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by io9 - about 27 minutes
Batman strikes in new footage from Harley Quinn’s season finale. New Black Widow art gives us our best look yet at Taskmaster. Ronald D. Moore teases the new Battlestar Galactica project’s connections to his reboot. Plus, a new look at Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. To me, my spoilers!Read more...
by FluxBlog - about 34 minutes
Beach Bunny “April”
“April” is a song about months going by while you’re stuck in an emotional stasis, hung up on a relationship that’s long over but is idealized in your mind beyond all reason. Lili Trifilio sings the song with a plaintive but slightly defensive tone, as though she’s a little embarrassed to feel this way but honors her emotion too much to side against the part of herself that might be like “oh, please, shut up about this, this isn’t healthy.” Maybe the sentiment here is a bit pathetic, but only if you’re looking at it without much empathy or the emotional intelligence to notice it’s all just processing an experience to learn what you actually want and need. Not for...
by Courrier International - about 44 minutes
Recruté la semaine dernière en tant que “super-prévisionniste” en matière de géopolitique, Andrew Sabisky a démissionné, le lundi 17 février, après qu’un certain nombre de propos discriminatoires qu’il a tenus ont refait surface dans la presse.
by Les Enragés - about 1 hour
Les lepénistes du samedi et de l’Arc de Triomphe auront permis à l’Etat de justifier une hausse sans précédent du niveau de répression et le retour des voltigeurs, dans une apathie de réponse presque totale puisque un peu à la manière du PCF dans les années 70, cette jonction entre les maos, l’extrême gauche et l’extrême droite aura liquidé toute idée de gauche et toute idée de classe tout en se revendiquant au mieux de la classe ou au pire, du “peuple”.
Il s’agit d’une corruption en profondeur de tout l’appareil idéologique du mouvement ouvrier et de 150 ans de luttes sociales qui ont été liquidés en à peine plus d’une année, emmenant au cœur de la classe, la...
by Courrier International - about 1 hour
Les seize accusés, dont le célèbre homme d’affaires Osman Kavala, emprisonné depuis deux ans, ont été acquittés ce mardi 18 février. Une décision d’autant plus surprenante qu’il y a deux semaines les procureurs avaient requis des peines extrêmement lourdes.
by Courrier International - about 1 hour
La banque internationale, dont le siège est à Londres, lance un nouveau plan d’économie. Près de 15 % des emplois seront sacrifiés sur l’autel de cette réorganisation.
by The Verge - about 2 hours
Image: Ring Amazon’s home security company Ring is changing the way users log into their accounts to increase security and control privacy, the company announced today. Starting this week, Ring will mandate a second layer of security by requiring users to enter a one-time six-digit code sent via email or SMS whenever they try and log in to see the state of their indoor and outdoor cameras. The company which makes the popular Ring Video Doorbell is also introducing new options for users to control when their data is shared with other companies.
The changes are Ring’s latest attempt to overcome the privacy and security scandals that have dogged it in recent months. Last December, critics pointed out that...
by Le Taurillon - about 2 hours
À l'ombre du green deal ou du Brexit, l'Union développe une vision sur sa sécurité intérieure et son contrôle extérieur. L'Europe forteresse devient une Europe d'investigation numérisée. Ainsi, le rapport de Roberta Metsola intitulé « faux documents et documents authentiques en ligne » et la « déclaration du Conseil et de la Commission sur l'état des lieux de la lutte de L'Union contre le blanchiment de capitaux » ne donnèrent pas lieu à des débats. Nous avons plutôt assisté à un travail collaboratif, où les élus ont pu soulever de nouvelles problématiques sur l'impact du projet, et apporter une plus-valu dans l'échange institutionnel. Durant cette première session plénière...
by Paul Jorion - about 3 hours
Retranscription de Le monde en décomposition que nous transmettons à nos enfants, le 16 février 2020. Bonjour, nous sommes le…
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by The Verge - about 3 hours
Farm to pizza! | Image: Zume Pizza Want to read a parable about the cult of the Silicon Valley founder and the Softbank investors caught in the wake of his gilded robes? Good, because Bloomberg Businessweek has the inside story detailing the implosion of Zume, that pizzas-made-by-robots-and-cooked-during-delivery startup. Zume’s co-founder and co-CEO Alex Garden attracted a $375 million investment from Softbank’s Masayoshi Son, the man who gave $3 billion in venture capital to Adam Neumann during his ill-fated tenure at WeWork.
Here’s how Bloomberg describes the first meeting of Garden and Son:
”Two years ago a truck covered with large photos of pizza pies nosed its way onto a long Bay Area driveway....
by Fubiz - about 3 hours
Makena Mambo est une photographe, mais aussi une vidéaste et une écrivaine installée à New York. Kenyane et américaine, sa pratique photographique se déploie à la fois dans son amour pour la mode et ses questionnements sur sa double identité, et celle des autres. En séjour à l’étranger ou dans la ville de son enfance, Charlotte en Caroline du Nord, elle repense la position du photographe dans l’approche de l’altérité.
Comment la photographie est devenue un de vos médiums de prédilection, pour imprimer votre histoire et celle des autres ?
J’ai toujours été une amoureuse des images, qu’elles soient en mouvements ou immobiles. À 13 ans, j’ai plongé tête la première dans...
by Courrier International - about 3 hours
À seulement onze mois de la présidentielle américaine, prévue le 3 novembre, le New York Magazine publie un dossier préfigurant un potentiel second mandat de Trump.
by QZ - about 4 hours
Microsoft has been the biggest winner from stock market investment into environmental, social, and governance-oriented (ESG) funds, according to financial data company EPFR. The Windows creator is among the tech giants benefitting as savers increasingly prioritize climate and social concerns when investing.
ESG funds held $2.3 billion worth of Microsoft stock as of Dec. 31, according to EPFR data. Alphabet and Disney came in at No. 2 and 3. The EPFR data accounts for all equity funds (active as well as passive index funds) around the world.
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by Torrentfreak - about 4 hours
While there are many hundreds of pirate sites and hundreds of millions of pirates around the globe today, for many years it was Sweden that generated a disproportionate number of news headlines covering the phenomenon.
With a population that had become exceptionally comfortable with file-sharing technologies and a general lack of enforcement, sites like The Pirate Bay flourished alongside significant numbers of private torrent sites, so-called Direct Connect hubs, and streaming sites. Eventually, however, legislation and law enforcement began to catch up, targeting sites both large and small, as well as individuals viewed as significant players by the entertainment industries.
After reporting what felt like...
by Usbek & Rica - about 4 hours
Alice Odiot et Jean-Robert Viallet ont franchi les portes de la prison marseillaise des Baumettes, à la rencontre des détenus et de leur quotidien.
by Paul Jorion - about 5 hours
Ouvert aux commentaires. TF : Paul Virilio proposait la création d’un ministère du temps mais également d’un ministère du désastre.
PJ : J’ai écrit avec Vincent Burnand-Galpin, qui étudie en ce moment à l’ENSAE et à Sciences Po, un livre qui paraîtra en mars : Comment sauver le genre humain ? Le titre a évolué depuis « Déclarer l’état d’urgence pour le genre humain ? », le nom qu’avait le cycle de 6 conférences que j’ai données à l’Université catholique de Lille en 2018-19, pour se stabiliser sur cet intitulé là. Nous proposons de rétablir, au niveau national, une planification partiellement impérative pour intégrer l’épuisement des ressources, le réchauffement...
by The Verge - about 5 hours
Nintendo has announced the first new Switch Lite color since the portable-only console launched last fall. The new hue is “coral,” perhaps belatedly inspired by Pantone’s decision to name “Living Coral” the Color of the Year for 2019. Or maybe Nintendo wants it out in time for cherry blossom season.
Coral joins turquoise, grey, and yellow in the regular lineup. It’ll be available in Japan on March 20th, with preorders starting on March 7th. Notably, the launch of the new system doesn’t appear to have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak, unlike the upcoming Animal Crossing-themed Switch. The coral Switch Lite maintains the same price of 19,980 yen ($182). Continue reading…
by The Verge - about 6 hours
Photo by GREG BAKER/AFP via Getty Images Supply-chain analytics provider TrendForce has issued a report assessing the likely impact of the 2019-nCoV outbreak on tech manufacturing. The coronavirus has already caused major disruption throughout the tech industry, with huge trade shows cancelled and companies like Apple expecting to miss their forecasts.
The report breaks its assessments down into individual components as well as product categories to provide a broad overview of the industry. It could also give some indication of what’s in store for individual companies like Apple. It’s worth reading the whole thing, but here are a few takeaways: Smartphone production is projected to decline 12 percent...
by QZ - about 6 hours
Americans think their finances are improving. According to a survey from Gallup, 59% of Americans say they are financially better off than they were a year ago. Twenty percent said they were worse off than a year ago, and 21% were about the same.
Gallup has been putting this question to US respondents on an almost annual basis since 1977—59% is the highest positive response rate it has ever recorded, just topping 58% in 1999.
In addition to asking about the past, Gallup also asks respondents to look to the future. In the most recent survey, 73% of respondents said they expect their finances to be better a year from now, also a record. Gallup surveys just over 1,000 people.
by HackAdAy - about 6 hours
It probably doesn’t surprise you to hear there are tens of thousands of web-connected cameras all over the world that are set to take the default credentials. Actually, there are probably more than that out there, but we can assure you that at least 70,000 or so are only a click away. With this project, [carolinebuttet] proves that it’s quite possible to make art from our rickety, ridiculous surveillance state — and it begins with a peephole perspective.
The peephole in your own front door grants you the inalienable right to police your porch, stoop, or patch of carpet in the apartment building’s hallway while going mostly undetected. In Virtual Peephole, the peephole becomes a voyeuristic virtual view...
by Le Taurillon - about 6 hours
Mardi 28 janvier, Donald Trump dévoilait le plan américain pour le conflit israélo-palestinien. Le plan a globalement été rejeté par les eurodéputés mais les débats ont mis en lumière les différents ressentis sur la question. Retour sur la séance plénière du 11 février à Strasbourg. Le président américain Donald Trump a décidé mardi 28 janvier de proposer un plan à propos du conflit israélo-palestinien. Parmi ses propositions [1] figurent l'annexion des colonies juives de Cisjordanie et la vallée du Jourdain, la reconnaissance de Jérusalem comme capitale « indivisible » d'Israël, et l'annulation du « droit au retour » des réfugiés palestiniens. En échange, le « possible »...
by QZ - about 6 hours
In unwelcome news for protesters everywhere, some Chinese artificial-intelligence companies are announcing their technology can now identify people even when they’re wearing face masks, as part of their efforts to adapt to the continuing coronavirus outbreak.
China’s SenseTime, the world’s most valuable AI startup, said earlier this month (link in Chinese) that it was rolling out a facial-recognition product that incorporates thermal imaging cameras to help spot people with elevated temperatures, and send pop-up alerts to users of the software. With the addition of a mask algorithm, it can also detect those who are not wearing masks in public places. Meanwhile, for building access control, its software...
by Korben - about 7 hours
Vous le savez (notamment si vous bossez dans le SEO ou l’e-commerce) il n’est pas toujours facile de trouver un bon nom de domaine pour le site, le blog ou la boutique que vous voulez lancer. Souvent votre mot clé ou le nom de votre thématique existe déjà et vous devez alors « bidouiller » un peu, en ajoutant des tirets, un nombre, une extension bizarre ou une région, parmi d’autres exemples (kor-ben, korben123, korben.zechef ou korbenclermont, etc.). Autre option qui existe : trouver un mot connexe, un synonyme ou quelque chose de très approchant qui représente bien l’idée de départ. Parfois c’est même mieux, car ça affine votre niche. Mais ce n’est pas toujours simple à trouver,...
by QZ - about 7 hours
GitHub is finally setting shop in India.
The US-based software development website, the “gold standard” for open-source among techies and entrepreneurs, will over the next few months hire a team in the country across functions such as engineering, sales, support, marketing, and services. This team will be headed by general manager Maneesh Sharma.
Even without on-ground presence, Indians make for the third largest group of active developers on the Microsoft-owned platform. Over the past year, there has been a 22% increase in the number of Indians taking to GitHub. Public repositories in India have grown by 75% during this period, demonstrating a sharp increase in collaborations across the country’s...
by QZ - about 8 hours
The global coronavirus outbreak has put Indians on guard.
Over 70% of Indians say they are alert and taking necessary precautions against Covid-19, the disease spread by the novel coronavirus strain, according to a survey conducted by LocalCircles, a community-led social media engagement platform.
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LocalCircles received 40,000 responses in all from participants based in tier-1, -2, and -3 cities...
by HackAdAy - about 9 hours
Careful,  the walls have ears. Or more specifically, the smart speaker on the table has ears, as does the phone in your pocket, the fitness band on your wrist, possibly the TV, the fridge, the toaster, and maybe even the toilet. Oh, and your car is listening to you too. Probably.
How does one fight this profusion of listening devices? Perhaps this wearable smart device audio jammer will do the trick. The idea is that the MEMS microphones that surround us are all vulnerable to jamming by ultrasonic waves, due to the fact that they have a non-linear response to ultrasonic signals. The upshot of that is when a MEMS hears ultrasound, it creates a broadband signal in the audible part of the spectrum. That creates...
by Usbek & Rica - about 9 hours
Entretien avec le sociologue Denis Colombi, qui déconstruit dans son dernier ouvrage notre perception de la pauvreté.
by HackAdAy - about 12 hours
If we write about sound reproduction, there is a good chance we found a home-made amplifier or an upcycled speaker system. In this case, you don’t use your ears to appreciate the sound; you use your hands or eyes. [ElatisEagles] converted an amplitude sound graph into a wearable bead. Even without much background it should be immediately recognizable for what it is. Presumably, they converted a sound wave to vectors, then used the “Revolve” function in Rhino, their software of choice. Sometimes this is called a “lathe” function. Resin printers should be able to build these without supports and with incredible fidelity.
Some tattoos put a sound wave on the skin, and use an app to play it back, but if...
by HackAdAy - about 15 hours
Every well-equipped wood shop has a dust collection system, with blast gates at every tool to direct the suction power where you need it. If these gates are hard to reach they can be real pain to operate. [Cosmas Bauer] had this problem with his table saw, and created a convenient cable-operated mechanism.
The dust chute on table saw is on the back end, meaning he needs to walk around it to open it, and then walk back to the front to operate the machine. As we all know, laziness increased efficiency can be an excellent reason for projects. Electronics or pneumatics might get the job done, but [Cosmas] realised that a mechanical system might be simpler and more reliable.  Being a woodworker, he built most of...
by The Verge - about 15 hours
Photo by Avery White for The Verge The new Motorola Razr is not a good phone — it’s expensive, has a mediocre camera, the hinge is creaky, and a display has odd dips and bumps underneath the screen. But now, there’s at least one reported instance of the new foldable’s screen actually separating from the plastic laminate above the display, and it’s apparently doing so right on that bad hinge.
Input’s Raymond Wong published an article yesterday about the issues he’s seeing with a Razr that Input has owned for a little more than a week. Wong noticed that the screen had started to peel away the laminate top layer right at the hinge, creating a bubble between the screen and the laminate.
Here’s what...
by Hiram - about 16 hours
Que s’est-il passé à Londres à la St Jean Baptiste de 1717 à la taverne « The Goose and Gridiron » ? Y a-t-on tenu Loge en vue de former la « Grande Loge de Londres et de Westminster » ? Etienne Hermant, auteur de « 1717, nous tenons Loge ce soir » répondra à toutes les questions relatives à ce […]
Cet article Etienne Hermant à Lille le 12 mars est apparu en premier sur
by Hiram - about 16 hours
La loge Aleph de la Grande Loge Initiatique Féminine Francophone (GLIFF) à l’Orient de Toulon organise le lundi 16 mars une Tenue Blanche Ouverte sur le thème Voyage du Tarot des Imagiers vers la Franc-Maçonnerie. Le conférencier sera le Frère Bernard Gos. En présence de la Sœur Marie-Claude Batier, Grand Maître de la Grande Loge […]
Cet article Voyage du Tarot des Imagiers vers la Franc-Maçonnerie est apparu en premier sur
by io9 - about 16 hours
Will the stories be amazing? Hard to say yet. But our first look at Apple’s take on the beloved anthology show is intriguing, to say the least.Read more...
by Toute l'Europe - about 16 hours
Tous les Etats membres se sont unis, lundi 17 février, pour lancer une nouvelle mission navale européenne. Objectif : faire respecter l'embargo sur les armes à destination de la Libye en guerre. Ils ont dans le même temps mis fin à l'opération Sophia, qui visait à sauver les migrants en mer Méditerranée.
by Goalcast - yesterday at 23:43
Tennessee Williams (born Thomas Lanier
Williams), was an American playwright whose work earned him two Pulitzer Prizes.
He is best known for penning iconic plays such as A Streetcar Named Desire and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Williams’ childhood wasn’t a happy one since his parents were resentful of each other most of the time, and his father loved to gamble and drink. His home became a tense place to live in, so young Williams would often escape into the world of reading and writing. Before having a chance to earn a degree in journalism at the University of Missouri, the writer was forced by his father to take a job as a sales clerk. He later described the time spent there as the most miserable two years...
by Goalcast - yesterday at 22:54
Most of us may remember our pre-teen years as being awkward, occasionally enjoyable yet sometimes unbelievably embarrassing. We’ve all gone through those familiar moments during the early teenage years that unite us regardless of our differences: the first heartbreak, the random attempts at being rebellious, the fear of losing our friends, the desire to be independent, and the need to maintain absolute control over our lives.  Macaulay Culkin, who most of you may know as the bubbly, precocious, goofy Kevin McAllister from Home Alone, was one of the most famous child stars Hollywood has ever seen or produced. He was a lovable icon to both kids, teenagers, and adults throughout the 90s.  His rise to fame...
by io9 - yesterday at 22:30
May we all have the same attitude to nonsense fandom debates as Harrison Ford does, frankly.Read more...
by FluxBlog - yesterday at 22:19
Strawberry Generation “When You Were Here And I Was Sad”
There’s never been any shortage of fey indie-pop bands aiming for a sunny-yet-melancholy twee sensibility, but there has been a relatively low number of bands who I feel have the songwriting skill to nail this type of song rather than just sort of set a vibe and call it a day. “When You Were Here and I Was Sad” is nearly perfect iteration of this type of song, from the contrast of the bright and crisp lead guitar lines and the more hazy ambiance of the chords in the chorus to the particular lilt in Valerie Zhu’s voice as she sings her instantly memorable verse melodies. This band is clearly steeped in the history of their subgenre and have...
by HackAdAy - yesterday at 22:01
When [Billiam]’s beloved Logitech G13 game pad went to that great spectate room in the sky, he decided to pay homage by designing a custom, more ergonomic replacement from the desk up. Grab a spoon and dig into the story of [Billiam]’s journey toward Sherbet, because it’s a sweet ride.
Here’s the scoop: like a lot of DIY game pads and keyboards, Sherbet is based on the Teensy. We often see the micro USB coming straight off the Teensy, especially in clear acrylic builds, but [Billiam] added a USB breakout board so there’s no direct stress on the Teensy itself.
One of [Billiam]’s design challenges comes from the game pad placement — he has a tall desk and uses a keyboard tray, so it has to fit the...
by Goalcast - yesterday at 21:55
Noah Woods is only five years old, but that didn’t stop him from risking everything to save his family when they were in danger. The Georgia boy was one of the 8 members of his family who were asleep at their Bartow County home in Georgia on a Sunday when a fire started. He woke up to notice the flames and smoke in the bedroom he shared with his 2-year-old sister. Noah didn't hesitate for a second It's easy to imagine that a child would have been paralyzed with fear in such a horrifying scenario but not Noah. He immediately grabbed his sister and jumped out the open window, bringing them both to safety. But he didn’t stop there. Noah went back to rescue another dearly loved member of his family. He went...
by io9 - yesterday at 21:00
The start of a new year always means things slow down at theaters. Holiday hits and awards movies are still playing but once you see those, pickings are very slim. What’s a movie lover to do? Go back, we say. Go back.Read more...
by Torrentfreak - yesterday at 20:45
This week we have four newcomers in our chart.
Frozen 2 is the most downloaded movie.
The data for our weekly download chart is estimated by TorrentFreak, and is for informational and educational reference only. All the movies in the list are Web-DL/Webrip/HDRip/BDrip/DVDrip unless stated otherwise.
RSS feed for the articles of the recent weekly movie download charts.
This week’s most downloaded movies are: Movie Rank
Rank last week
Movie name
IMDb Rating / Trailer Most downloaded movies via torrents 1
Frozen II 7.1 / trailer 2
Knives Out 8.0 / trailer 3
Charlie’s Angels 4.2 / trailer 4
21 Bridges 6.6 / trailer 5
Ford v Ferrari 8.2 / trailer 6
Parasite 8.6 / trailer...
by io9 - yesterday at 20:29
The Mandalorian 500-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle | $7 | Amazon Read more...
by Pseudo-sciences - yesterday at 19:17
Mensonges ! Une nouvelle approche psychologique et neuroscientifique Xavier Seron Odile Jacob, 2020, 306 pages, 23,90 € L'auteur, professeur émérite de psychologie à l'université de Louvain et ancien président de la Société de neuropsychologie de langue française, est un éminent praticien et chercheur. Il présente une synthèse de ce que la recherche scientifique apporte aujourd'hui sur la psychologie des mensonges et sur les possibilités de les détecter. L'être humain est une espèce sociale (...) Notes de lecture
by Korben - yesterday at 18:44
YouTube, machine à fric ou gouffre sans fin ? Comment YouTube génère de l’argent, le redistribue, l’investit et quel est son impact sur le contenu de la plateforme ? L’ami Jérôme a enquêté et vous apporte des réponses. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
by Toute l'Europe - yesterday at 18:30
Au sein de l'Union européenne, 13,4 millions d'hectares sont cultivés selon les règles et les méthodes de l'agriculture biologique. La France est proche de la moyenne européenne avec 7 % de ses zones agricoles en culture biologique.
by Les Décodeurs - yesterday at 18:03
Une seule femme dirige une fédération olympique et le nombre de femmes dans les instances exécutives n’est pas toujours conforme à ce que prévoit la loi de 2014 pour l’égalité.
by Torrentfreak - yesterday at 18:01
As one of the most important infrastructure companies on the entire Internet, Cloudflare often finds itself embroiled in copyright disputes of other entities’ making.
Along with millions of other ‘normal’ websites, ‘pirate’ sites often use Cloudflare’s services. The CDN company has a stated aim of remaining a neutral intermediary but entertainment industry groups see the company as helping to facilitate piracy by assisting sites to more efficiently stay online while rendering their true locations harder to find.
While sites like The Pirate Bay, for example, are using Cloudflare’s services trouble-free at this very moment, the same cannot be said of Germany-focused music piracy site
by Usbek & Rica - yesterday at 16:59
Pour son 36ème épisode, le podcast Sismique a rencontré la biologiste Dorothée Browaeys.
by Paul Jorion - monday at 15:29
Ouvert aux commentaires.
Je ne sais pas si vous êtes comme moi et qu’à la lecture de la manière dont la presse (écrite, télévisée, en ligne) rend compte de certains évènements d’actualité vous ayez le sentiment que l’histoire reviendra sur eux pour en dire des choses extrêmement différentes de ce que l’on en dit au moment même. Comme quand je vous dis parfois à  propos de certains faits divers des tribulations de Trump ; « Ça, on vous l’expliquera un jour comme ‘espionnage’. »
À moins bien sûr que Mme A* de T* et MM. P* P*, J* B* et L* A* ne nous expliquent rapidement de quoi  il s’agit vraiment.
by CIBDI - monday at 15:24
Un grand récit d'initiation picaresque, savoureux et poignant. Avant de « descendre combattre à la Fosse » le père d'Aldobrando sachant son heure venue, le confia à un mage. Celui-ci devrait le protéger et l'éduquer jusqu'à ce qu'il soit en âge de découvrir le vaste monde. Quelques années plus tard, voilà que la préparation d'une potion tourne au drame. Grièvement blessé à l'oeil par un chat qui ne voulait pas bouillir, le mage demande à son jeune protégé d'aller en urgence lui quérir l'Herbe du loup. Mais (...) -
sélections de la Cité
by Fubiz - monday at 15:17
Observer les passagers dans les transports publics est quelque chose de fascinant. Que ce soit dans le bus ou dans le métro, on s’est tous déjà retrouvé à analyser ces étrangers qui nous entourent et à se questionner sur leur quotidien…
Avec cette série, Grabelsky compare New York à une vaste jungle en y transformant ses habitats en créatures hybrides, mi-humaines mi-animales, à travers des peintures surréalistes.
« Je suis depuis longtemps fasciné par la mythologie et plus particulièrement par les hybrides homme-animal que l’on trouve dans les mythologies du monde entier (…) Les animaux sont souvent utilisés pour représenter le subconscient, et c’est pour cet aspect que je les...
by Les Décodeurs - monday at 15:02
Les images d’un groupe d’enfants qui franchit une voie ferrée, alors que la signalisation l’interdisait, ont été vues plus d’un million de fois sur Facebook.
by Usbek & Rica - monday at 15:00
Avec son taux de fécondité très bas et sa population vieillissante, la Corée du Sud se prépare à devenir officiellement une société « super âgée ». Reportage.
by La Horde - monday at 14:30
Les faits remontent à l’automne 2017 à Penza en Russie : six des militants anarchistes et antifascistes, arrêtés puis torturéеs par le FSB, avouent avoir monté une organisation terroriste ; en 2018, d’autres antifascistes sont arrêtés. Le 10 février 2020, après une enquête bâclée et une parodie de justice, 7 de ces antifascistes ont été lourdement condamnés à plusieurs années de prison, tandis que deux autres sont en attente de leur procès. C’est pourquoi un appel a été lancé pour des actions à mener partout dans le monde, du 22 au 29 février, pour marquer notre solidarité avec nos camarades russes emprisonnés : si vous organisez quelque chose, même modeste, n’hésitez pas...
by Les Décodeurs - monday at 14:09
La nouvelle prétendante LRM à la Mairie de Paris est critiquée pour avoir dit, vendredi encore, qu’elle ne serait pas candidate. Un « revirement » pas si évident.
by CIBDI - monday at 13:35
The deadline for submissions to present a talk at TitanCon 2020 (August 28-30) in Belfast has been extended by one month. This event has a broad focus, but we are particularly interested in including comics scholarship, especially but not limited to work on Irish cartoonists and comics writers, notably Paddy Brennan, Malachy Coney, Garth Ennis, Davy Francis, Maura McHugh, Declan Shalvey, Will Sliney, and others ... -
actualités de la bd
by CIBDI - monday at 13:31
First Conference of the ICLA Research Committee
on Literatures/Arts/Media (CLAM)
Transcodification : Literatures - Arts - Media
Department of Humanities – Excellence Program 2018-2022
July 1-3, 2020 – University of L'Aquila +++ Deadline extended until February 23, 2020 +++ -
actualités de la bd
by Fubiz - monday at 13:15
Aoa Architects s’est fait remarqué avec un nouveau projet en Corée du Sud en recouvrant un immeuble de carreaux rouges et blancs, en référence au jeu vidéo Minecraft. Nommé Cascade House, le bâtiment est situé à Séoul. Le groupe d’architecture s’est également inspiré des briques colorées ainsi que les pignons des maisons traditionnelles belges pour le projet.
«  La plupart des maisons familiales dans le quartier sont le résultat de la forme auto-générative [causée] par les réglementations de construction, telles que les exigences en matière de recul solaire et l’inévitabilité économique d’accueillir le plus grand nombre d’unités possible » explique l’équipe en charge...