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by The Verge - about 40 minutes
Image: EA / Respawn Entertainment Apex Legends can’t seem to catch a break. The game has been plagued with a pair of high-profile issues for the last few weeks.
First up, earlier this week, the hero shooter’s developer, Respawn Entertainment, announced it was retooling the game’s battle pass. For season 22 and beyond, the battle pass will now be split into two halves, with 60 levels for each half. Additionally, players will no longer be able to purchase a battle pass with AC or Apex’s in-game currency. “The decision to move from AC to real world currency is not one that we made lightly, but it does allow us to decrease the price of Premium+ for our community,” the announcement read. Starting with...
by BBC - about 42 minutes
Foreign Minister Sikorski says of the proposal, included in a defence agreement, "at this stage this is an idea".
by The Verge - about 43 minutes
The TCL Q6 is solid TV for watching the 2024 Olympics, House of the Dragon, and a wild season of election coverage. | Image: TCL TCL’s Q6 QLED TV was one of the standout deals from Walmart’s recent “Walmart Deals” event, and the post-event discounts have only gotten steeper. The 65-inch model, for example, has dropped even further at Walmart, where you can currently pick it up for an all-time low of $388 ($312 off). You can also grab it at Best Buy right now for $399.99 ($300 off) if you prefer shopping at a different retailer. The Q6 was already a decent value before the discounts kicked in, one that makes for a compelling entry-level option for gamers. It’s a cost-effective set that allows you to...
by Le Monde - about 49 minutes
Le nombre d’admis, avec 85,6 % de lauréats, chute de 3,5 points. Les académies de Créteil, de Versailles et de Guyane, qui concentrent les difficultés sociales et scolaires, connaissent un réel décrochage.
by Wired - about 50 minutes
Here's this month's prompt, how to submit, and an illustrated archive of past favorites.
by QZ - about 53 minutes
Reality is beginning to settle in for three of the largest U.S. banks, at least according to their second-quarter results. While some of the truths reflected in earnings reports at JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo gave the banks — and their investors — reason to rest easy, some potential storm clouds are…Read more...
by QZ - about 1 hour
People taking weight loss drugs like Wegovy and Zepbound should tell their doctors ahead of a scheduled surgery, the European Medicines Agency warned on Friday.Read more...
by Human Progress - about 1 hour
Summary: In the pre-industrial age, while cultural uniqueness flourished in some ways due to relative isolation, pervasive poverty and hardship were strikingly uniform worldwide. Patricia Crone’s Pre-Industrial Societies: Anatomy of the Pre-Modern World illustrates how most people were illiterate peasants living in dire conditions, with limited political freedom and agency. Contrasted with the modern era’s material abundance, this illustrates the progress humanity has made. Some people complain that the modern, globalized world is losing its cultural uniqueness as different countries increasingly adopt similar modes of dress, consume the same entertainment, eat at the same international restaurant chains,...
by QZ - about 1 hour
After months of testing, Amazon is releasing its generative artificial intelligence-powered shopping assistant, Rufus, to all U.S. customers today. Read more...
by Zataz - about 1 hour
Les données des clients d'AT&T ont été téléchargées illégalement depuis un espace de travail sur une plateforme cloud tierce. Les données téléchargées comprenaient des enregistrements d'appels téléphoniques et de messages texte....
by The Verge - about 1 hour
Sony’s WH-1000XM5 headphones have an all-new design. | Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge Get some peace and quiet with any of our top picks for noise-canceling headphones. Sony’s still the best overall, but there are reasons to go elsewhere, too. Continue reading…
by The Verge - about 1 hour
Image: Amazon Amazon’s AI shopping assistant, Rufus, is rolling out to all users in the US on Amazon’s mobile app. You can pull up the shopping assistant by tapping the orange and blue icon in the right corner of the app’s navigation bar, where Rufus can answer questions, draw comparisons between items, and give you updates on your order.
Amazon first introduced Rufus in February but only made it available to a small group of users. Rufus uses Amazon’s product listing details, reviews, and community Q&As, along with some information from the web, to inform its answers. Image: Amazon You can ask the tool things directly related to a product, like “Is this coffee maker easy to clean and maintain?” as...
by QZ - about 1 hour
Former Meta scientists have unveiled a model that can generate proteins the way chatbots can generate words.Read more...
by QZ - about 2 hours
Another airline is losing money because of the Olympics. Delta Air Lines says that reduced travel to Paris because of the games will cost the carrier about $100 million compared to what it might otherwise be expecting with its record-size second quarter revenues.Read more...
by Le Monde - about 2 hours
Andriy Kostin affirme que « les crimes massifs que la Russie commet contre les civils ukrainiens constituent des crimes contre l’humanité ». Lundi 8 juillet, des frappes russes ont fait plus de quarante morts et dévasté le plus grand hôpital pédiatrique d’Ukraine.
by Wired - about 2 hours
Imran Ahmed, founder of the Center for Countering Digital Hate, is unsentimental about what’s at stake if we don’t curb the spread of disinformation: the death of democracy, yes, but also the complete ruin of reality.
by BBC - about 2 hours
It can take emergency teams days to reach casualties, as air strikes hit from north to south.
by HackAdAy - about 2 hours
Get your weekly fix of great hacks with your guides, Elliot Williams and Al Williams. This week, the guys talk about hacking airline WiFi, vanishing cloud services, and hobbies adjacent to hacking, such as general aviation. Things go into the weird and wonderful when the topic turns to cavity filters, driving LEDs with a candle, and thermite.
Quick hacks? Everything from vintage automated telescopes to home fusion reactors and ham radio mobile from a bicycle. Then there’s the can’t miss articles about the Solar Dynamics Observatory and an explainer about flash memory technology.
Check out the links below and leave your favorite hack of the week in the comments below! As always, this week’s episode is...
by Courrier International - about 2 hours
Cet été, les chanceux pourront voir dans le ciel un phénomène lumineux rare, résultat d’une explosion qui s’est produite il y a des milliers d’années à la surface d’une étoile. À vos jumelles.
by Le Monde - about 2 hours
Quelque 60 corps ont été retrouvés vendredi dans deux quartiers de la ville de Gaza, a annoncé la défense civile palestinienne. Selon elle, l’armée israélienne s’est retirée de ces zones, sans qu’Israël ne l’ait confirmée.
by The Verge - about 2 hours
Despite a $100 price tag, these 8BitDo gamepads don’t include any wireless functionality. | Image: 8BitDo 8BitDo’s shiny silver- and gold-finished 11th anniversary SN30 Pro gamepads feature housings and controls made of so much metal that they weigh in at 381 grams — almost an entire pound.
As spotted by Polygon, the company went nearly all in on the metal facelift for its SN30 Pro gamepad, with the D-pad, action buttons, shoulder triggers, and even joysticks all made of a metal “zinc-alloy material.” Image: 8BitDo The D-pad, ABXY buttons, joysticks, and triggers are all metal on 8BitDo’s shiny new controllers. This controller won’t just feel satisfyingly hefty in hand for its size (the beefy...
by Courrier International - about 2 hours
Rien ne va plus entre Pékin et l’Otan. Face aux déclarations de l’Otan, à Washington, qui dénonce le soutien de Pékin à la Russie dans la guerre en Ukraine, la Chine affiche son mécontentement et accuse l’Alliance atlantique d’être “anti-Chine”.
by Courrier International - about 2 hours
Le président de la République a estimé que personne n’était sorti vainqueur du scrutin législatif et tarde à nommer un nouveau Premier ministre. La presse étrangère constate que la réaction d’Emmanuel Macron a suscité “l’ire de la gauche”, qui entend se mobiliser pour qu’il respecte les “usages républicains”.
by BBC - about 2 hours
The prospect of a second term for Donald Trump has loomed over the Nato summit in Washington.
by Wired - about 3 hours
Elon Musk’s paid blue-check system on X deceives users and can be abused by malicious actors, the European Union said today.
by Courrier International - about 3 hours
Dans le cadre de l’Inflation Reduction Act, qui vise à stimuler le secteur des énergies propres, le gouvernement américain va subventionner des usines implantées dans huit États. Une manne qui arrive au moment où certains constructeurs ont ralenti leurs investissements dans les chaînes de production de véhicules électriques.
by Courrier International - about 3 hours
Deux enquêtes journalistiques au long cours publiées ces derniers jours sèment le doute quant à la culpabilité de l’infirmière de 34 ans, condamnée récemment à la prison à perpétuité pour sept meurtres et sept tentatives de meurtre sur des nourrissons.
by Le Monde - about 3 hours
Les dépenses du secteur de l’intelligence artificielle générative, notamment en capacité de calcul informatique, dépassent largement ses revenus, alertent certains analystes.
by Wired - about 3 hours
I was skeptical a keyboard that doubles as a touchpad could be anything but frustrating. Now I’m not sure I can live without it.
by HackAdAy - about 3 hours
Whoever thought a keyboard could look so sinister? Well, [rain2] aka [AffectionateWin7178], that’s who. Vengeance is the sixth keyboard they’ve designed, and let’s just say we wouldn’t mind seeing the other five.
This is a takeoff of Zazu, a custom case printed for the monoblock split designed by [AlSaMoMo]. A friend of [rain2] made a ZMK PCB for the Zazu about a month ago, and they dreamed up the case design together. Among our first questions were of course, how do you type without those bat wings digging into your palms? But evidently, they are designed not to get in the way at all during use.
We particularly like the gold skirt around the edge which joins the two printed halves. It goes nicely with...
by BBC - about 3 hours
Reality TV star Kim Kardashian and former UK PM Tony Blair are among the guests who have reached Mumbai.
by Wired - about 3 hours
Weight-loss drugs like Ozempic are in shortage, and telehealth startups are selling “compounded” versions. A WIRED investigation looks at how easy it is to order these meds online.
by HackAdAy - about 4 hours
The RADIUS authentication scheme, short for “Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service”, has been widely deployed for user authentication in all sorts of scenarios. It’s a bit odd, in that individual users authenticate to a “RADIUS Client”, sometimes called a Network Access Server (NAS). In response to an authentication request, a NAS packages up the authentication details, and sends it to a central RADIUS server for verification. The server then sends back a judgement on the authentication request, and if successful the user is authenticated to the NAS/client.
The scheme was updated to its current form in 1994, back when MD5 was considered a cryptographically good hash. It’s been demonstrated...
by BBC - about 5 hours
German political figures respond to a reported plot against Rheinmetall chief Armin Papperger.
by Buzzfeed - about 6 hours
You're welcome in advance for telling you about these ridiiiiiculously delicious protein bars that taste like Snickers.View Entire Post ›
by Usbek & Rica - about 7 hours
Cet été, la rédaction d’Usbek & Rica propose à ses lecteurs de participer à un concours de nouvelles sur la thématique : « et si la nature pouvait voter ? ». Explications et règles du jeu.
by Toute l'Europe - about 7 hours
Les pays membres de l’Otan réunis mercredi 10 juillet à Washington ont affirmé que l’Ukraine était sur une “trajectoire irréversible” vers son adhésion à l’Alliance atlantique - Crédits : OTAN / Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 “Les pays de l’Otan ont décidé mercredi [10 juillet] que leur aide militaire à l’Ukraine atteindrait au minimum 40 milliards d’euros”, rapporte Le Figaro. Lors du sommet des 75 ans de l’organisation, les dirigeants des Etats membres de l’Alliance transatlantique ont également exprimé dans leur communiqué de “’profondes préoccupations’ face au rapprochement entre la Russie et la Chine” et “ont dénoncé le soutien de Pékin à l’effort de...
by HackAdAy - about 7 hours
The host of problems to deal with when you’re feeling the need for FDM speed are many and varied, but high on the list is figuring out how to melt filament fast enough to accommodate high flow rates. Plus, the filament must be melted completely; a melty outside and a crunchy inside might be good for snacks, but not for 3D printing. Luckily, budget-minded hobbyists can build a drop-in booster to increase volumetric flow using only basic tools and materials.
[aamott]’s booster, which started life as a copper screw, is designed to replace the standard spacer in an extruder, with a bore that narrows as the filament gets closer to the nozzle to ensure that the core of the filament melts completely. Rather than...
by Paul Jorion - about 7 hours
Illustration par DALL·E (+PJ) Bonjour Paul, Je voulais juste vous signaler ce texte qui m’a semblé très intéressant et peut-être vous intéressera de « Han Feizi » (c’est un pseudonyme, le véritable Han Feizi était un penseur chinois du 3ème siècle avant Jésus) « Les subventions chinoises créent, et non détruisent, de la valeur » L’auteur y défend la thèse que l’Occident considère la création de valeur principalement sous l’angle de la rentabilité et de la capitalisation boursière, alors que la Chine l’envisage sous l’angle du consommateur et des externalités. Il prend notamment l’exemple des véhicules électriques ainsi que des panneaux solaires Il y affirme qu’il...
by Torrentfreak - about 7 hours
For less demanding pirates, a free movie, TV show, or live stream amounts to nothing more than the base media. In common with users of legal platforms, how that content made it to their screens is mostly of no concern.
Yet if ‘How It’s Made’ had an episode revealing what goes on behind the scenes to keep sites online, in the face of constant efforts to shut them down, that might be an eye-opener.
In some respects setting up a site is easier today than ever before. On the downside, pirates routinely expect more; some have become openly aggressive critics, treating pirate sites no differently than they would an underperforming retailer or airline. It’s not unusual to hear comments suggesting they will...
by Toute l'Europe - about 8 hours
Les élections européennes du 9 juin 2024 ont permis de désigner les 81 eurodéputés français qui siègeront au Parlement européen de 2024 à 2029. Retrouvez ci-dessous leurs noms et leurs visages, classés par groupe dans l’ordre d’arrivée lors du scrutin : Rassemblement national Renaissance-MoDem Parti socialiste - Place publique La France insoumise Les Républicains Les Ecologistes (Europe Ecologie Les Verts) Reconquête Du lundi du 16 au jeudi 19 juillet, les 720 eurodéputés élus dans tous les Etats membres prendront la direction de Strasbourg pour la première session plénière de leur mandat (2024-2029). À LIRE AUSSIRésultats des élections européennes en France : Jordan Bardella et le...
by Les Décodeurs - about 9 hours
La difficulté à nommer rapidement le prochain premier ministre pourrait mener le gouvernement actuel à rester en place pour gérer les affaires courantes. Une transition à durée indéterminée qui limite assez nettement ses pouvoirs.
by HackAdAy - about 10 hours
As practical SD cards are, they lack much of what made floppy disks and cartridges so awesome: room for art and a list of contents, as well as the ability to not be lost in shaggy carpet or down a pet’s gullet. In a fit of righteous nostalgia, [Abe] decided that he’d turn SD cards into cartridges in the best way possible, and amazingly managed to not only finish the project after two years, but also make it look snazzy enough to have come straight out of the 1980s. The resulting cartridges come both with fixed (256 MB) and removable micro SD card storage, which are mounted on a PCB that passively connects to pogo pins in the custom, 3D printed reader.
Front of an SD-card-turned-cartridge with and without...
by Usbek & Rica - about 10 hours
Projeté en avant-première au Festival international du film fantastique de Neuchâtel (NIFFF), le film d’animation Schirkoa: In Lies We Trust raconte un monde où les citoyens vivent avec des sacs en papier sur la tête pour éviter les conflits liés aux différences politiques. Trois questions à l’auteur de ce projet fou, le cinéaste indien Ishan Shukla.
by KCRW - about 11 hours
The latest film releases are Fly Me to the Moon, Longlegs, Sing Sing, and Sorry/Not Sorry. Weighing in are Alison Willmore, film critic for New York Magazine and Vulture, as well as Witney Seibold, senior staff writer at SlashFilm and co-host of the podcast Critically Acclaimed.
by Korben - about 11 hours
Si vous faites un peu de code Python, vous connaissez peut-être Ruff, un outil de contrôle pour la qualité de code pour Python >= 3.7 qu’on appelle aussi un linter. Je l’utilise depuis le début de l’année dans mon Visual Studio Code et il est capable de faire le même job que tout un tas d’autres outils, comme Flake8, isort et même Black. Du coup, vous pouvez remplacer tous ces outils par Ruff, ça fait toujours ça en moins. Une des fonctionnalités que je préfère dans Ruff, c’est l’autofix. En gros, quand il trouve une erreur dans votre code, il peut la corriger tout seul, comme un grand. Et quand il ne peut pas, il vous mets des explications super claires pour que vous puissiez...
by KCRW - about 11 hours
The 75th anniversary celebrating the creation of NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, creates an opportunity for those in the war machine to double down their commitment to war and for peace advocates to amplify their calls for non-violence. David Swanson, co-founder and executive director of World BEYOND War and long-time peace advocate, joins host Robert Scheer on this episode of Scheer Intelligence. Swanson talks about his new book with Medea Benjamin, “ NATO: What You Need To Know ,” and how it analyzes what NATO means today as a worldwide enforcer of U.S. led military power, having grown from a 12-member organization to 32 members and “partnerships” with more than 40 non-member countries...
by KCRW - about 11 hours
When MoviePass launched in 2011, the subscription film ticketing service seemed like a dream for movie lovers. But for investors, it quickly turned into a nightmare. When documentary filmmaker Muta’Ali set out to tell that tale, he wanted to center the overlooked story of Stacy Spikes and Hamet Watt, the two Black founders of MoviePass — and how their business got taken over by former president of Redbox Mitch Lowe and financier Ted Farnsworth, who subsequently tanked their company and got in trouble with the law. “The failure was so extreme that in less than a year, the company was driven to the ground and their $80 million in stock value went down to pennies,” says Muta’Ali. “Everything that they...
by KCRW - about 11 hours
Where does the Biden campaign stand following the NATO summit? The RNC debuts a new party platform. Plus, Alabama faces questions about forced prison labor.
by KCRW - about 11 hours
David Ellison of Skydance Media has purchased Paramount Global, resurrecting the merger from dead and ending the saga that’s gripped Hollywood for months – as long as the deal closes. Plus, CNN lays off 100 workers as it enters the digital era under a new chief, Mark Thompson, and Kevin Costner’s second Horizon film is shelved indefinitely. Kim Masters and Matt Belloni break down a whirlwind week in Tinseltown. Does Horizon have a future? The first installment of Kevin Costner’s Horizon saga was released in June, with a lackluster rollout. Now the second, which was supposed to be released in August, is being pushed back indefinitely – and he’s already shooting the next film. “He went into...
by Le Taurillon - about 11 hours
Les résultats des élections européennes du 9 juin 2024 montrent une grande montée de l'extrême droite en France mais aussi en Allemagne. Cette grimpée nationaliste au sein de l'Union met en péril un sentiment identitaire commun entre les différents États membres. Qu'il s'agisse de l'AfD en Allemagne ou du Rassemblement national en France, dans la majorité des États membres, les partis d'extrême droite ont aussi pu engranger un grand pourcentage des voix. Une identité européenne commune et renforcée pourrait alors être mise en danger. Dans les 27 pays membres de l'Union européenne, 24 langues différentes sont parlées, ce qui complique encore davantage la création d'une identité unifiée. Si...
by daryo Bluesky - about 12 hours
The World’s Poor Get Richer
by Journal du Lapin - about 12 hours
Avec iOS 18, Apple a mis en place une fonction intéressante pour ceux qui ont un autoradio qui n’est pas CarPlay mais uniquement Bluetooth. Elle permet d’obtenir une qualité bien meilleure pour la partie audio de Siri, avec une petite contrainte. Et pour le vérifier, j’ai testé sur mon autoradio. L’option est dans Réglages -> Siri -> Réponses de Siri. Une section Si connecté au Bluetooth embarqué est présente, avec deux valeurs dans mon cas : Répondre sur la radio et Répondre sur la source audio.
Les deux options
Indiquer que c’est un autoradio ne change rien aux options
La différence entre les deux n’est pas évidente au premier abord, mais il y en a une. Dans le premier cas, Siri va...
by Buzzfeed - about 14 hours
Let's give a round of applause to the real MVP: online shopping.View Entire Post ›
by Le Monde - about 15 hours
A Toulouse ou en Alsace, des élus de différents camps politiques parviennent à travailler ensemble. Un modèle de compromis, qui tranche avec la situation au niveau national, où les forces politiques peinent à s’entendre pour bâtir une majorité susceptible de gouverner le pays.
by FluxBlog - about 17 hours
Fcukers “Homie Don’t Shake”
“Homie Don’t Shake” pulls together a lot of musical signifiers from the “indie sleaze” and “blog house” era – DFA aesthetics, Yeah Yeah Yeahs brattiness and noise, dynamics that would get an army of 20somethings in American Apparel get ready for the floor – but really, anyone can just throw reference points together. The miracle of “Homie Don’t Shake” is that it’s so well built and executed that it’s as good or much better than its inspirations. This is an absolutely ruthless and relentless dance track, brutal and funky and flirty and dirty and weird. I’m curious if Fcukers can do better than this – I suspect they probably can, since I’m...
by daryo Bluesky - about 18 hours
KIPU in French is translated as « who stinks », so French people are now making fun about Nigel Farage.
by Paul Jorion - about 19 hours
The Washington Post – Biden holds press conference amid calls to drop out
Le président Biden a accidentellement présenté le président ukrainien Volodymyr Zelensky en l’appelant « président Poutine » ce soir, lors d’une brève allocution précédant une conférence de presse au cours de laquelle il tentera de rassurer les électeurs sur son acuité.
« Je voudrais maintenant passer la parole au président de l’Ukraine, qui a autant de courage que de détermination, Mesdames et Messieurs, le président Poutine », a déclaré M. Biden. Il s’est rapidement corrigé : « Le président Poutine ? Il va battre le président Poutine. Le président Zelensky. Je suis tellement concentré sur le...