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by The Verge - about 15 minutes
Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge Apple is launching a partnership program for gyms today called “Apple Watch Connected” that’s meant to highlight chains that integrate with its wearable and offer perks for owners. In some cases, perks include discounted membership fees and gift cards for people who regularly work out, according to CNBC.
For a gym to get the Apple Watch Connected branding, it’ll have to offer three things: An app for iPhones and Apple Watches that offers information like class times
Support for Apple Pay to buy things at the gym
Some kind of perk for wearers, like membership discounts One thing that’s not required across the board: machines that support GymKit, Apple’s system for...
by The Verge - about 31 minutes
Bad Boys For Life pulls off one of the most unlikely tricks in blockbuster moviemaking: It’s the rare good third entry in a franchise, a successful soft reboot that introduces a small squad of new faces to carry the Bad Boys name into the future. It does all this while also coming nearly 20 years after the last film in the series and being the Hollywood debut of Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, a Belgian directing duo known for gritty crime dramas on a much lower budget. Over a phone call just after Bad Boys For Life’s opening weekend, Adil and Bilall spoke with The Verge about making that transition. The duo are as ebullient and energetic as brothers, frequently finishing each other’s thoughts and...
by Courrier International - about 32 minutes
Le cratère de Yarrabubba en Australie-Occidentale serait âgé de 2,23 milliards d’années. Ce serait le plus vieil impact d’astéroïde connu. Les chercheurs supposent qu’il aurait contribué à sortir la planète d’une période glaciaire.
by QZ - about 34 minutes
Two years ago, US president Donald Trump closed US borders to citizens of seven countries. Now, seven other countries across the world are rumored to be added to the list in the coming days, according to the Wall Street Journal.
Speaking to reporters on Jan. 22 at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Trump said he would widen what was already “a very powerful ban” to improve national security. “We’re adding a couple of countries” to the ban, he said, adding: “We have to be safe. Our country has to be safe.” He did not confirm which countries would be affected or to what extent.
A leak from administration officials to the Journal, however, revealed countries under consideration are...
by The Verge - about 39 minutes
Adobe Adobe is previewing a new feature for Premiere Pro called Productions that’ll help teams work together on projects. Announced today at the Sundance Film Festival, the new panel was designed with filmmakers in mind, and was created with input from the production teams behind Terminator: Dark Fate and Dolemite is My Name. Adobe says a special build of the feature is also currently being used in editorial on David Fincher’s Mank.
Productions is essentially a new panel that acts as a shared folder system, like Google Drive, to make sharing assets between editors easier and more collaborative. On its blog, Adobe describes potential use cases like managing large projects by dividing them into smaller...
by io9 - about 39 minutes
He’s a little older. He’s not on a starship. He’s haunted by tragedies of years past. He’s drinking a lot more wine these days. But it would be fair to say that, deep down, Captain Jean-Luc Picard is not a man truly changed when we meet him again in the premiere of Star Trek: Picard. That’s not the question we should…Read more...
by The Verge - about 53 minutes
The blurring of ads and search results. | Screenshot by Thomas Ricker / The Verge Last week, Google began rolling out a new look for its search results on desktop, which blurs the line between organic search results and the ads that sit above them. In what appears to be something of a purposeful dark pattern, the only thing differentiating ads and search results is a small black-and-white “Ad” icon next to the former. It’s been formatted to resemble the new favicons that now appear next to the search results you care about. Early data collected by Digiday suggests that the changes may already be causing people to click on more ads.
The Guardian’s Alex Hern is one of many commenters to point out the...
by QZ - about 1 hour
In the past several weeks, a biting joke has been widely shared on Chinese social media: The new coronavirus is patriotic, so it goes, because it infected only one of China’s 33 provinces and municipalities before venturing outside of the mainland.
Then, people this week woke up to official announcements of a shocking surge of confirmed new infections, and of the virus’s spread to more than a dozen provinces and municipalities. As of Thursday, there are more than 550 confirmed cases, 17 people have died and Wuhan, where the outbreak started, is on lockdown.
Beyond mainland China, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the US and Hong Kong have confirmed cases, and more countries could report cases as...
by io9 - about 1 hour
Noble Collections Harry Potter Mystery Wand, Series 2 | $7 | WalmartRead more...
by The Verge - about 2 hours
Tinder Tinder is launching new safety features today, including a photo verification system that’ll place a blue check mark on daters’ profiles, a partnership with the safety app Noonlight to give daters an easy way to call emergency services, and a feature that flags potentially offensive messages. The photo verification system requires daters to take a selfie in real time that matches a pose shown by a model in a sample image. Those photos are then sent to Tinder’s community team, which verifies that each user matches both the given pose and their chosen profile photos. If everything lines up, they’ll receive a blue check mark, which is meant to give their potential matches peace of mind that they...
by Courrier International - about 2 hours
Une vague de froid touche le sud-est des États-Unis depuis quelques jours. Résultat inattendu : des iguanes, immobilisés par le froid, tombent des arbres. 
by QZ - about 2 hours
Capella, a satellite startup, had a Jaws moment last year: Eyeing the competition circling its nascent space radar business, it realized it needed a bigger spacecraft.
At the beginning of 2019, Capella launched its first satellite, called Denali. Capable of using a unique radar antennae to image the earth at a resolution of about a meter per pixel, it was a pilot for the first US network of privately operated synthetic aperture radar, or SAR, satellites.
Space radar can peer through a traditional obstacle for sensors operating in the visible wavelengths—the clouds. Whether tracking North Korean mobile missile launchers or container ships plying the sea lanes, near real-time knowledge offered by space radar...
by Courrier International - about 2 hours
Artiste qui comptera le plus de nominations, huit au total, aux Grammy Awards 2020 dimanche, Lizzo, la gironde Américaine est en plein dans la lumière des projecteurs et en une de “Rolling Stone”, photographiée par David LaChapelle.
by HackAdAy - about 3 hours
For many people the gateway drug to aviation is radio-controlled aircraft, and in [Andre Bandarra]’s case this led to paragliding. Now he has combined the two, turning his full size paragliding wing into an RC aircraft. (Video, embedded below.)
The primary controls of a paraglider are very simple, consisting of two brake lines that connect to the trailing edge of the wing. When a line is pulled, it increased drag on that side of the wing, causing it to turn. [Andre] connected the brake lines to two 3D-printed spools, which are each powered by a large RC servo that he modified for continuous rotation. These are mounted on a slim wooden frame that also holds the battery, RC receiver, an old electronic speed...
by Courrier International - about 3 hours
La Cour internationale de justice de la Haye a demandé jeudi 23 janvier à la Birmanie de prendre des mesures pour assurer la sécurité des Rohingyas et empêcher des actes de génocide à leur encontre.
by Toute l'Europe - about 3 hours
Le 22 janvier 2019, 56 ans après la signature du traité de l'Elysée scellant la réconciliation franco-allemande, un nouvel accord a été signé par Emmanuel Macron et Angela Merkel à Aix-la-Chapelle. Il complète le premier, en créant notamment une Assemblée parlementaire commune aux deux pays. Le traité est entré en vigueur un an après.
by Courrier International - about 3 hours
Le président américain sera le premier à participer en personne à la Marche pour la vie, dont la 47e édition a lieu ce vendredi 24 janvier dans la capitale américaine. Les organisateurs considèrent Trump et son gouvernement comme des champions de la lutte antiavortement.
by CIBDI - about 4 hours
Colloque « Bande dessinée en Asie de l'Est » Université de Paris – Campus Paris Diderot 19-21 novembre 2020 : Appel à communication -
actualités de la bd
by QZ - about 4 hours
In New York City in the 1980s, Crazy Eddie was viral before viral was a thing. The family-run consumer electronics chain, founded by Eddie Antar…
by Usbek & Rica - about 4 hours
Une bataille est menée depuis plusieurs décennies contre la pollution lumineuse. Pourrait-elle aboutir à la reconnaissance d’un « droit à la nuit » ? Reportage.
by Julie Maroh - about 4 hours
With a lot of joy and pride I can finally present a secret project that I’ve been elaborating through 2019. May 2020 begin with empowerment! All details at the link below! –> GO TO THE PAGE
by CIBDI - about 4 hours
Appel à communications pour un colloque organisé à l'ENSSIB (Lyon) les 5 et 6 mai 2020. La fabrique de la bande dessinée, Perspectives socio-logiques sur la bande dessinée -
actualités de la bd
by Paul Jorion - about 5 hours
Retranscription de Trump et les murailles de Jéricho, le 18 janvier 2020. Ouvert aux commentaires. Bonjour, nous sommes le samedi…
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by Usbek & Rica - about 5 hours
Le célèbre publicitaire des années 1960 de la série « Mad Men » serait confronté à l'émergence de récits inédits émanant des citoyens et des entreprises.
by Torrentfreak - about 5 hours
Earlier this week registrar 101domain suspended the domain name. The grounds for the suspension initially remained unclear. However, after asking for clarification, 101domain explained to the site operator that it had received an injunction from a US court.
The injunction in question appeared to have been sent by the Motion Picture Association (MPA). It was signed by a federal judge at the US District Court for the District of Columbia and indeed targeted
Since the MPA had gone after various Popcorn Time forks in the past, this sounded somewhat plausible. However, the document clearly isn’t real.
At TorrentFreak, we received a copy of the same injunction two weeks ago. It was...
by QZ - about 6 hours
A new documentary about a woman who broke new ground in animal behavior studies is filled with awe-inspiring scenes of its protagonist and vintage footage of the otherworldly, long-lashed gentle giants that are her subjects. It’s a beautiful film, but the most poignant moments, at least the day I saw it, happened offscreen, among audience members profoundly moved by a too-familiar story of sexism denying a woman her full potential.
The film is The Woman Who Loves Giraffes, written and directed by Toronto filmmaker Alison Reid. It traces the history of Anne Innis Dagg, who went to Africa in 1956 to study giraffes and became the first trained scientist to study wild animals on the continent. (Jane Goodall...
by HackAdAy - about 6 hours
Looking around at the personal computing markets in modern times, there seem to be a lot of choices in the market. In reality, though, almost everything runs on hardware from a very small group of companies, and software is often available across platforms. This wasn’t the case in the personal computing boom of the 70s and 80s, where different computers were wildly different in hardware and even architecture. The Cosmac ELF was one of the more interesting specimens from this era, and this one has been meticulously reproduced on an FPGA.
The original hardware was based on an RCA 1802 microprocessor and had a rudimentary (by today’s standards) set of switches and buttons as the computer’s inputs. It was...
by CIBDI - about 6 hours
Fabriquer de la bande dessinée à partir des documents patrimoniaux, pas si simple. À l'occasion de l'opération 2020, année de la BD, la BnF s'inscrit dans la dynamique portée par le ministère de la Culture. Et proposera sous peu une application pour réaliser BD ou récit multimédia, mêlant texte et illustration. iconplusdinfo -
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by CIBDI - about 6 hours
La 25e édition de la Semaine de la langue française et de la francophonie, du 14 au 22 mars, sera rythmée par le thème de l'eau. À cette occasion, l'opération « Dis-moi dix mots » vous invite à étancher votre soif des mots. Une nouveauté cette année, 2020 étant placée en France sous le signe de la bande dessinée, les dix mots « au fil de l'eau » sont illustrés dans un livret par des auteurs bédéistes francophones. (...) -
actualités de la bd
by CIBDI - about 6 hours
Le lauréat de la 26e édition du prix France Info fera sourciller : il est vrai que dans bande dessinée, on entend “dessin”. Ici, c'est un roman-photo qu'a publié Vincent Jarousseau, Les racines de la colère. Inspiré de son expérience de deux années à Denain dans le Nord, le photojournaliste a tiré un récit pourtant incroyable. iconplusdinfo -
actualités de la bd
by Korben - about 7 hours
J’ai déjà mentionné plusieurs fois le fabuleux site Internet Archive au travers de mes articles. Fabuleux parce qu’il propose l’archivage et la conservation de pans entiers de la culture Internet. Une vraie mine d’or pour celui qui veut y passer du temps. Sans lui, qui se souviendrait encore à quoi ressemblait le 7 février 2006 ? (la vache, même moi j’avais presque oublié) La fibre artistique était déjà en moi Mais, comme vous le savez sans doute déjà, il ne propose pas que les anciennes versions de sites web pour les nostalgiques que nous sommes. Vous y trouverez plus de 2.5 millions d’e-books, plus de 5 millions de films et vidéos, 8 millions de fichiers audio, quasi 3.5...
by HackAdAy - about 9 hours
The chances are you’ve seen the myriad cheap copyright-infringing edge-lit acrylic displays from Chinese suppliers everywhere on the internet, and indeed, etching acrylic with a modest CNC laser cutter has become easily viable to a lot of us in more recent years. However, if you want to kick things up a notch, [Michael Vieau] shows us how to build a plaque from scratch using not acrylic, but rather etched glass to make the finished product look that much more professional.
There are a few different steps to this build and each one is beautifully detailed for anyone who wants to follow along. First, the electronics driving the WS2812 lights are designed from scratch based on an ATtiny microcontroller on a PCB...
by Le Taurillon - about 9 hours
Sur fond de crise catalane, Pedro Sánchez vient enfin de mettre un terme à 9 mois de blocage. Le 7 janvier dernier, le leader socialiste a été investi chef de gouvernement et permet à l'Espagne d'avoir un exécutif en état de marche. Sa stratégie de coalition, qui lui avait fait défaut jusqu'alors, a finalement payé. Investi de justesse
9 mois, 2 élections anticipées et 2 votes. Après avoir dissout les Cortes Generales en avril 2019 et convoqué deux élections anticipées (avril et novembre 2019), le leader socialiste a finalement obtenu l'investiture par deux voix. Le Congrès des députés a approuvé Pedro Sánchez en tant que chef de gouvernement par 167 votes ‘pour', 165 votes ‘contre' et...
by Usbek & Rica - about 9 hours
D’après le Guardian, le smartphone du milliardaire américain Jeff Bezos aurait été piraté par l’Arabie Saoudite en 2018.
by HackAdAy - about 12 hours
NFL Football is a curious game to those who live beyond the borders of the continental United States. Its rules are many and complex, and its scoring system is built on arcane magic. This system means that there are many possible final game scores that have never actually happened in practice. For fans keen to hear of any first-time scores as they happen, Scorigami bot is here to help.
Charting and researching these is the practice of Scorigami, an idea first posited by Jon Bois, and is explored in this SB Nation video. It covers the many impossible scores in NFL, such as 1-0 and 1-1, as well as the possible-but-extremely-unlikely, like 6-1. To keep track of the state of Scorigami means following every score...
by io9 - about 13 hours
Remember Goodnight Mommy? If you saw the 2014 plastic-surgery terror trip from Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala, you’ve probably been haunted by it ever since. The Austrian writing-directing duo’s latest, The Lodge, is finally opening soon—and if this new trailer is any indication, many fresh nightmares will follow in…Read more...
by io9 - about 14 hours
Game of Thrones’ series finale came, we watched it, and...that was that. But according to George R.R. Martin, Game of Thrones’ final season could have potentially worked out much differently had an early pitch to HBO for the series gone differently. Read more...
by HackAdAy - about 15 hours
[Charlyn] recently found herself dissatisfied with the blank expanse of her bedroom walls. Deciding to take matters into her own hands, she set out to build this exquisite origami wall sculpture.
The piece was inspired by a work originally created by [Coco Sato], which she saw on Design Sponge. Materials were sourced, and [Charlyn] began the arduous process of cutting and folding the many, many pieces of paper that would make up the final piece. There were some missteps along the way, which served as a lesson to test early and test often, but a cup of tea and perseverance got the job done.
With the paper components completed, she looked to the electronics. Ten Neopixel LEDs were hooked up to a Particle Photon,...
by FluxBlog - about 15 hours
Pearl Jam “Dance of the Clairvoyants”
Over the past two decades Pearl Jam shifted fully over to a jam band model in which the live show – and recordings of the live shows – was the primary focus of everything they did, and new studio albums were sporadically made as a way of bringing new songs into the setlist and having a peg for launching big tours. They only released four albums in this time, which is quite a drop from their frantic pace of writing and recording through the ‘90s. The records have their moments but feel very formulaic, as though the band identified a set of song archetypes they had to iterate on in order to fill out a sequencing arc that was pretty much the same every time....
by Hiram - about 16 hours
L’ami Jissey nous propose une nouvelle rubrique, qu’il nomme « un rituel d’humour », et qu’il se propose d’appeler « Les jeudis maçonniques parfois un peu moqueurs ». Qu’en pensez-vous ?…   🙂  
Cet article Les jeudis maçonniques parfois un peu moqueurs… est apparu en premier sur
by Hiram - about 16 hours
C’est la Nouvelle République qui nous apprend que la loge du GODF Émancipation thouarsaise, en partenariat avec la Fondation du Grand Orient, a remis un chèque de 2 000 € à l’association Cent pour un en Thouarsais, qui aide des familles à se loger et s’intégrer. Comme le rappelle la Nouvelle République, « La Fondation du […]
Cet article Une loge et la fondation du GODF font un don de 2 000 € est apparu en premier sur
by Toute l'Europe - about 16 hours
Mercredi 22 janvier, les députés britanniques ont largement approuvé, une fois pour toutes, le texte implantant le Brexit dans la loi nationale. Sauf coup de théâtre, le Royaume-Uni sortira donc bien de l'Union européenne le 1er février 2020.
by Goalcast - yesterday at 22:56
You know Robyn Rihanna Fenty as a beloved singer and incredibly successful businesswoman, but do you know how she managed to rise to this level of achievement? The journey wasn’t as smooth as some may think, but it’s a story demonstrating how determination and belief in yourself can push you to new heights. Even during her teenage years, Rihanna accomplished feats
many people dream of. The singer’s trials and tribulations are a testament to not
letting life hold you back from the things you want and deserve. How it all started Marred by her father’s addiction to crack and her family’s struggles with money, childhood was a rough time for Rihanna. The stress of these issues manifested in intense...
by Paul Jorion - yesterday at 22:49
Ouvert aux commentaires.
Le déni officiel australien
Pendant que les abominable incendies ravageant l’Australie font la une de la presse internationale, le monde entier s’interroge : pourquoi ces nouvelles semblent-elles laisser indifférents les Australiens eux-mêmes, étant reléguées dans leurs propres journaux loin dans les pages intérieures ?
Le Premier ministre, Scott Morrison, relativise : il a toujours fait chaud l’été dans son pays, et les feux de brousse ont toujours accompagné la chaleur. Ce qu’il faut expliquer pour lui, c’est l’hystérie de la jeunesse sur cette histoire d’incendies. Deux facteurs jouent à son avis : l’impétuosité naturelle des jeunes, qui les pousse à...
by Goalcast - yesterday at 22:11
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (January 27, 1756 - December 5, 1791), was an Austrian composer renowned for having composed numerous concertos, symphonies, operas and sonatas that have shaped classical music. As the son of a successful composer at the Salzburg court, Mozart was introduced to music at an early age. He loved mimicking his big sister’s playing and his father saw that he had a remarkable talent so he became young Mozart’s tutor. Soon, the boy exceeded everyone’s expectations -- by the age of six he was composing his own music. The proud father decided to take him on a tour around the palaces to show off his son’s genius to kings and queens. At just 17 years old, Mozart got a job in Salzburg as a...
by Paul Jorion - yesterday at 21:42
C’est très volontiers que j’ai accepté l’offre de faire partie de la commission d’éthique AI4People, une émanation de l’European Institute…
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by Torrentfreak - yesterday at 20:51
Alongside the mass uptake of digital readers such as Kindles, phones and tablets, plus a relatively small filesize, downloading of eBook and magazine content has gained in popularity over recent years.
There are plenty of sites catering to this popular niche but in common with platforms specializing in other areas, a handful of dedicated sites have found their way onto the preferred lists of many pirates.
One of those is eBookee, a download platform that doesn’t appear to carry content itself but indexes content hosted on other sites, notably file-hosting services. Indeed, a cursory review of eBookee’s traffic referral stats reveals that large volumes of users are directed to platforms such as Rapidgator...
by io9 - yesterday at 20:00
I’ve never bought trendy headphones.
by Les Décodeurs - yesterday at 18:15
Des faux sites Disney, promus par des publicités Facebook, proposent des accès au service de streaming « en avant-première » en France. Ce sont des arnaques.
by Fubiz - yesterday at 17:27
Une nouvelle typographie plus sophistiquée signera-t-elle la prochaine décennie ? C’est ce que présage l’écrivaine et graphiste américaine Rachel Hawley, qui a signé une chronique dans The Outline. Selon elle, la mode des polices minimalistes, privilégiées sur le web et les réseaux sociaux pour leur lisibilité et le chargement des pages internet, serait en train de s’essouffler. Et les polices Didone pourraient bien prendre le relai, pour complètement bousculer les codes esthétiques actuels. Car les Didones, apparues au début du XIXème siècle, ce sont des empattements étroits et des traits qui oscillent entre largeur et finesse. Caractérisées par leur contraste et décrites comme des...
by Usbek & Rica - yesterday at 17:09
Samak Kosem mène un travail « anthropologico-artistique » sur l’homosexualité et l’identité queer dans les provinces musulmanes du sud de la Thaïlande.
by Fubiz - yesterday at 16:25
De ses voyages en Islande, Julieanne Kost a tiré une série de photos intitulée Iceland II, qui s’inscrit dans la continuité d’un premier projet sur ce thème. Par le biais de paysages, la photographe et évangéliste en imagerie numérique pour Adobe, nous dévoile une Islande dominée par les couleurs ocre, vert et jaune. À travers les textures, les formes et le calme ambiant, Julieanne Kost met en lumière l’harmonie de la nature, qui “pousse silencieusement”. La photographe est aussi l’autrice d’une série de photos aériennes, prises au-dessus de la baie de San Francisco.
Images : © Julieanne Kost
by Fubiz - wednesday at 15:23
Mary Arnold-Forster Architects a réalisé un projet dans les Highlands écossais qui attire l’attention en raison des planches utilisées pour sa construction.
Ce projet respectueux de l’environnement est en fait une construction de bois axée sur la minimisation des besoins humains et de l’impact sur le terrain. Vous pouvez trouver cette maison dans le petit village de Nedd qui est aussi le titre du projet, “The Nedd House”.
Aucune fondation de dalle unique n’a été utilisée pour minimiser l’effet qu’elle a sur son environnement naturel. Au lieu de cela, l’installation repose tranquillement sur plusieurs piliers en béton pour le soutien. Une attention particulière a également été...
by Paul Jorion - wednesday at 14:30
Ouvert aux commentaires. Une lectrice : Messieurs Jorion et Burnand-Galpin, vous avez écrit un livre équilibré, convaincant, dont les propositions…
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by Usbek & Rica - wednesday at 14:00
Pauline Rochart, consultante et Raphaël Beziz de l’agence YouMeO, se sont interrogés sur les espaces de travail des travailleurs du back office.
by Paul Jorion - wednesday at 10:56
La jeune femme dont j’ai oublié le nom, c’est Maria Butina.
John McCain était capitaine dans la marine américaine, son père, John McCain Sr. était amiral.
by Korben - wednesday at 10:39
Voici une news qui va faire plaisir aux Linuxiens : Wine vient de sortir en version 5.0 (stable). Pour rappel Wine (Wine Is Not an Emulator) est un outil qui permet de faire tourner des applications Windows sous Linux. Ça fait un petit moment que je n’ai pas joué avec cet outil mais de ce que j’ai pu voir, c’est version 5.0 de Wine propose maintenant ses modules au format PE ce qui va permettre de faire tourner des applications vérifiant la cohérence entre les données présentes sur le disque dur et celles présentes en mémoire. Wine supporte le multiécran, l’API XAudio2 a été totalement réimplémentée et l’API 3D Vulkan 1.1 est supportée. Cette version stable de Wine est dédiée à la...
by Conspiracy Watch - wednesday at 10:31
De 1941 à 1945, l’Allemagne nazie tente d’exterminer les juifs d’Europe. Par les privations, le travail forcé, les exécutions de masse et le gazage, entre 5 et 6 millions d’êtres humains sont tués. Au sortir de la guerre, un silence gêné entoure cette question. Le sort réservé à la communauté juive est connu, mais les discours officiels ne le distinguent pas des autres exactions subies par le reste des populations européennes. Au procès de Nuremberg chargé de juger les crimes nazis, aucun survivant juif n’est appelé à témoigner. Certains nostalgiques du Troisième Reich et de Vichy vont profiter de ce non-dit pour tenter de faire de la destruction des juifs d’Europe un...
by Torrentfreak - wednesday at 10:08
People who operate or even get involved with pirate release groups take major risks. Those who release screeners of unreleased movies up the ante further still. The movie screeners that are sent out to film insiders to be considered for various awards come with all sorts of protection mechanisms. These include visible and invisible watermarks as well as other tracers that can lead directly to the source. These extensive protections are supposed to deter people from leaking screeners. This is important, as some of the films have yet to air in theaters. For example, ‘Color Out of Space’ is widely available on pirate sites at the moment, but will officially premiere in the US this Friday.
Apart from the...
by Korben - wednesday at 9:48
Salut la compagnie ! Si vous passez au Forum International de la Cybersécurité à Lille cette année, sachez que j’y serai avec les collègues de YesWeHack. Ça se passe les 28, 29 et 30 janvier et nous serons sur le stand E19 ! Pour l’occasion, nous organisons comme tous les ans un Bug Bounty Live où les hunters pourront participer à des programmes exclusifs et nous ferons des démonstrations de Car Hacking sur une jolie Tesla innocente : Démonstration de car hacking : – Prise de contrôle du volant, des freins ou de l’accélérateur – Interception des données pneumatiques – Interception des données à caractère personnel – Contrôle du bus de communication des véhiculesComment rendre...