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by QZ - about 45 minutes
On Dec. 6, late in the day, US Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg granted president Donald Trump’s request for an emergency stay suspending a lower court decision finding his financial records are subject to subpoena.
It’s just one of three matters having to do with Trump’s finances that the court may consider, which is likely why Ginsburg granted the request. Her order is not a substantive affirmation of the president’s legal position that as the nation’s executive his records are special, but a procedural acknowledgment of the fact that similar matters are pending and that the president is working on a petition for Supreme Court review.
Two of the cases Trump plans to challenge at the high...
by io9 - about 3 hours
Do you like Star Wars? Do you like Fortnite? Do you like famous directors appearing in video games? Well, next week is going to be great for you as a new exclusive scene from Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker will be shown at Risky Reels, a theater located in the digital world of Fortnite.
by io9 - about 3 hours
“The multiverse needs you!” Yeah, because things are not going well.
by QZ - about 3 hours
Next week, on Dec. 11, the US Supreme Court is faced with a case that may be every parent’s nightmare.
The justices will be reviewing a decision that is keeping an American mother separated by an ocean from her four-year-old child, who was born in Italy when her parents were still married in 2015.
The heartbreaking case of Michelle Monasky and Domenico Taglieri—the parents of this child who is known only as AMT in court papers—began as a cross-cultural love affair. The parents met in the US in 2011 when both were doing medical research, fell in love, and married. In 2013, Taglieri had trouble finding work in the States and the couple moved to his home country of Italy, where their relationship began to...
by The Verge - about 3 hours
Photo: DANJAQ and MGM / Nicola Dove Hi everyone, I’m back after a couple weeks away — partly because of the holidays, partly because the trailer selection just wasn’t very good. (I’m sorry, I couldn’t post another Cats trailer). I got to watch a few things during the break though, with the biggest being Joker.
There’s something incredible about indie filmmaking styles now being so mainstream that a major comic book movie is able to emulate them. All of Joker feels this way to an extent, but the clearest moments are the occasional sequences that have the camera floating close beside a silent, emotional Joaquin Phoenix, in the oddest of homages to Terrence Malick. I love how the filmmakers are trying...
by CIBDI - about 4 hours
À la poursuite du saphir de mer. Un jeune homme se réveille dans un laboratoire, sans aucun souvenir de son passé. Secouru par une jeune fille dont le corps est étrangement teinté de bleu, il va tenter de fuir l'île isolée dans laquelle ils sont enfermés et pour cela, être confronté aux mystères qui entourent la curieuse « maladie indigo » transformant le corps humain en saphir de mer... Première oeuvre de Eri Tsuruyoshi, Blue Phobia est un manga d'anticipation mêlant habilement huisclos et (...) -
sélections de la Cité
by io9 - about 4 hours
A huge toy Gold Box, The Claw multi-tool, magazine subscriptions, and a $50 Instant Pot lead of Saturday’s best deals from around the web.
by Courrier International - about 4 hours
Haut lieu touristique, ces chutes, qui marquent la frontière entre le Zimbabwe et la Zambie, sont considérées comme parmi les plus puissantes de la planète avec celles du Niagara et celles d’Iguazu. Pourtant, cette année, le lit du fleuve Zambèze à cet endroit est presque asséché.
by QZ - about 4 hours
Next week, on Dec. 10, the US Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in three cases that put health insurers in the awkward position that the insured know all too well—wrangling with a seemingly intractable and massive entity for promised funds.
The dispute stems from the 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as “Obamacare.” The national health insurance initiative was created to cover millions of previously uninsured people, and the federal government sought to entice private insurers to participate by offering various risk-management measures to offset potential losses. One of these, the “risk-corridors program,” required the government to partially reimburse insurers if their costs rose...
by QZ - about 4 hours
Massachusetts regulators have taken legal action against for allegedly convincing seniors to invest millions of dollars of retirement savings into overpriced precious metals.
A Quartz investigation linked the company with a web of Facebook ads and websites that specifically target conservative retirees. Dozens of the company’s clients across the country have lost large chunks of their savings, swayed by a high-pressure sales pitch warning of doom-and-gloom economic scenarios.
The securities division of the Massachusetts secretary of state, according to the complaint, alleges that “engaged in fraud” and also violated state law by acting as an unregistered investment advisor and by...
by QZ - about 5 hours
Amazon’s promise of one-day shipping has led it to increasingly rely on its own air cargo division, Amazon Air. But as the number of shipments pushed through the cargo arm multiplies, the pilots who fly those packages continue to voice that they are overworked and underpaid.
The pilots don’t work for Amazon directly, but are employed by the contractors Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) and Atlas Air. More than 200 cargo pilots who fly for ABX Air, which is a division of ATSG, cast a vote of “no confidence” against management’s ability to resolve ongoing labor disputes, reported Reuters earlier this week. In total, all but one member of the pilot’s union voted “Yes” on a resolution that asked...
by Goalcast - about 5 hours
It’s not uncommon for dramas to depict what it’s like to live with mental illness — but to paint a picture of mental illness in a compassionate and realistic way for the big screen is no easy feat.  That said, such films do exist -- and surprisingly enough, Disney’s Frozen is one of those them. Six years after Disney’s Frozen melted the hearts of audiences of all ages, its much awaited sequel — Frozen II is finally upon us. Introducing us to Princesses Elsa and Anna, the original 2013 movie became the highest-grossing animated movie of all time, which could easily be attributed to its standout song “Let It Go" or its unique story about a princess coming into her own power. On the surface, Frozen...
by Usbek & Rica - about 6 hours
On a discuté avec Magali Payen, fondatrice du mouvement On est prêt, qui lance une nouvelle campagne de mobilisation citoyenne face à l'urgence écologique.
by Le Taurillon - about 8 hours
The concept of subsidiarity seems deceptively simple: decisions should be made as close to those affected by them as reasonably practicable. If there is no added value in dealing with a problem on an EU level, Member States should be left to do so. The Lisbon Treaty (or more precisely, its Protocol 2) sets out in detail how the European Commission must justify that its legal proposals comply with the principle. However, nearly thirty years after the Treaty of Maastricht, we are still unsure whether subsidiarity is a legal or a political principle. At the 31th edition of JEF Strasbourg and JEF Freiburg's annual joint seminar last weekend, the topic was ‘Europe of Regions'. The opening session featured Peter...
by Paul Jorion - about 8 hours
Les livres consacrés à Trump
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by Korben - about 12 hours
Nous sommes samedi, et plutôt que de trainer chez vous en pantoufle, l’oeil vide et l’âme éteinte, je vous propose de profiter d’un petit jeu gratuit disponible depuis hier soir sur Steam. Endless World Idle est un RPG en 3D sorti fin août 2019, qui se déroule dans un univers infini, puisque totalement généré. Vous y incarnerez un héros et vous partirez explorer ces univers plus ou moins dangereux, que vous pourrez aussi détruire avec vos armes, et vous y affronterez des monstres, quelques boss et des épreuves qui vous rendront plus fort. Ça se passe dans Steam Évidemment, plus vous progresserez plus vous deviendrez puissant, notamment en collectant des équipements et en recrutant...
by Usbek & Rica - about 12 hours
Prendre la pilule une fois par mois sera bientôt possible d'après la découverte d'une équipe de chercheurs d'une école de médecine de Harvard et du MIT.
by Torrentfreak - about 13 hours
There’s a high probability that most people reading this article will be familiar with the image on the right. That’s because in computing terms, data compression tool WinRAR has been around for what seems like forever. Indeed, with its 25th birthday coming up next April, WinRAR launched before many of its users were even born. Nevertheless, it has stood the tests of time and according to the latest estimates, now has around 500 million users. Indeed, the company told us this week that WinRAR is the third most installed software in the world behind Chrome and Acrobat Reader. The reason for that, at least in part, is the company’s liberal business model. Perhaps the most curious thing about this...
by Courrier International - about 13 hours
A moins d’une semaine des législatives, le Premier ministre conservateur et le chef de l’opposition travailliste se sont affrontés sur le Brexit, le système de santé britannique, la sécurité, ou encore l’économie, vendredi soir, lors d’un ultime débat télévisé.
by Le Taurillon - about 13 hours
Der November ist nicht nur der elfte Monat im Jahr, er ist zudem bekannt als „Nebelmonat“. Unser November war trotz zunehmender Kälte voller aufregender Erlebnisse, auf die wir gerne zurückblicken möchten. Wir von haben uns für unser jährliches Redaktionstreffen in Düsseldorf zusammengefunden, um unser Jahr 2019 abzuschließen, Visionen zu sammeln und kreative Ideen für das kommende Jahr 2020 auszutauschen. Da war doch noch was: Ah, 30 Jahre Mauerfall! Soweit so neblig, viel Spaß mit unseren spätherbstlichen Highlights. Beliebt im Magazin Foto: Unsplash / Jonas Tebbe / Unsplash License>Foto: Unsplash / Richard Bell / Unsplash License> Foto: Unknown / wiki / CC Public Domain...
by Le Taurillon - about 13 hours
Alle Augen sind erwartungsvoll in Richtung Spanien gerichtet: Seit Montag findet die 25. UN-Klimakonferenz in Madrid statt. Wir fassen die wichtigsten Ereignisse zusammen. Die erste Woche der UN-Klimakonferenz (auch: Conference of the Parties (COP)) stand ganz im Zeichen der Berichte. Erst in der kommenden Woche werden die hohen Tiere der verschiedenen Staaten in Madrid erwartet - darunter für Umweltpolitik zuständige Minister*innen, darunter Bundesumweltministerin Svenja Schulze. Anschließend wird es um Einigungen auf konkrete Maßnahmen gehen. Bis dahin: die wichtigsten Punkte im Überblick.
Klare Worte von Guterres
UN-Generalsekretär Guterres fand zur Eröffnung der Weltklimakonferenz klare Worte. Er...
by io9 - about 17 hours
CBS’s Evil has become one of this fall’s most pleasant surprises—if you can apply “pleasant” to a show that examines the very worst of humanity: serial killers, child murderers, racist doctors, people who produce fake “ghost hunter” TV shows, etc. But the worst of the worst prize goes to one character: Leland Townsend.
by Goalcast - about 19 hours
Mr. Rogers (in full Fred McFeely Rogers), was an American television host, producer, writer and minister, best known for his educational children’s show called Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Mister Rogers’ half-hour program was aimed initially at preschool ages 2 to 5, but after its debut, people of all ages would watch it since it brought so much joy to their homes. Fred Rogers was just as nice,
friendly and empathetic in real life, as he appears onscreen. He was an
activist and an advocate for children from all backgrounds and during his show
he managed to equip them with the tools they needed to navigate life’s most
difficult moments. The much-loved host understood that kids need to learn how to live...
by Goalcast - about 19 hours
Like many, Kristina Schneider struggled with her weight throughout college, but after attending her 10-year high school reunion, she decided she had enough. "It became apparent to me that the typical attempts at dieting resulted in a lot of yo-yo dieting and that was doing more damage on my body," Schneider told POPSUGAR. She played basketball in high school, which kept her in shape but once she went off to college, things started to change. During that time, she gained 100 pounds. Her life-changing promise Throughout her 20s and after graduating college, Schneider began making efforts to try and lose weight.  She tried a number of diets, some of them more drastic than others, but she always found herself...
by Hiram - about 19 hours
Un original roman de politique fiction dans lequel intervient la franc-maçonnerie… En 2180, le parti arabe laïc a pris le pouvoir en Syrie, au Liban et en Jordanie. Les présidents de ces trois pays ont étudié ensemble à Paris et ont fréquenté la même loge maçonnique. En 2160, ils avaient eu cette idée de démocratiser […]
Cet article Les démocraties arabes du XXIIe siècle est apparu en premier sur
by Hiram - about 19 hours
Raphaël Imbert donnera un concert Bach Coltrane à la Chapelle Corneille de Rouen ce mardi 17 décembre à 20h. La veille lundi 16, il présentera son livre « Jazz supreme » à 18h à la librairie L’Armitière, à l’occasion d’une rencontre qui sera animée par Philippe Chastres, Président de Jazz en Seine. Gratuit, sur Inscription. S’il y […]
Cet article Raphaël Imbert à Rouen ces 16 et 17 décembre est apparu en premier sur
by The Verge - about 19 hours
Netflix didn’t have plans to release numbers for The Irishman when asked by The Verge earlier this week, but ratings firm Nielsen beat the streamer to the punch. Nielsen reports that “an average minute audience of nearly 13.2 million viewers with a reach of over 17.1 million unique U.S. viewers” watched The Irishman within the first five days of its release. That’s better than El Camino, the Breaking Bad movie that debuted to 11 million views, but didn’t do as well as the meme-fueled Bird Box, which saw 26 million views within the same time frame. Nielsen isn’t a complete measure of viewing data as it doesn’t take into account global views (where the majority of Netflix’s subscriber base is),...
by The Verge - yesterday at 23:35
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Elon Musk’s tweets calling caver Vernon Unsworth, who was involved in the rescue of 13 people from a cave in Thailand, a “pedo guy” do not meet the legal standard for defamation, a jury found Friday afternoon. As a result, Musk will not be liable for damages.
The decision had to do with defamation law as the judge had laid it out. There were five points: first, that the statements had to be made to a person other than Unsworth; second, that the statements had to be understood to be about Unsworth; third, that the statements had to be understood to mean Unsworth was a pedophile; fourth, that the statements were false; and fifth, that the statements were reckless....
by The Verge - yesterday at 22:56
Truth Be Told should be a home run. Its premise — the story of a podcaster revisiting a murder case 20 years after a suspect has been incarcerated — immediately evokes Serial. The pilot, which showcases what appears to be a coerced minor’s testimony, might as well mention Making A Murderer by name. These are popular, compelling true crime stories, and Truth Be Told is out to recreate the thrills of the genre through fiction. Truth Be Told is the latest original series from Apple TV Plus. Poppy Parnell (Octavia Spencer) is a true crime podcaster returning to the case of Warren Cave (Aaron Paul), a man convicted of murdering his neighbor when he was a teenager. Poppy has reason to believe that Warren might...
by Goalcast - yesterday at 22:55
Since landing his breakout role on HBO's Girls back in 2012, Adam Driver has seen his acting career take off. In the years that followed his successful run on the show, he has played Kylo Ren in Star Wars, snagged an Oscar nomination for BlacKkKlansman, and made a splash on Broadway, scoring a Tony nom for Burn This.  All throughout this exciting journey, he’s had a special someone by his side: his wife, fellow actress Joanne Tucker. You might recognize her from Girls or Showtime’s Billions, but you likely haven’t seen much of her actually with Driver.  That’s because, as a couple, the two have managed to stay far, far away from the public eye. So far, in fact, that they actually hid the birth of...
by The Verge - yesterday at 22:27
Photo courtesy Flipkart When the brand “Nokia” is mentioned, most of us immediately think “phone.” This is pretty much what it is known for. However, it looks like the company is branching out — or, at least, it’s licensing its name to third-party retailers to branch out for it. As reported by Gadgets 360, Indian company Flipkart has been granted the use of the Nokia brand for its smart TVs — “a global first for the brand in the TV category,” according to Flipkart itself, which is a major e-commerce retailer in the country. Vipul Mehrotra, Flipkart’s VP of Nokia brand partnerships, adds, “Flipkart’s understanding of the needs and behaviors of Indian consumers, and the power of its...
by Le Taurillon - yesterday at 20:34
Il Segretario del MFE di Roma mi ha gentilmente segnalato la registrazione di un evento che avrei voluto sinceramente seguire dal vivo alla Fiera Nazionale della Piccola e Media Editoria che si sta svolgendo in questi giorni nella Capitale. Alla conferenza in questione intervenivano due intellettuali stranoti anche sul piccolo schermo (di cui, per altro, sono un grande fan) che non hanno bisogno di un'ulteriore presentazione: Alessandro Barbero e Paolo Mieli.
Il dibattito, portato avanti con l'ottima moderazione di Paolo Conti, è complesso e di estrema attualità: si discute di “Radici e futuro dell'Europa”.
Facciamo una premessa. Si deve comprendere che non è mai facile trattare di un argomento che non...
by HackAdAy - yesterday at 20:30
If you hadn’t noticed, we had a bit of an FPGA theme running at this year’s Superconference. Why? Because the open-source FPGA toolchain is ripening, and because many of the problems that hackers (and academics) are tackling these days have become complex enough to warrant using them. A case in point: David Williams is a university professor who just wanted to build a quadruped robotics project. Each leg has a complex set of motors, motor drivers, sensors, and other feedback mechanisms. Centralizing all of this data put real strains on the robot’s network, and with so many devices the microcontrollers were running out of GPIOs. This lead him to become, in his words, “FPGA-curious”.
If you’re...
by Les Décodeurs - yesterday at 20:21
Depuis 2016, des vidéos dénoncent le fait que le Téléthon, dont l’édition 2019 est en cours, finance de telles expérimentations. Les Décodeurs font le point.
by Courrier International - yesterday at 20:04
À l’occasion de son congrès, qui a lieu du 6 au 8 décembre à Berlin, le Parti social-démocrate a confirmé son orientation à gauche avec ses deux nouveaux coprésidents désignés par la base. L’avenir de la coalition gouvernementale ne semble pas pour autant en danger.
by HackAdAy - friday at 19:01
What does Pluto — not the dog, but the non-Planet — have in common with the Vikram lunar lander launched by India? Both were found by making very tiny comparisons to photographs. You’d think landing something on the moon would be old hat by now, but it turns out only three countries have managed to do it. The Chandrayaan-2 mission would have made India the fourth country. But two miles above the surface, the craft left its planned trajectory and went radio silent.
India claimed it knew where the lander crashed but never revealed any pictures or actual coordinates. NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter took pictures several times of the landing area but didn’t see the expected scar like the one left by...
by io9 - friday at 19:00
Buy Committee, CuriousButSkeptical needs your help.
by Fubiz - friday at 18:51
La galerie d’arts Cleve Carney, aux Etats-Unis, en partenariat avec le College of DuPage, ouvrira ses portes durant l’été 2020 pour la plus grande exposition à Chicago depuis 40 ans sur Frida Kahlo. Elle présentera 26 oeuvres originales de l’artiste mexicaine, comprenant dessins et peintures à l’huile, ainsi qu’une retrospective sur sa carrière artistique et sur sa vie privée, ces deux paramètres étant indissociables afin de comprendre ses choix, son évolution et l’entièreté de son oeuvre. Cette exposition permettra donc d’établir un lien entre le spectateur et Frida Kahlo, de manière intime et éclairée.  
by Les Décodeurs - friday at 18:03
Un économiste affirme qu’il existe une manne destinée aux retraites, pour dénoncer l’« enfumage » de la réforme. Vrai ou faux ?
by HackAdAy - friday at 18:01
Hackaday editors Mike Szczys and Elliot Williams talk over the last three weeks full of hacks. Our first “back to normal” podcast after Supercon turns out to still have a lot of Supercon references in it. We discuss Raspberry Pi 4’s HDMI interfering with its WiFi, learn the differences between CoreXY/Delta/Cartesian printers, sip on Whiskey aged in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, and set up cloud printing that’s already scheduled for the chopping block. Along the way, you’ll hear hints of what happened at Supercon, from the definitive guide to designing LEDs for iron-clad performance to the projects people hauled along with them.
Take a look at the links below if you want to follow along, and as...
by HackAdAy - friday at 17:30
On Star Trek, all Kirk and friends had to do was snap the button on the always conveniently located intercom panel, start talking, and the intended recipient would immediately respond no matter where they were in the ship. How did it work? Who knows. In spite of, or perhaps even because of, the lightly-explained nature of the technology, the cherry-red wall intercoms still hold a certain charm for fans of the groundbreaking show.
A viewer sent [Fran Blanche] a scaled down replica of the intercom from ThinkGeek, and while it certainly looks fairly close to the original prop, it has a couple of annoying design elements. When triggered by the side-mounted motion sensors, the panel will play either the iconic...
by Torrentfreak - friday at 17:28
After the TRON acquisition, uTorrent and BitTorrent’s social media channels have been predominantly ‘crypto’ oriented. The core audience of the file-sharing clients, which still consists of millions of users, remains mostly interested in downloading and sharing files though. This is something uTorrent still does well and the same is true for the BitTorrent Mainline client. However, new users of these clients have repeatedly been warned not to use the software by several leading anti-virus vendors. In the past BitTorrent Inc. classified such warnings as false positives which it could resolve relatively easily. While that may be true, it appears that the problem is rather persistent and likely more...
by FluxBlog - friday at 17:27
Cheeze “우린 어디에나 (We’re Everywhere)”
“We’re Everywhere” is a ballad with a sophisticated R&B gloss that conveys a very heightened sense of romanticism – it’s very “we’re in a movie, and this part is so perfect it makes me cry.” It sounds like a perfect vision of love, but the English translation of the Korean lyrics reveals some interesting contextual details: She’s mostly singing about feeling awkward and anxious with someone, and is very fixated on the smallness of her body. It’s as much about being in love as it is about feeling insignificant and shy – not necessarily contradictory things, but something that complicates the sweetness and purity of this music.
Buy it...
by Toute l'Europe - friday at 17:20
La COP25 a lieu du 2 au 13 décembre à Madrid. La nouvelle présidente de la Commission européenne, Ursula von der Leyen, a fait du climat et de l'environnement ses priorités. Mais que contiendra son "pacte vert" ? Quels impacts ont eu, jusqu'à maintenant, les politiques européennes en la matière ? Le point dans ce dossier.
by HackAdAy - friday at 16:00
CVE-2019-5700 is a vulnerability in the Nvidia Tegra bootloader, discovered by [Ryan Grachek], and breaking first here at Hackaday. To understand the vulnerability, one first has to understand a bit about the Tegra boot process. When the device is powered on, a irom firmware loads the next stage of the boot process from the device’s flash memory, and validates the signature on that binary. As an aside, we’ve covered a similar vulnerability in that irom code called selfblow.
On Tegra T4 devices, irom loads a single bootloader.bin, which in turn boots the system image. The K1 boot stack uses an additional bootloader stage, nvtboot, which loads the secure OS kernel before handing control to bootloader.bin....
by Le Taurillon - friday at 16:00
Domenico Lenarduzzi (1936-2019) , directeur honoraire de la Commission européenne, « Père du Programme Erasmus », est décédé le 2 décembre 2019. Né à Turin, bombardé en 1943, il avait dû fuir l'Italie pour s'installer à Charleroi, en Belgique, où son père avait trouvé un emploi dans les charbonnages. À 17 ans, il a contracté la poliomyélite.
Il est rentré à la Commission européenne sur concours en 1965, et en 1981, est nommé à la Direction des Affaires sociales, secteur éducation. C'est là qu'il a mit en œuvre son intuition fondamentale, « L'Europe doit se construire directement avec les citoyens, la jeunesse ». Il a alors défini le concept de la mobilité des jeunes étudiants au...
by Fubiz - friday at 15:46
L’architecture urbaine, ses grandes barres d’immeubles et ses logements reproduits à l’identique. À la vue de ces constructions, le photographe italien Gustav Willeit s’interroge sur la place laissée à l’individualité. Avec sa série BIALA, l’artiste remet l’humain au centre du processus, de manière concrète et visible. Il livre une succession de plans serrés sur des immeubles urbains, sélectionnés pour leur symétrie et leur géométrie. Et au milieu des lignes qui s’entrecroisent et des étages qui s’élèvent, il met en lumière la présence d’une personne, qui vient perturber la linéarité et l’immobilité ambiante.
Images : © Gustav Willeit  
by Paul Jorion - friday at 15:33
Ouvert aux commentaires. Le déni de la réalité débute par une grande méconnaissance des scénarios à venir. Certes, le moment…
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by Usbek & Rica - friday at 15:00
Deux spécialistes imaginent avec nous la place que prendront les IA dans notre rapport à la découverte musicale.
by Paul Jorion - friday at 13:58
Ouvert aux commentaires.
Hier, je repensais à tous les mouvements de révoltes populaires dans la rue de par le vaste monde et je me suis souvenu d’une manifestation à Venise, le dimanche 24 novembre, organisée par le collectif NO GRANDI NAVI qui eut lieu avec pour objectif « Sauvons Venise des paquebots, du MOSE, du changement climatique et de son maire ». (Une belle synthèse !).
Une banderole avait attiré mon attention par son slogan créatif : « Tutto ai privati = privati di tutto ». Est-il besoin de traduire ? tout au privé = privés de tout ! On est au cœur du problème car les mots nous forcent à penser, subrepticement. On a souvent évoqué l’ambivalence du mot allemand, Schuld qui...
by Fubiz - friday at 13:44
Si vous avez déjà rêvé d’entrer dans le monde d’un jeu vidéo vintage, maintenant vous pouvez. Aaron Campbell a créé une série d’illustrations illustrant son interprétation de ce qui semble être la vie d’un adolescent de la fin des 90s. La série s’intitule «Vapor Dreams 97» (il existe également une édition 96) et s’inspire de l’esthétique des jeux vidéo et des années 90, et plus généralement la naissance de l’ère du digital.
by Korben - friday at 13:28
Yo mes petits lutins magiques, J’ai froid, ça y est ! L’hiver est bien là et j’ai envie d’hiberner en mode chocolat chaud, couverture polaire et série des années 90. En vrai je le fais un peu… Retour aux choses essentielles. J’entertain les bidouilleurs que vous êtes depuis pas loin de 15 ans et l’approche de Noël est toujours un moment sympa. Je décore un peu le site (toujours avec goût comme vous pouvez le constater ^^), et j’agrémente cela d’articles à savourer au coin de la cheminée. Cet aprem pour faire respirer mon cerveau en surchauffe, je vais tabasser quelques 808 sur FL Studio et ce week end avec la marmaille, on décorera un peu la maison pour très bientôt célébrer...
by Langue Sauce Piquante - friday at 12:49
La compagnie Jolie Môme dans la rue.
Avec le « mouvement social » reviennent les sempiternels clichés médiatiques : la crise, la prise en otage des usagers, les perturbations, les galères, le service minimum absent, les manifestants qui battent le pavé, les négociations pour trouver une sortie de crise, etc., que des termes négatifs, notons-le bien, et pas grand-chose sur la joie, l’enthousiasme des gens qui relèvent la tête, l’inventivité des slogans sur les pancartes, et surtout sur ce sentiment délicieux d’entrée dans l’inconnu qui caractérise ces périodes.
Il faut relever néanmoins qu’un nouveau terme plus sympathique a fait irruption dans le vocabulaire politique et social,...
by Usbek & Rica - friday at 11:00
Le sondage publié le 2 décembre est conforté par l'actualité climatique des derniers jours et l'apathie des Etats face à l'urgence.
by Les Décodeurs - friday at 10:52
EN UN GRAPHIQUE. A mi-chemin de la législature, le groupe La République en marche s’est réduit de dix sièges, et il n’est pas exclu qu’il en perde encore dans l’avenir.
by Korben - friday at 9:00
J’ai une bonne nouvelle pour vous ! Si vous me suivez sur Twitter, vous allez ENFIN pouvoir me faire des offrandes (ahahah), c’est pas trop cool ça ? Si si c’est cool, parce que je penserai à vous en sirotant le petit café que vous m’aurez offert ;-). Plus sérieusement le principe n’est pas neuf, mais est plutôt sympa : pouvoir se supporter financièrement entre utilisateurs d’un réseau social directement depuis le réseau en question. Et même si ça se fait de plus en plus rare sur Twitter il existe toujours des créateurs/curateurs de contenus intéressants, d’autres qui font un vrai travail de veille pour dénicher des perles à partager, ceux qui tentent d’apporter des réponses...
by Korben - friday at 8:00
Hello hello les amis, quoi de neuf ? Est-ce que vous commencez tout doucement à préparer votre estomac à gérer les fêtes ? Ne mentez pas à tonton Korben, j’en ai vu entamer le calendrier de l’avent avec grand plaisir. Chez les Webosaures par contre … rien de tout ça, on fera tout à la bourre comme d’hab. Dans l’épisode de cette semaine (le 38e déjà) l’ami Rémi et moi-même allons vous partager tout un tas de logiciels qui nous sont indispensables dans notre vie informatique. L’occasion pour vous de peut-être découvrir de nouveaux outils et applications qui vous rendront de petits ou grands services ! Et cela que vous soyez sous Windows, Linux ou macOS ! Nous vous présentons donc...
by Torrentfreak - friday at 7:14
The Pirate Bay has been operating one of its original domains – – for well over 15 years. During that same period, it has also burned through countless others due to anti-piracy action all around the globe. The Pirate Bay is also one of the most blocked platforms on the planet for the same reason, something that has led to the creation of hundreds of proxy sites, set up to facilitate access to the index, regardless of which official domain is in use. Last evening the operator of a site that indexes links to some of these proxies told TorrentFreak that their owners had noticed that The Pirate Bay’s Onion site had been down for several hours, which is unusual. After further investigation,...