople, but that doesn’t matter right now. Folks, we need to have a talk about the Batman Who Laughs and his creepy-ass Robins and how I’m never sleeping again.Read more...
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Last year, Nintendo released an incredibly cool-looking Super Famicom-themed New 3DS XL — but only in Japan. The good news is that the company announced a new Super Nintendo-themed version for Western customers that just swaps the Famicom logo for the SNES one at Gamescom (via Polygon). The bad news? It’ll only be available in Europe, so Americans are still out of luck for now. Introducing the New Nintendo #3DS XL – Super Nintendo Entertainment System Edition, coming to store shelves on 13/10! #NintendoGC— Nintendo UK (@NintendoUK) August 22, 2017 The Super Nintendo Entertainment Edition New 3DS XL is out on October 13th, although the company hasn’t said if the coat of...
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CrashPlan is making an immediate pivot to focus its cloud backup service exclusively on businesses, and the company is planning to shut down its consumer-facing “CrashPlan for Home” product as a result. That process will last several months, but effective immediately, CrashPlan has already stopped accepting new consumer users and won’t allow existing non-business customers to renew their backup plan. “Over the past few years, we’ve seen data protection needs of consumers and businesses — both small businesses and enterprises — diverge,” CrashPlan wrote in its FAQ. “To best meet these needs and continue delivering the best possible products and services, we have decided to focus our business...

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Billet invité.
La gratuité et le bien-être ne sont pas des grandeurs de la réalité sensible. Il n’est pas possible de leur donner un prix sans les représenter, sans les matérialiser par des transformations logiques stables de quantités objectives. Idéalement, il faut phénoméniser la gratuité et le bien-être en grandeurs qui croissent ou décroissent par rapport à elles-mêmes dans le temps. Et il faut pouvoir mettre les phénoménisations de la gratuité et du bien-être sur un même plan de mesure pour voir les variations relatives d’une grandeur par rapport à l’autre ou par rapport au prix de n’importe quelle réalité objective. C’est là la fonction primordiale de l’artefact...
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What does body building, anti-aging cream and Bleomycin (a cancer drug) have in common? Peptides of course! Peptides are large molecules that are vital to life. If you were to take a protein and break it into smaller pieces, each piece would be called a peptide. Just like proteins, peptides are made of amino acids linked together in a chain-like structure. Whenever you ingest a protein, your body breaks it down to its individual amino acids. It then puts those amino acids back together in a different order to make whatever peptide or protein your body needs. Insulin, for instance, is a peptide that is 51 amino acids long. Your body synthesizes insulin from the amino acids it gets from the proteins you...
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The Defenders is at its very best when it lets go of whatever designs it had on being a serious prestige drama and embraces the fact that it’s a pulpy, cape procedural about a bunch of toughs taking on a supernatural crime syndicate. The Defenders knows that it’s a comic book show and it’s stronger for it.Read more...

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If you, like me, spend a lot of time shouldering the nagging anxiety of an ever-depleting phone battery, you’ve probably heard of Anker. The company, a Chinese accessory maker that’s grown into a consumer electronics juggernaut these past few years, is the leading maker of portable USB battery packs. But CEO Steven Yang has big ambitions: he wants Anker, with its reputation for high-quality and low-cost products, to be just one brand of many in a sprawling and trusted ecosystem covering every big electronics category. The company has already launched the Eufy smart home brand, and more recently it introduced the Zolo headphone line. And now there’s Nebula. Anker is marketing Nebula and its very first...
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The galaxy far, far away is jam-packed with trivia and information to make the most diehard of Star Wars fans salivate. Ever wondered who’s rescued who (and how many times) across the Star Wars saga? Or how many lightsaber colors have been shown across the movies and TV shows? This new infographic book is just for you.Read more...
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It’s going to be a long time before robots are genuinely useful around the house, but when they get there, we’ll need to be sure they’re safe. A cybersecurity firm has proved this with a new report today demonstrating how to hack a number of popular robots — including Pepper, a humanoid greeting bot built by Japanese company SoftBank. The researchers from Seattle-based IOActive show how the machines can be turned into surveillance devices, sending audio and video of their owners back to the hackers, or how they can be remotely controlled in ways that might harm humans. You can see this demonstrated in the video below, where an Alpha 2 robot (built by China-based UBTech Robotics) attacks a tomato as...
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Uber is adding more features to its app that are designed to benefit its drivers. Now drivers will be able to set their arrival times and trip preferences, get notifications if a trip is going to take 45 minutes or longer, and set more preferred destinations. Prior to this update, drivers could set two destinations a day, allowing them to make a trip only in a preferred area, which is supposed to make commuting to and from home more convenient. Uber has now increased the limit to six destinations.
Setting trip preferences means that Uber drivers can switch to making deliveries for UberEats, the company’s food delivery service, when car riding requests are slow. By getting a notification if a trip is going to...
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Season seven of Game of Thrones, short as it is, has been surprisingly light on major deaths. Sure, there have been people who have died, but nothing on the level that we’ve come to expect from a show that, last year, had us deeply mourning the death of Hodor. So chances are this Sunday’s finale will have at last one…Read more...
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Cesar Pelizer a collaboré avec weareseventeen, studio de production, pour réaliser un spot animé mélangeant foodart et pop culture. Le projet vise à mettre en avant le projet caritatif The Feel Good Bakery en représentant des ingrédients qui joyeusement se mélangent pour créer un « feel good » sandwich. Un projet qui vous donnera le sourire.
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Have a beautiful antique radio that’s beyond repair? This ESP8266 based Internet radio by [Edzelf] would be an excellent starting point to get it running again, as an alternative to a Raspberry-Pi based design. The basic premise is straightforward: an ESP8266 handles the connection to an Internet radio station of your choice, and a VS1053 codec module decodes the stream to produce an audio signal (which will require some form of amplification afterwards).
Besides the excellent documentation (PDF warning), where this firmware really shines is the sheer number of features that have been added. It includes a web interface that allows you to select an arbitrary station as well as cycle through presets, adjust...
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Installée au coeur de la Toscane, Daniela Forti manie le verre comme personne. L’artiste italienne réalise des sculptures tentaculaires dont la transparence du verre n’est pas sans rappeler les méduses translucides. Daniela Forti transforme le matériau fragile qu’est le verre en des créations colorées et fluides qui jouent avec la lumière.
par Fubiz - il y a 4 heures
Après sa magnifique série sur les amphithéâtres de La Sorbonne, le photographe Ludwig Favre s’est intéressé à une autre université parisienne emblématique : Jussieu. Au coeur du campus récemment rénové se trouve l’Atrium, bâtiment coloré à l’allure futuriste immortalisé par l’artiste français. Le design original de l’édifice en fait un terrain jeu idéal pour les photographes urbains. Ludwig Favre en a donc profité pour réaliser cette série intitulée « Colorful University ».
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Bisate Lodge offre la possibilité de découvrir l’expérience unique de la conservation des gorilles avec Wilderness Safari au Rwanda Volcanoes National Park. L’ensemble est composé de six villas dessinées par Nicholas Plewman.
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A 55" Roku-enabled TV, UE’s Boom 2 Bluetooth speaker, and the complete Cowboy Bebop Blu-ray lead off Tuesday’s best deals.Read more...
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To many, the Enigma machine is an enigma. But it’s really quite simple. The following is a step-by-step explanation of how it works, from the basics to the full machine.
Possibly the greatest dedicated cipher machine in human history the Enigma machine is a typewriter-sized machine, with keyboard included, that the Germans used to encrypt and decrypt messages during World War II. It’s also one of the machines that the Polish Cipher Bureau and those at Britain’s Bletchley Park figured out how to decipher, or break. Most recently the story of how it was broken was the topic of the movie The Imitation Game.
Let’s start with the basics. A Simple Substitution Cipher
Most have seen how to encrypt messages...
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Le magnifique projet de la graphiste Julia Losfelt combine découpage, photographie et fleurs, dans un ensemble de lettres florales délicates et minimalistes. Pour les amoureux de design comme les botanistes les plus passionnés, sa série apporte une touche organique à la typographie.
Vous pouvez retrouver son travail sur son site, ou la suivre sur Instagram.
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Le London’s Design Museum a annoncé les finalistes de la dixième édition du Beazley Designs de l’année. Des architectes reconnus comme le studio Zaha Hadid Architects à des collaborations insolites, comme celle de Levi’s et Google, la short list des meilleures oeuvres de l’année.
Crédits images : Design Museum Port House by Zaha Hadid Architects / Photograph : Hélène Binet Graham: « The only person designed to survive on our roads » by Patricia Piccinini Hijab by NIKE Refugee Flag for the first ever Olympic Refugee team ‘Scewo’ stairclimbing device Pug-in house / People’s Architecture office / Photographer : Gao Tianxia Rapid liquid printing by Self-assembly lab, MIT in...
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NASHVILLE—Eclipse fever struck Nashville like an unexpected sunset, clogging parking lots and bars with eager visitors. It inspired country musicians to invent new words, and sent vendors to the streets to hawk merchandise as if it were the Solar Super Bowl.Read more...