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by BBC - about 48 minutes
The country's foreign minister blames "Iranian terrorism" for an attack that left two people dead.
by The Verge - about 57 minutes
Every Friday, The Verge publishes our flagship podcast, The Vergecast, where co-hosts Nilay Patel and Dieter Bohn discuss the week in tech news with the reporters and editors covering the biggest stories.
This week on The Vergecast, Nilay and Dieter bring back Verge managing editor Alex Cranz and Verge news editor Chaim Gartenberg to chat about the headlines. It’s earnings week once again. Unsurprisingly, all of the big tech companies made a lot of money this past quarter. Our podcast crew dives into the numbers behind the profits of Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Amazon, and Apple and what it means for each business’s future goals. The show also dedicates some time to discuss Intel’s business. Chaim leads...
by QZ - about 58 minutes
The International Space Station consists of 16 linked habitats, strung with solar arrays, space debris shielding, and a robotic arm, all spread over an area about the size of a football field. Yesterday, the entire assembly began to tilt and tumble after a newly-arrived Russian module malfunctioned and began firing its thrusters uncontrollably. Only the rapid response of flight controllers in Moscow and Houston, and of the 10 astronauts onboard, kept the $1 billion space lab on course.“We proceeded to do headstands and cartwheels,” Zebulon Scoville, a flight director on duty in Houston during the episode, said in a tweet. “Olympic judges would be proud.”Senior NASA officials were quick to downplay the...
by Goalcast - about 1 hour
If not for an Uber driver's quick thinking, a passenger with brain cancer might have committed suicide. Strange Uber ride Chad Farley had a "very disturbing experience" one day as an Uber driver in Florida. After picking up a passenger in his mid-'20s from his house, Farley realized that the destination he was tasked to get to was the middle of a bridge sometimes referred to as "Florida's suicide bridge," Yahoo reports. On the ride, the passenger started to tell Farley about his month-old brain cancer diagnosis and the new procedure his doctor wants to use. In response, Farley told the rider about his mother who died of cancer. When asked where he was going, the passenger provided "the weirdest story that was...
by HackAdAy - about 1 hour
As computers became more popular in the late 80s and into the 90s, they vastly changed their environments. Of course the technological changes were obvious, but plenty of other things changed to accommodate this new technology as well. For example, furniture started to include design elements to accommodate the desktop computer, with pass-through ports in the back of the desks to facilitate cable management. While these are less common features now there are plenty of desks still have them, this 3D printed design modernizes them in a simple yet revolutionary way.
While these ports may have originally hosted thick VGA cables, parallel printer cables (if they would fit), and other now-obsolete wiring, modern...
by io9 - about 1 hour
A crop of A Lesson in Vengeance’s cover.Image: Delacorte PressIt’s a known fact that we here at io9 are quite fond of stories set at spooky boarding schools, so we’re very excited to be sharing an exclusive excerpt from Victoria Lee’s witchy new boarding school-set novel A Lesson in Vengeance, which blends queer themes with Gothic chills.Here’s a plot description to set the scene:Felicity Morrow is back at the Dalloway School to finish her senior year after the tragic death of her girlfriend. She even has her old room in Godwin House, the exclusive dormitory rumored to be haunted by the spirits of five Dalloway students—girls some say were witches.Felicity was once drawn to the dark legacy of...
by New Yorker - about 1 hour
The acclaimed music producer returns with a record of his own. Plus, John Kerry on trying to get the world to tackle climate change; and an evangelical scholar breaks from her church.
by Goalcast - about 1 hour
Mental health is physical health. Your mind is not only within your body, but it is the captain of the ship. So, if the captain of the ship says it’s time to call it a day, you do what you’re told. As a gymnast, possibly one of the indisputably most elite gymnasts, Simone Biles knew just that. She knew that her mind was not right and therefore she might put her body in danger if she continued on. So, she withdrew. The amount of global, domestic, and personal pressure that Simone is under is clear to see just in the viral nature of the envelopment of communal support in contrast to the negative backlash alone. People are mixed in their opinions as to whether or not Simone did the right thing. Which to me is...
by Le Monde - about 2 hours
Un courrier du chef de la police nationale décrit trois méthodes d’arrestation qui devront se substituer à cette pratique controversée.
by Goalcast - about 2 hours
In legendary bro-comedy "The Hangover," Zach Galifianakis played Alan Garner, an immature, unpredictable goof whose friends can always count on him. It turns out he's that way in real life, as one unsuspecting gem of a woman found out. He was an unknown comic when they met While you might not have seen her on the silver screen, Elizabeth "Mimi" Haist of Santa Monica California is a celebrity in her own right. The bubbly 87-year-old woman with friendly bright blue eyes has worked as a laundrywoman at Fox Laundromat for almost 20 years. There, she depends on tips from customers to get by. She's also known for helping her community in any way she can. Although she has no family left, she loves meeting new people....
by The Verge - about 2 hours
Smoke rises over the mountains in Lytton, as firefighters battle the fires in British Columbia, July 6, 2021. | Photo by Mert Alper Dervis/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images The devastating heatwave that struck the Northwest US and southwest Canada in June was “the most extreme summer heatwave” ever recorded in North America, according to a new analysis from nonprofit research group Berkeley Earth. That’s based on the magnitude of the heatwave, or how much warmer it was than normal. Record temperatures in the region reached roughly 20 degrees Celsius (or 36 °F) hotter than average in June. Canada recorded its hottest temperature ever on June 29th when the village of Lytton in British Columbia reached an...
by Le Monde - about 2 hours
Un phénomène, appelé « pression de sélection », favorise le développement de souches plus résistantes au vaccin dans les populations de plus en plus vaccinées chez qui les gestes barrières se relâchent mais qui n’ont pas encore atteint l’immunité collective.
by France Inter - about 2 hours
La semaine dernière, on était chez Chloé, ancienne travailleuse du sexe. Chloé revient aujourd’hui en Belgique, tout près du bordel où elle a bossé, elle partage avec nous les souvenirs de cette époque de sa vie.
by New Yorker - about 2 hours
The ex-mayor continues to astonish.
by The Verge - about 2 hours
The ridiculous sounds of social sites Continue reading…
by New Yorker - about 2 hours
N.F.T. clubs are all the rage among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Are they a get-rich-quick scheme or the future of culture?
by New Yorker - about 2 hours
A new documentary examines what went horribly wrong at the music festival.
by io9 - about 2 hours
Black Widow is taking on her greatest opponent yet: Mickey Mouse.Photo: MarvelLike a battle in a Marvel movie, Disney and Scarlett Johansson continue to exchange punches. It all began Thursday when Johansson filed a lawsuit accusing Disney of breaching her contract for Black Widow, which guaranteed an exclusive theatrical release. Disney then replied with a statement that accused her of “callous disregard” to the covid-19 pandemic and revealed her salary on the film: $20 million. The haymakers have continued Friday when Johansson’s agency, Creative Artists Agency, released a statement firing back. “I want to address the Walt Disney Company’s statement that was issued in response to the lawsuit filed...
by New Yorker - about 3 hours
In Kabul, it is increasingly clear that the U.S. departure is so rushed and poorly planned that it will be impossible to evacuate everyone at risk of Taliban reprisal.
by The Verge - about 3 hours
Photo By: Will Heath/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images Elon Musk has had a busy Friday on Twitter. After flatly denying that he has ever spoken to Apple CEO Tim Cook in response to a wild story alleging he demanded to take over as the company’s CEO as part of an acquisition offer, Musk has now tweeted his support of Epic Games’ fight against Apple over App Store policies.
“Apple app store fees are a de facto global tax on the Internet,” he said. “Epic is right.” Apple app store fees are a de facto global tax on the Internet. Epic is right.— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 30, 2021 Epic is currently embroiled in a legal battle with Apple, arguing that its App Store rules, which allow Apple to take a...
by Torrentfreak - about 3 hours
Ever since the Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren fight was streamed illegally online, Triller has been filing copyright infringement lawsuits against the alleged culprits.
The campaign began with a $100m complaint against multiple “business entities” but a judge dismissed all but one of the parties from the action, warning that by joining all of them as cooperating parties, the illegal conduct of one defendant could be wrongly attributed to another independent defendant.
In response, Triller began filing separate actions against each entity. One of those suits targeted YouTuber ‘ItsLilBrandon’, later identified as Brandon T. Williams.
Allegations Against Williams
Triller’s complaint alleged that Williams is...
by HackAdAy - about 3 hours
The 68000 chip was ubiquitous in the computing world well past its heyday in the 1980s. It was used as the basis for many PCs and video game consoles, and even in embedded microcontrollers. Now, one of its niche applications is learning about the internal functions of computers. 68000 builds are fairly common when building homebrew computers from scratch, but projects like these can be complicated and quickly get out of hand. This 68000 project, on the other hand, gets the job done with the absolute minimum of parts and really dives into the assembly language programming on these chips. (Google Translate from Spanish)
[osbox68] built this computer by first simulating its operation. Once he was satisfied with...
by Le Monde - about 3 hours
La filiale qatarie s’est mise sous la protection du tribunal de commerce. Elle a déclaré la guerre à Canal+ qui lui doit 56 millions d’euros. Une somme qu’elle est censée verser à la Ligue de football professionnel le 5 août, et qu’elle se dit incapable de payer.
by BBC - about 3 hours
A woman faces wildlife endangerment charges for a close call with a mother grizzly in Yellowstone.
by Goalcast - about 3 hours
We usually associate police officers with fighting crime, making arrests and locking people up. However, two amazing Dutch police officers gave "to serve and protect" an inspiring new meaning when an ailing mom was rushed to the hospital. Running low In Eindhoven, Netherlands, emergency services were dispatched to the home of a woman suffering from hypoglycemia, or unusually low blood sugar. According to the Mayo clinic, if untreated, the condition can result in seizures, loss of consciousness and even death. What's worse, while the woman was rushed to the hospital for tests, her five children were left unattended and unfed. Saviors arrive on the scene Two police officers responded to the call alongside the...
by io9 - about 3 hours
Our feelings exactly, Dynamic Duo.Photo: FoxEven if you know what to expect, watching 1966's Batman: The Movie today is shocking. After years of being pummeled with serious, gritty, big-budget superhero spectacles, it’s hard to fathom a film as innocent and self-aware as the one based on the popular TV show. Everyone involved is so game for silliness, so excited by the wild ideas, so absolutely aware this is complete nonsense, that the result is not just a time-capsule of another era in comic book movie history, but a reminder of why comic book movies are great in the first place.Released July 30, 1966, Batman: The Movie—directed by Leslie H. Martinson and written by Lorenzo Semple Jr.—came out...
by The Verge - about 4 hours
Tesla CEO Elon Musk reportedly demanded to become Apple’s CEO in a 2016 phone call with current Apple CEO Tim Cook, according to an upcoming book about Tesla. The story, shared by the Los Angeles Times, comes from Power Play: Tesla, Elon Musk, and the Bet of the Century by The Wall Street Journal reporter Tim Higgins.
As the book tells it, Cook suggested to Musk that Apple acquire Tesla, and Musk said he wanted to be CEO. Cook reportedly agreed, but Musk clarified that he wanted to be the CEO of Apple. “According to a former aide who heard (Musk’s) retelling of the exchange,” Cook said “Fuck you” before hanging up the phone.
But Musk and Apple have both suggested that the conversation couldn’t...
by Goalcast - about 4 hours
When women go out for a night on the town, we often need to be more vigilant than men out on the party scene. Sexism is so rampant in our culture that a clear “no” from a woman is often not good enough to some men until another man steps in and says “no” even louder. Guardian bartender A woman posted a tweet that said, “This man was harassing me and my friend and the bartender passed this note to me acting like it was my receipt! Legit the type of bartender everyone needs.” The note from the bartender reads, “If this guy is bothering you, put your ponytail on your other shoulder, and I will have him removed. He’s giving me the creeps.” The strategic move of asking the woman to move her...
by BBC - about 4 hours
The director of Stillwater said he was fascinated by Ms Knox's wrongful murder conviction in Italy.
by HackAdAy - about 4 hours
The world of antique furniture and the world of hackers rarely coincide, and perhaps the allure of the latest tech is greater for most of us than that of a Chipendale cabinet. But there are times when there are analagous situations in both worlds, so it’s worth taking a moment to consider something.
This late-17th-century dressing box would not be of such value or interest were a restoration to strip it of its patina. Daderot, CC0.
Antique furniture has survived for hundreds of years before being owned by today’s collectors. Along the way it picks up bumps and scrapes, wear, and even the occasional repair. Valuable pieces turn up all the time, having been discovered in dusty attics, cowsheds, basements,...
by Langue Sauce Piquante - about 4 hours
Nous adorons les journaux estivaux, car ils n’ont presque plus de publicité et proposent des séries pour compenser le manque d’actu, surtout quand la pénurie de « médailles françaises » (les seules qui comptent) se fait cruellement sentir (il faudrait organiser des ji-o avec seulement des Français, une suggestion LSP). Nous suivons avec intérêt celle du Monde sur les grandes familles bourgeoises, qui mériterait de sortir en brochure. Les deux pages sur les Arnault, le 28 juillet, nous ont comblés. Cette famille a fait fortune dans le luxe, c’est-à-dire l’utile.
Voyez le passage sur le champagne :  « Dom Pérignon est le champagne des riches, Ruinart celui des snobs, Mercier celui des...
by QZ - about 4 hours
“I’m done” has become a not-so-unusual refrain among American workers, who have been walking away from their jobs in record numbers this year. Some are prioritizing their physical and mental health over the demands of a job. Others simply want to find employers willing to pay more. Still others have found the pandemic has served as an unwelcome memento mori, reminding people who have put aside personal or professional goals that they don’t have an infinite amount of time to get things done.Sometimes they’re quitting quietly. Often they’re not. One group of Burger King employees in Nebraska took the “take this job and shove it” genre of quitting to the next level a few weeks ago, when they...
by io9 - about 4 hours
The Batch find themselves severely outnumbered, if not outclassed.Image: LucasfilmAfter many episodes of bounty hunting chases, Rylothi insurrection, and the briefest snifter of mounting resistance, Star Wars: The Bad Batch returned this week to a concept it fascinatingly pondered early on in its debut season. We know, as the audience, that the Clone army is destined to be replaced by the human recruits of the Stormtrooper legions. But how are they going to feel about it?Image: LucasfilmWhen Bad Batch first explored this idea, we got what is arguably still by far the strongest episode of the season, “Replacements.” There, its exploration was not the expected resistance to such a changing of the guard, but...
by Le Monde - about 5 hours
La journée de vendredi a été mauvaise pour l’escrime, le BMX, le kayak et le judo. Après une semaine, la France compte 13 médailles (trois d’or, cinq d’argent, cinq de bronze). L’objectif initial était d’en décrocher une quarantaine d’ici au terme des Jeux, le 8 août.
by QZ - about 5 hours
Black Widow star Scarlett Johansson is suing Disney over an alleged breach of contract, having reportedly lost out on about $50 million after Disney chose to release the movie on Disney+ the same day it debuted in theaters. The suit seems likely to end in a settlement, but the bigger story may be the PR war now unfolding between one of Hollywood’s biggest stars and one of its biggest star-makers.According to Johansson, her agreement with Disney’s Marvel Entertainment stated that Black Widow would play exclusively in theaters for 90-120 days. The lawsuit says that making Black Widow immediately available to rent on Disney+ put a big dent in Johansson’s potential earnings, since her salary was based in...
by Courrier International - about 5 hours
Des groupes armés ont intimé l’ordre aux habitants de la commune d’Ituango de déserter leurs fermes, le 21 juillet. Depuis, plus de 4 000 paysans terrorisés attendent de retrouver leurs terres et leurs bêtes. C’est la seconde fois en six mois qu’ils sont les otages d’affrontements entre narcotrafiquants. L’État ainsi que l’armée semblent impuissants.
by HackAdAy - about 5 hours
Hackaday editors Mike Szczys and Elliot Williams have found a critical mass of projects this week that wouldn’t be possible without 3D printers. There’s an absolutely astounding model roller coaster that is true to the mechanisms and physics of the original (and beholden to hours of sanding and painting). Adding sheet material to the printing process is a novel way to build durable hinges and foldable mechanisms. Elliot picks out not one, but two quadruped robot projects that leverage 3D-printed parts in interesting ways. And for the electronics geeks there’s a server rack stuffed with Raspberry Pi, and analog electronic wizardry to improve the resolution of the WS2811 LED controller. We wrap it all up...
by Wired - about 5 hours
William Gibson's classic 1984 novel is still the gold standard for cyberpunk.
by QZ - about 6 hours
Vaccinated people need to mask up again, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. On July 27, 2021, the CDC recommended that everyone in areas with high COVID-19 infection rates wear masks in public indoor spaces, regardless of vaccination status.It’s a reversal from the CDC’s May 2021 advice that the fully vaccinated could leave their masks at home and brought US guidelines more in line with World Health Organization recommendations.The Conversation asked Peter Chin-Hong, a physician who specializes in infectious diseases at the University of California, San Francisco, to help put into context the science behind the changing messages. We’ve republished their interview here.Read...
by Les Décodeurs - about 6 hours
Les autorités françaises promeuvent désormais la vaccination dès le premier trimestre de grossesse. Les études publiées jusqu’à présent montrent que, si le vaccin n’est pas contre-indiqué pour les femmes enceintes, le Covid, lui, l’est.
by Le Monde - about 6 hours
Les autorités françaises promeuvent désormais la vaccination dès le premier trimestre de grossesse. Les études publiées jusqu’à présent montrent que, si le vaccin n’est pas contre-indiqué pour les femmes enceintes, le Covid, lui, l’est.
by Courrier International - about 6 hours
Alors que le nombre d’infections au Covid-19 bondit en Alberta et que le variant Delta progresse, les autorités sanitaires de cette province ont annoncé que l’isolement des cas positifs ne serait plus exigé dès la mi-août. Ni le port du masque. Des mesures qui inquiètent ailleurs au Canada.
by io9 - about 6 hours
Screenshot: MarvelAs one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s newest heroes, the responsibility to save the world (presumably) will fall to Shang-Chi in director Destin Daniel Cretton’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. But unlike many of Marvel’s other upcoming projects that have previously-established roots in the MCU, Shang Chi is set to introduce a slew of new characters whose lives haven’t exactly revolved around the Avengers.While Shang-Chi’s title gives you a pretty big clue about the chunk of Marvel’s comic lore that the film explores, some of the major questions about the story have revolved around what exactly this incarnation of the Ten Rings are/is, considering that a terrorist...
by Courrier International - about 6 hours
Le Tadjikistan s’attend à devoir faire face à l’arrivée massive de réfugiés venus de l’Afghanistan voisin, où les talibans poursuivent leur avancée. Un camp est en construction et des militaires se déploient à la frontière. Le problème est scruté de près par les pays de la région.
by QZ - about 6 hours
When the Tokyo Olympics close on Aug. 8, and the final medal tally is taken, we’ll likely be talking about the usual suspects: the US, China, and maybe Russia (currently competing as the ROC). These countries have huge medal hauls, large populations, and teams numbering in the hundreds.But perhaps we should really be talking about countries like Jamaica, New Zealand, and Slovenia. Like Kenya, which got a medal for every three athletes it sent to the games in 2008 and 2012. Or like Grenada, which continually walks away with wins despite a population the size of a few blocks in Manhattan.Here are three revealing ways to look at medal gains: as total counts, in relation to the country’s population, and as a...
by France Inter - about 6 hours
Dès qu’il s’agit de parler d’humour, le meilleur moyen de prouver que l’on n’a pas dû beaucoup aller au théâtre ces dernières années, c’est de parler de Pierre Desproges et Coluche ! Pourtant, c’est oublier que depuis, nombreux sont celles et ceux qui ont marqué l’histoire de l’humour français !
by Courrier International - about 6 hours
L’annonce d’un retrait américain d’Irak n’est pas vu d’un bon œil par tout le monde. Pour beaucoup d’observateurs il est motivé par le souhait de Washington d’amadouer les Iraniens dans les négociations sur le dossier nucléaire, au risque de livrer l’Irak au règne des milices pro-iraniennes. D’autant que des élections doivent se tenir en octobre.
by CIBDI - about 6 hours
Le comité de sélection composé de représentants des deux institutions et des différents sites concernés s'est réuni le 23 juillet et a retenu les candidatures : de Muriel Douru pour le Château de la Motte-Tilly, Laurent Colonnier pour le Château de Ferney-Voltaire, Delphine Vaute pour la Maison de George Sand à Nohant et Mathilde Paix pour le Couvent de Saorge. -
échos de la Cité
by KCRW - about 6 hours
David Lynch Theater Presents: Weather Report for July 30, 2021.
by HackAdAy - about 6 hours
While it might be nice to imagine owning a cabin in the woods to escape from society, complete with an outdoor sauna to take in the scenic views of nature, most of us will be satisfied with the occasional vacation to a cabin like that. For those trips, or even for long-term camping trips, [Schitzu] and a group of friends thought it would be nice to be able to ensure access to a sauna. For that, they created this mobile, timber-framed sauna that he can tow behind his car.
The sauna is built out of a combination of spruce and Douglas fir, two types of lumber with weather-resistant properties. For an additional layer of protection, the frame was varnished after assembly. The walls are filled with baked cork for...
by Paul Jorion - about 6 hours
À propos de ma vidéo “Double deuil” de ce matin.
– Edgar Morin vient de fêter ses 100 ans. Je ne connais pas ton état de santé mais il n’est pas impossible que tu ne sois qu’à 75% de ton temps de vie . Néanmoins je suis d’accord qu’il est rationnel à cet âge de “mettre en ordre ses papiers”. Une fois que cette formalité est réalisée, une fois le devoir psychanalytique et philosophique accompli (avoir appris à mourir à soi-même), au fond, on peut alors profiter d’une certaine sérénité, durant les éventuelles 25 années qui suivent.
– J’ai déjà investigué aussi l’hypothèse que mon propre souci de l’extinction de l’humanité n’était qu’un paravent destiné...
by KCRW - about 6 hours
Scarlett Johansson, star of “Black Widow,” is suing Disney over the release of the Marvel film. Johansson says Disney’s failure to give the movie an exclusive theatrical release was a breach of contract that cost her $50 million in box office bonuses. “Black Widow” opened in theaters and was available to stream on Disney+ for a $30 charge on the same day. Johansson’s lawsuit is likely just the beginning of a long battle between stars and movie studios over theatrical compensation in the streaming age.
by Courrier International - about 7 hours
À une semaine de la fin des Jeux olympiques, l’épidémie progresse à une vitesse soutenue à Tokyo. Au point de menacer le sort du gouvernement de Yoshihide Suga, dont le taux de soutien est en chute libre.
by Toute l'Europe - about 7 hours
Le pass sanitaire fait maintenant partie intégrante des stratégies nationales de lutte contre le Covid-19 de nombreux pays européens - Crédits : Vitalii Petrushenko / iStock Le 26 juillet, le Parlement français a adopté une loi devant étendre, à partir du 9 août et sous réserve de la validation du Conseil constitutionnel, le pass sanitaire aux bars, restaurants, maisons de retraite, hôpitaux et transports collectifs de longue distance (trains, cars et avions). Depuis le 21 juillet, ce dispositif anti-Covid est déjà nécessaire pour se rendre dans les lieux de loisirs et les établissements culturels recevant plus de 50 personnes, tels que les cinémas, les salles de spectacle et les parcs...
by Wired - about 8 hours
The confluence of the Apple TV+ comedy, the sports world, and social media is leading to a much needed dialog.
by Wired - about 8 hours
Plus: Round one with Mark Zuckerberg, the appointment of Lina Khan, and a new type of weather nightmare.
by Wired - about 8 hours
Using CT scans and 3D modeling, researchers found the fish’s spiral digestive system is analogous to Nikola Tesla’s ingenious check valve design.
by Wired - about 8 hours
Help your back and posture by raising your computer screen up to eye level.
by Usbek & Rica - about 9 hours
Paru en 1897 aux États-Unis, Égalité, roman visionnaire du journaliste et écrivain américain Edward Bellamy, vient d'être publié pour la première fois en français par la maison d'édition ArchéoSF. L'occasion de découvrir cette suite visionnaire de son autre roman, Looking backward, qui voyait dans le XXIe siècle un possible eldorado pour le socialisme et le féminisme.
by BBC - about 10 hours
The Olympics host is facing record Covid case numbers, fuelled by the virulent Delta strain.