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by Pseudo-sciences - 2021-12-09 18:30
Mairie du 5è arrondissement de Paris, 21 place du Panthéon, 75005 Paris La mairie du 5ème arrondissement de Paris et l'Association Française pour l'Information Scientifique (AFIS) vous invitent jeudi 9 décembre 2021, 18h45 Peut-on encore breveter le génome humain ? Les aventures des gènes BRCA1 et BRCA2 au pays des brevets. Par Dominique Stoppa-Lyonnet. Cheffe du service de génétique de l'Institut Curie, professeure de génétique médicale à l'Université de Paris, ancienne membre du Comité (...) Agenda de l'Afis

by Buzzfeed - 2021-10-27 06:01
Flexible cutting boards, an easy-to-use cookie scoop, a microwave pasta cooker, and so much more.View Entire Post ›

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The dose for younger children is one-third the size for adults and is more than 90% effective at preventing symptomatic infections.View Entire Post ›

by io9 - about 21 minutes
Molly C. Quinn as Mary in Agnes.Photo: Stephen Sutor/Magnet ReleasingTwo young nuns, Mary (Castle’s Molly C. Quinn) and Agnes (Hayley McFarland), meet at a convent and form a friendship—but as the trailer for new horror movie Agnes suggests, one of them is being followed by some kind of poltergeist-like presence... and the other becomes quite-possibly demonically possessed. At least it sure looks that way!Here’s the official synopsis, which is just short enough to make you wonder what they’re not telling you, especially given all the wild imagery in that trailer: “A nun’s disturbing behavior sparks rumors of demonic possession at a remote convent. When a priest in waiting and his disillusioned...

by The Verge - about 31 minutes
Pikmin Bloom, the next game from Pokémon Go creator Niantic, is starting its global rollout today. The developer says that the app — which is billed as a joint project with Nintendo — “will be available on the App Store and Google Play over the coming days.” The rollout will start with Australia and Singapore before gradually hitting the rest of the world.
The new Pikmin was first announced in March as part of a new collaboration between Niantic and Nintendo. Like Pokémon Go, the game is designed to get people outdoors and walking. In Pikmin Bloom, players can collect the titular plant creatures by gathering and planting seeds; in order for them to grow, you have to walk a certain distance, sort of...

by The Verge - about 31 minutes
There’s something strangely satisfying about leaving a trail of colorful flowers in your wake as you explore a neighborhood. It’s also one of the main hooks of Pikmin Bloom, the next release from the creator of Pokémon Go, and another app designed to get you moving in the real world. I’ve been able to play the game for the past few days, and while it’s less of a game than Pokémon Go, it definitely adds some magic and fun to a daily walk.
Pikmin Bloom is starting its gradual rollout today, and it’s part of a new partnership between Nintendo and Niantic. The game is billed as a collaboration between Nintendo and Niantic’s Tokyo studio, and Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto even appears in the launch...

by The Verge - about 1 hour
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge AT&T’s new 5G Plus expansion gives T-Mobile the perfect “I told you so” moment. AT&T currently offers two “flavors” of 5G: 5G Plus over the high-band mmWave spectrum and regular 5G, which is comparable to 4G LTE. Now, a blog post details AT&T’s plan to roll the mid-band spectrum it owns into 5G Plus, conflating its fastest but hard-to-find 5G with a new variant that has a better chance of both range and speed — the kind of 5G that T-Mobile has been focused on from the beginning.
Former T-Mobile CEO John Legere slammed AT&T for not having a mid-band spectrum in 2019, stating that 5G needs a low-band, mid-band, and high-band spectrum to work efficiently. This...

by The Verge - about 1 hour
GEOFFREY SHORT/NETFLIX The official trailer for Netflix’s live-action Cowboy Bebop series is finally here. Released during a live countdown event featuring appearances from stars John Cho, Daniella Pineda, and Mustafa Shakir, the trailer is another peek into what we can expect from the highly anticipated adaptation of the legendary anime series. The trailer starts with John Cho as Spike Spiegel standing on the deck of the eponymous Bebop as we hear him talking to his old friend Anna about what he’s up to these days. We’re treated to scenes of Spike’s old life as a mobster, his new partner Jet, and a moody shot of a reflection in a puddle that should send Bebop fans into a frenzy. The Cowboy Bebop...

by New Yorker - about 1 hour
The singer-songwriter Liz Harris releases her most accessible ambient album yet.

by io9 - about 1 hour
Photo: Geoffrey Short/NetflixForget the generic blog preamble! We’ve all been waiting forever to watch the first real trailer for Netflix’s live-action Cowboy Bebop series. The wait is over. Watch.If you don’t have any attachment to the original Cowboy Bebop anime series, I very much suspect this looks like a fun, sci-fi series where John Cho has a funny hairdo and chases bounties across the solar system with his friend and the woman he occasionally wants to kill. Also, there’s a fun soundtrack and an adorable corgi. Why wouldn’t you want to check that show out? Well, if you’re some old-school, absolutist fan who loves the original TV series so resolutely, so exclusively, that you only think a...

by BBC - about 1 hour
The Middle East is warming faster than much of the world, leaving Kuwaitis struggling with everyday life.

by The Verge - about 2 hours
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge The streaming giant kept Cuties from appearing in some search results and recommendations after backlash to the poster Continue reading…

by KCRW - about 2 hours
On October 15, librarian Glen Creason turned in his ID badge at the Central branch of the LA Public Library, and then entered retirement. He spent more than half his life at the reference desk in the History and Genealogy Department, and saw a lot in those 42 years. 
Glen Creason’s ID badge from 1979, when he began working at the central branch of the LA Public Library in downtown LA. Courtesy of Creason.
When the time came to leave, he put pen to paper and wrote a farewell.
“I was feeling really melancholy about leaving,” he said. “So I wrote this as sort of therapy.”
KCRW asked Creason to read part of his love letter to the LA Public Library:
“I’ve had the rare vantage point of viewing...

by KCRW - about 2 hours
Irwindale Speedway is home to NASCAR, hot rods, street stock, enduro drags, Formula D racing, and once a year, a unique event that is a brutal, magnificent thing to behold: the “Derby Divas” all-female demolition derby. 
It’s a smash-em-up event powered by women looking for a high-adrenaline night of destructive mayhem — all to benefit breast cancer research. Some drivers are first-timers, while others are derby veterans whose allegiance to the track has become a lifestyle.
And then there’s Bekkah Doyle, who’s been through a wreck that had nothing to do with a demolition derby.
“For me, it feels like I’m the underdog in every event because I’m a demo derby driver with PTSD in a car...

by KCRW - about 2 hours
The LA Zoo, which is inside Griffith Park, is involved in animal conservation, and it has helped bring back the California condor from the brink of extinction. It’s been around since the 1960s and staff there say it’s time for a major upgrade — to the tune of about $650 million. They’re calling it the “20-year Vision Plan.” But the plan is getting pushback from the Friends of Griffith Park and the California Native Plant Society, who say the expansion will negatively impact 23 acres of native woodland habitat.
This conceptual rendering shows the new vision of the LA Zoo. Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Zoo/City of Los Angeles.
More: Los Angeles Zoo statement: The Los Angeles Times article about the...

by BBC - about 2 hours
Dave Halls had previously been dismissed from another film over gun safety violations.

by QZ - about 2 hours
US president Joe Biden’s administration announced on Monday (Oct. 25) new guidelines for foreign visitors entering the country. Starting Nov. 8  non-citizens traveling to the US must show proof of vaccination for covid-19, as well as a negative test taken within three days before departure. This new policy will open up travel to tourists from 33 different countries that were banned for the past year due to the covid-19 pandemic. At the same time, though, it will make travel more complicated for some: Only those vaccinated with doses approved by the Food and Drug Administration or World Health Organization will be allowed entry, for now.This means that millions of people vaccinated with Russia’s...

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We love (and slightly hate) to see it.View Entire Post ›

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by New Yorker - yesterday at 23:56
An underexamined aspect of Manchin’s pro-business positions in the Senate is his early membership in the American Legislative Exchange Council.

by Goalcast - yesterday at 23:41
One server stepped out of his way to help create an amazing experience for a customer in need. ...
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by Le Monde - yesterday at 23:36
L’ex-directeur de l’institut de sondages Ipsos, qui a conclu en 2008 un contrat de conseil avec l’Elysée au nom de la société qu’il venait de lancer, Giacometti Péron, a tenté de justifier son rôle.

by io9 - yesterday at 23:30
He can even make the ol’ cardigan and bow tie combo look cool.Image: Screen MediaOn Thanksgiving night, a group of weary toy-store employees pulls up to work, anticipating an unruly, door-busting crowd who’ll arrive in the wee hours for a frenzy of Black Friday shopping. What they’re not expecting is an alien invasion that turns all those would-be customers into a hungry mob of an entirely different persuasion. Good thing Bruce Campbell—who knows a thing or two about fighting evil in a retail environment—is the store manager!The new trailer for horror-comedy Black Friday—directed by Casey Tebo and written by Andy Greskoviak—has just arrived, and it looks like a lot of fun. While it may feel too...

by Goalcast - yesterday at 23:29
A team of 5 Sikh hikers' heroic actions turned a dangerous situation around. ...
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by Wired - yesterday at 23:24
Yoti’s tech may be enticing for Big Tech companies: It works out if you’re under or over 13, the age most social media platforms require to create an account.

by BBC - yesterday at 23:21
Health experts say the benefits outweigh the risks and recommend the FDA authorise the vaccine.

by Wired - yesterday at 23:12
Operation Dark HunTor spanned eight countries—and put the focus on sellers more than marketplaces.

by Le Monde - yesterday at 22:58
L’avis de ce comité n’est que consultatif, mais il est rare qu’il ne soit pas suivi par l’Agence américaine des médicaments (FDA).

by KCRW - yesterday at 22:30
Writer and director Mia Hansen-Løve on how cinema saved her life.

by io9 - yesterday at 22:10
Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam subjecting Paul Atreides to the gom jabbar.Screenshot: Warner Bros.Though Denis Villeneuve’s Dune focuses on Paul Atreides as he and most everyone around him dance around the obvious fact that he is the long-prophesied chosen one destined to bring an end to the war between House Atreides and House Harkonnen, when we first meet him, he’s a far cry from the legendary messiah king he’ll one day become. In Frank Herbert’s novel—and its various adaptations—Paul’s initially framed as a precocious youth whose relationship to his father Leto, duke of planet Arrakis, and his mother, Lady Jessica is what makes him notable in the eyes of those who don’t fully know...

by HackAdAy - yesterday at 22:01
Inspired by his CNC’s leveling system, [Chuck] built a small PCB to help level his 3D printer and he shares the details in the video you can see below. The idea is simple, the nozzle pushes down on the PCB which has a tact switch underneath. When the switch closes, an LED lights.
In practice, you measure the height of the board and use that for your Z offset, and you are done. Our only concern would be how repeatable the switch is. Granted, most people use a piece of paper and that’s probably not totally repeatable or accurate either. Proper feeler gauges are the “right” way to do it, but we know only a few people who do that.
If you ever look into the repeatability of various Z probes like the...

by New Yorker - yesterday at 22:00
To the Taliban, educating girls is a crime to be brutally suppressed. The head of a Kabul girls’ school describes how the whole school evacuated as the group came back to power.

by Courrier International - yesterday at 21:59
Alors que les engagements à un horizon lointain se multiplient, un rapport publié mardi par les Nations unies sonne l’alarme : les plans soumis par les États mèneraient à un réchauffement de 2,7 °C en moyenne en 2100.

by Torrentfreak - yesterday at 21:51
Anonymity is a great good on the Internet but increasingly there are calls for stricter identity checks.
Such requirements are not new. In daily life, many people encounter situations where they have to prove their identity. When opening a bank account, for example. But online it is still rare.
At the start of this year, then-President Donald Trump signed an executive order that could help change this. Titled: ‘Taking Additional Steps to Address the National Emergency With Respect to Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities,’ aims to tackle online cybercrime including copyright infringement. IaaS Providers Should Verify Customers The executive order aims to stop foreign cybercriminals from using...

by BBC - yesterday at 21:29
Gen Burhan also said he had taken the deposed prime minister to his house "for his own safety."

by KCRW - yesterday at 21:00
Should trees have legal standing? That’s the question USC law professor Christopher Stone asked 50 years ago, when he proposed giving legal rights to nature. It was a radical notion back then, but today it’s catching on as a way to protect the environment amid climate change, deforestation, and urban development. 
In his argument, Stone noted that other non-human entities had legal rights — such as corporations, universities, trusts, and governments — and he compared this to the civil rights movement, women’s suffrage, and giving children rights. This caught the attention of Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, who agreed with Stone (but the majority of the high court did not agree). That’s...

by io9 - yesterday at 21:00
A crop of the cover of Skin of the Sea; see the full cover, including mermaid tail, below!Image: Random House Books for Young ReadersWhen a mermaid saves a human life, she’s most definitely not hailed as a hero—she’s marked for terrible punishment because she’s broken an ancient law designed to protect her kind. In that vein, Nigerian-Welsh author Natasha Bowen drew upon West African mythology to create her fantasy debut, Skin of the Sea, and io9 has a first look at one of the book’s most exciting encounters.First up, here’s a plot description to give you a bit more context.A way to survive. A way to serve. A way to save.Simi prayed to the gods, once. Now she serves them as Mami Wata—a...

by QZ - yesterday at 20:41
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by New Yorker - yesterday at 20:30
When the beloved Christian thinker died, at thirty-seven, she left behind a legacy of constant spiritual questioning—and an unfinished memoir.

by HackAdAy - yesterday at 20:30
When you think of slicers for FDM 3D printing — especially free slicers — you probably think of Cura, Slic3r, or PrusaSlicer. There are fans of MatterControl and many people pay for Simplify3D. However, there are quite a few other slicers out there including the one [TeachingTech] has switched to: SuperSlicer. You can see his video review, below.
Of course, just as PrusaSlicer is a fork of Slic3r, SuperSlicer is a fork of the Prusa software. According to the project’s home page, the slicer does everything Prusa does but adds custom calibration tests, ironing, better thin wall support, and several other features related to infill and top surfaces. The software runs on Windows, Linux, or Mac....

by Goalcast - yesterday at 20:29
Do you feel safe to be yourself at work?...
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by QZ - yesterday at 20:26
Hi Quartz readers,After months of acute shortages, a raging second wave, an opaque system of placing vaccine orders, and technical glitches, India finally seems to be on track to at least partially inoculate its adult population by December.The country has now administered over a billion doses of Covid-19 vaccines, only the second nation in the world to do so. Almost 700 million Indians have received their first dose, and about 291 million have gotten both. India’s revised vaccination strategy, which increased the time between Covishield shots from four weeks to 12, was a big factor in boosting those numbers. (Covishield, the Indian brand of the AstraZeneca vaccine, accounts for more than 90% of these...

by New Yorker - yesterday at 20:14
Having once hired Rudolph Giuliani as his attorney, he would also be justified in pleading insanity.

by Courrier International - yesterday at 19:58
Le réalisateur américain Wes Anderson n’en fait pas mystère. Pour son nouveau film, qui sort sur les écrans français ce 27 octobre, il s’est inspiré en tout point du célèbre magazine culturel américain The New Yorker, auquel il voue une véritable passion. Une admiration réciproque.

by Paul Jorion - yesterday at 19:43
Le dernier qui s’en va éteint la lumière (Fayard 2016), pages 25-26 :
En 1933 déjà, Keynes dénonçait dans National Self-Sufficiency, une allocution prononcée à Dublin, notre incapacité à traiter les problèmes de société fondamentaux auxquels nous sommes confrontés autrement qu’en fonction du « combien cela rapporte » :
Le XIXe siècle a promu jusqu’à la caricature le critère que l’on appellera pour faire bref, « les résultats financiers », comme test permettant de déterminer si une politique doit être recommandée et entreprise dans le cadre d’une initiative d’ordre privé ou public. Le destin personnel s’est transformé en une parodie du cauchemar d’un comptable. Au lieu...
by France Inter - yesterday at 19:27
Le nombre d'accidents du travail a diminué proportionnellement à la baisse de l'activité économique lors de la première année de la pandémie, en raison des restrictions sanitaires. Mais il n'a pas reculé dans tous les secteurs et augmente même chez les ambulanciers ou dans le secteur de la vente à distance.

by Courrier International - yesterday at 19:15
L’Australie, un des plus gros émetteurs de CO2 par habitant du monde, s’est engagée sur un objectif de zéro émission nette en 2050. Problème : le plan présenté par le Premier ministre ne comprend guère de détails et repose en bonne partie sur d’hypothétiques avancées technologiques.

by HackAdAy - yesterday at 19:00
Summer is fading into a memory now, but as surely as the earth orbits the sun, those hot and sweaty days will return soon enough. And what can you do about it at the level of a single, suffering human being? After all, a person can only remove so much clothing to help cool off. Until someone figures out a way to make those stillsuits from Dune, we need an interim solution in which to drape ourselves.
We’ve seen the whitest paint possible for cooling buildings, and then we saw a newer, whiter and more award-winning paint a few months later. This paint works by the principle of passive cooling. Because of its color and composition, it reflects most light and absorbs some heat, which gets radiated away into the...

by Goalcast - yesterday at 18:55
Gwen Stefani reveals her experience with ageism against women in their 50s. The singer has dealt with age shaming since the early 2000s....
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by Courrier International - yesterday at 18:42
Pour la première fois, des astronomes ont repéré les signes d’une planète située en dehors de la Voie lactée. Cette découverte réalisée grâce à un télescope spatial à rayons X donne aux scientifiques l’espoir de trouver d’autres exoplanètes ailleurs que dans notre galaxie. 

by Toute l'Europe - yesterday at 18:32
Une agence de la Cayman National Bank à George Town, capitale et centre financier des îles Caïmans, considérées comme un paradis fiscal - Crédits : robyvannucci / iStock “Ensemble, nous pouvons instaurer un impôt minimum mondial pour assurer la prospérité de l’économie mondiale sur la base de règles du jeu plus équitables”. Le 5 avril 2021, la secrétaire d’Etat américaine au Trésor Janet Yellen proposait de “mettre fin à la course vers le bas” en matière d’impôt sur les sociétés. Avec un principe simple : dès qu’une multinationale paierait moins de 21 % d’impôts à l’étranger, son pays d’origine récupèrerait la différence. Après plusieurs mois de négociations...

by Courrier International - yesterday at 18:32
La crise du Covid-19 a mis en exergue la faiblesse des pouvoirs publics britanniques, contraints de faire appel à de nombreuses reprises aux militaires. Une tendance inquiétante, alerte le magazine libéral The Economist.

by Goalcast - yesterday at 18:32
Leadership requires drive, ingenuity, creativity, and above all character. Here are 25 leadership quotes to inspire you to become a better leader....
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by France Inter - yesterday at 18:30
Le maître d'œuvre du putsch au Soudan, le général Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, s'est exprimé pour la première fois aujourd'hui à Khartoum. Il a dit avoir pris le pouvoir pour éviter une guerre civile dans son pays. Un conflit qui, selon lui, aurait été préparé par le Premier ministre et des partisans.

by QZ - yesterday at 18:28
The Swedish furniture giant IKEA is often associated with large, hulking warehouses located well outside city centers. There’s the store outside of central Seoul, which is nearly as big as the Louvre, or the Kungens Kurva location, in a suburb of Stockholm, which has enough parking spots for 1,850 cars.But in recent years the retailer has started to experiment with urban locations that are easily accessible by public transportation in cities such as Tokyo, Paris, and New York. The chain announced today (Oct. 26) it would expand its urban footprint in central London by opening a branch in the former Topshop flagship store on Oxford Street, built a century ago, and located in the heart of London’s main...

by Toute l'Europe - yesterday at 18:20
L’objectif des acteurs de cette initiative vise d’abord à décarboner le secteur du transport lourd (image d’illustration) - Crédits : Audioundwerbung / iStock Développer une mobilité zéro émission pour les véhicules lourds sur un axe Nord/Sud reliant la Méditerranée à la Mer du Nord. C’est, en somme, un bon résumé du projet Corridor H2 initié par la Région Occitanie. Afin d’atteindre cette ambition, elle investit dans une énergie en particulier : l’hydrogène renouvelable. À LIRE AUSSIL’Europe en région : l’Occitanie Réduire les émissions du transport routier Une série d’objectifs sont ainsi fixés à l’horizon 2023. D’un côté, 7 stations de distribution seront...

by Toute l'Europe - yesterday at 18:05
Visuel officiel de la COP26 de Glasgow - Crédits : Urbanbuzz / iStock Qu’est-ce que la COP26 ? La vingt-sixième session de la Conférence des Parties (COP) s’inscrit dans la Convention-cadre des Nations Unies sur les changements climatiques (CNUCC). Un texte adopté à l’occasion du Sommet de la Terre de Rio de Janeiro en 1992 afin de lutter contre le changement climatique au niveau mondial, et qui s’applique depuis 1994. Lors des COP, les pays négocient des accords internationaux et veillent au respect des engagements pris dans le cadre de la Convention. Quand va se dérouler la COP26 ? Présidée cette année par le Royaume-Uni, la COP26 te tiendra à Glasgow (Ecosse) du 1er au 12 novembre 2021....