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by Pseudo-sciences - 2021-10-14 18:45
Mairie du 5è arrondissement de Paris, 21 place du Panthéon, 75005 Paris La mairie du 5ème arrondissement de Paris et l'Association Française pour l'Information Scientifique (AFIS) vous invitent jeudi 14 octobre 2021, 18h45 Changement climatique, c'est grave docteur ? Par François-Marie Bréon. Ancien élève de l'école normale supérieure, Francois-Marie Bréon est physicien-climatologue depuis 30 ans. Il a participé à la rédaction du 5eme rapport du GIEC. Il est par ailleurs président de l'AFIS. (...) Agenda de l'Afis

by Pseudo-sciences - 2021-10-05 21:53
Mémoire de l'eau et l'homéopathie Conférence de Jean-Paul Krivine Répondant : Jean-Paul Delahaye Organisée par l'ALEA (Association L'Esprit d'Archimède) 5 octobre 2021, 18 heures amphi Pierre Glorieux, CERLA (université de Lille) L'homéopathie postule une action pharmacologique de produits dilués à tel point qu'il ne reste plus aucune molécule du produit initial. Aussi, quand en 1988 une équipe de scientifiques français publie un article dans la prestigieuse revue Nature affirmant avoir réussi à provoquer (...) Agenda de l'Afis

by Pseudo-sciences - 2021-09-28 22:52
Conférence et débats organisés par l'association Astronef Qui croire ? Que croire ? Mardi 28 septembre 2021 à 19 heures au Café Les Jardins, 9 place Jean Jaurès à Saint-Etienne Entrée libre et gratuite. L'invité sera Michel Naud, ingénieur et entrepreneur des industries métallurgiques et mécaniques, ancien président de l'Afis (Association Française pour l'Information Scientifique). Vous retrouverez également les rubriques habituelles du milieu de soirée (bibliographie et interlude). N'oubliez pas votre (...) Agenda de l'Afis

by The Verge - about 1 hour
Image via Jasper Ellens DJI may be about to upend the world of aerial photography yet again — by introducing a drone with drastically improved battery life and two cameras instead of one. DroneDJ and leaker Jasper Ellens are both independently reporting that the Mavic 3 Pro is real, coming this November, and it sounds like it’ll have some significant improvements over the three-year-old Mavic 2 Pro and even the Mavic Air 2S introduced earlier this year. While DJI’s standard-sized drones have typically topped out at just half an hour in the air before requiring a battery swap or recharge, DroneDJ’s source says we’re now looking at up to 46 minutes of flight time. And that’s despite the additional...

by BBC - about 2 hours
The committee investigating the 6 January riot has issued the first subpoenas of the Trump team.

by The Verge - about 3 hours
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Update 8:55PM ET, September 23rd: Walmart is going to try again at 9PM ET, good luck! If you don’t get through at first, then try again. Walmart usually restocks in waves every ten minutes or so until systems are sold out.
Update 12:25PM ET, September 23rd: Walmart’s console restock didn’t get off to a good start. Pages weren’t loading for most people, it seems, and the retailer updated its site with a header saying “Console event to be rescheduled”. We’ll update this post again once we know when the event will happen.
Walmart is hosting a big console restock event today, September 23rd, at 12PM ET / 9AM PT. It’s going to have the PS5 consoles, along with...

by The Verge - about 3 hours
Image: Apple Verge editors discuss the debut episodes of Apple TV Plus’ new series Continue reading…

by io9 - about 3 hours
Hari Seldon (Jared Harris) is a man with a plan.Image: Apple TV+In 1966, Isaac Asimov’s Foundation trilogy was voted the best science fiction series of all time at the Hugo Awards. Other series have certainly surpassed it since then, although it’s still considered the work that codified the genre. Despite its fame, because the series is an epic on a galactic level told over the course of 500 years or so, with dozens of characters, conflicts, and stories, no one’s figured out how to bring Foundation into live-action. Apple TV+’s new Foundation series hasn’t figured it out either.Foundation the TV series is not Foundation the book series. There are a few bones of the original story in there, sure,...

by io9 - about 4 hours
Riley Flynn (Zach Gilford) and Father Paul (Hamish Linklater) in Midnight Mass.Photo: Eike Schroter/NetflixMidnight Mass, the latest horror series from The Haunting of Hill House and Bly Manor’s Mike Flanagan, arrives September 24 on Netflix. Since that is tomorrow, technically that means if you stay up until (ahem) midnight PT, you can start watching it tonight. And if there’s any scenario in which staying up all night on a school night to binge all seven episodes of a new Netflix series feels acceptable—Midnight Mass just might be it. But even if you’re not going for the first-night binge, we’re setting up the spoiler zone so that fans can come back to this post to talk about the mysteries, the...

by New Yorker - about 4 hours
But not too early for Democrats to start panicking.

by BBC - about 4 hours
The indictment says Brian Laundrie used a debit card that did not belong to him after her death.

by The Verge - about 4 hours
Valve promised it would work with anti-cheat software makers EAC and BattlEye to ensure some of the most popular games will run on its upcoming Steam Deck Linux-based gaming handheld, and one of those companies is now officially on board — Epic Games announced today that its Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) now supports Linux and Mac. Not only that, it’s specifically set up to work with the Proton and Wine compatibility layers that Valve’s relying on to bring Windows games to the Deck. While developers would still need to patch their games, this immediately means some of the most popular games on Steam are now theoretically within reach, including Apex Legends, Dead by Daylight and War Thunder, which are all among...

by BBC - about 5 hours
The BBC finds stranded migrants facing sub-zero temperatures amid a row between Poland and Belarus.

by io9 - about 5 hours
Mario is making the jump from your TV to the big screen.Image: NintendoLet’s a-go to the movies! Nintendo just revealed that its previously announced Super Mario Bros. animated movie, made in conjunction with Illumination Entertainment, will be headed to theaters December 21, 2022. It also announced the full voice cast which is both star-studded and sure to be very, very controversial.The Super Mario Bros. Movie voice cast is as follows: Chris Pratt as Mario Anya Taylor-Joy as Peach Charlie Day as Luigi Jack Black as Bowser Keegan-Michael Key as Toad Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong Fred Armisen as Cranky Kong Kevin Michael Richardson as Kamek Sebastian Maniscalco as Spike And then “surprise cameos” from...

by Le Monde - about 5 hours
Poursuivi par la justice espagnole pour « sédition » et « détournements de fonds publics », l’eurodéputé a été interpellé par la police italienne à son arrivée à Alghero, en Sardaigne.

by FluxBlog - about 5 hours
Andy Shauf “Spanish on the Beach”
The character in “Spanish on the Beach” is a guy looking back on a vacation with his ex-girlfriend with enough hindsight to see exactly how the events of that trip foreshadowed the impending end of their relationship, but also a wistful nostalgia – “I wished it could be permanent.” Andy Shauf’s lyrics are plainspoken and economical as they glide along his melodies but they convey volumes of subtext about this guy and these fairly banal anecdotes. The third verse, in which he recalls fantasizing about a purposefully obnoxious public wedding proposal, is funny but also clever in sliding right by a crucial detail: “if I had bought the ring.” It does a lot to...
by KCRW - about 5 hours
There are plenty of fun outdoor activities to do to celebrate autumn in Southern California. You can roam around pumpkin patches and apple orchards, and check out Halloween and Dia de los Muertos festivities. Danielle Dorsey, LA Editor at Thrillist, has some suggestions to get into the season:
Where to see fall foliage: LA Arboretum in Arcadia
Enchanted Forest of Light at the Descanso Gardens in La Cañada Flintridge Video: Here’s a look at the 2019 Enchanted Forest of Light at Descanso Gardens. Credit: Descanso Gardens/YouTube.
Where to pick up pumpkins or apple cider:  Apple Starr Organic Orchard in Julian
Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in Culver City
Tina’s Pumpkin Patch in Sherman Oaks To get into the spooky...

by KCRW - about 5 hours
On the 19th floor of the Intercontinental Los Angeles Hotel, one possible version of the city’s future is playing out.
In a dark room with speakers behind every surface, on a big screen, a simulation of a flying car comes in for a landing above a busy street. You can hear the hum of the simulated motors all around. You can feel this imaginary thing passing through the air overhead. 
This is where the design and engineering firm Arup is working with LA’s Department of Transportation and NASA to model the sound of urban air vehicles — flying cars. All this math, physics, audio calculations of  soon-to-be-made engines are all in service to one question:
Will these things drive us nuts? 
“It's kind of...

by KCRW - about 5 hours
West Hollywood is poised to have the strictest COVID-19 vaccine mandates in LA. Starting October 7, LA County will require proof of vaccination to enter indoor bars, breweries, wineries, and nightclubs. Starting October 11, West Hollywood will add indoor restaurants, gyms, yoga studios, nail salons, and more to that list.
“West Hollywood operates on its own vibe, its own way of doing things, and wants to do its part to keep the city healthy,” says Mona Holmes, reporter at Eater LA.

by The Verge - about 5 hours
In preparation for the busy holiday season, the latest Nintendo Direct was filled with what fans can expect on the Switch in the near future. We already knew about some of the big titles — including new Metroid and Mario Party games — but there were a handful of surprises, including a new Kirby game, an expansion of Switch Online, and a star-studded cast for the Super Mario animated movie. If you missed the event, here’s all the big news.
The Super Mario movie has a date — and a cast
It’s been a long time since we’ve heard about the Super Mario movie, which is being made in collaboration with Minions studio Illumination, but Nintendo had a lot to say about it. The film will be out on December 21st,...

by New Yorker - about 5 hours
The epidemiologist Céline Gounder discusses Pfizer boosters and the latest science on additional doses.

by io9 - about 6 hours
Is there something on my face?Image: ShudderWhat’s life like when you’re young, flawlessly attractive, and have more money than you know what to do with? In America, you become a social media influencer and maybe get a reality show. In the world of sleek new horror thriller Dead & Beautiful, your quest to feel alive might just be the thing that transforms you into a blood-sucking monster that will never die.At least, that’s the impression given by the film’s new trailer, which introduces us to a group of friends who spend their days and nights slinking around in fancy clothes, driving shiny cars, and just generally trying to be as risqué and shocking as possible in order to feel any emotion...

by Hiram - about 6 hours
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Cet article Franc-maçonnerie et bouddhisme est apparu en premier sur

by Le Monde - about 6 hours
Durant deux heures sur BFM-TV, le candidat de La France insoumise et le polémiste d’extrême droite ont étalé leurs désaccords. Eric Zemmour laisse planer le doute sur une éventuelle candidature à la présidentielle.

by Hiram - about 6 hours
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Cet article L’esprit de la maçonnerie traditionnelle est apparu en premier sur

by Paul Jorion - about 6 hours
Bon, pour commencer, rappel : pour tout ce qui est du social, je suis sur la même ligne exactement que Jean-Luc Melenchon. L’État-Providence obèse d’Éric Zemmour, ce n’est pas ma vision.
JLM et EZ se sont bien battus : le débat était très équilibré. Sauf vers la fin où EZ a gagné de plus en plus de terrain, JLM reconnaissant de plus en plus souvent qu’EZ avait raison, et sur un ton de plus en plus bon enfant, de moins en moins combatif. Apparaissait de plus en plus clairement chez JLM qu’ils se donnent du “tu” dans la vie de tous les jours, mais ça n’apparaissait pas chez EZ, ce qui lui donnait un avantage .
Pourquoi ce recul chez JLM ? Parce qu’EZ marquait de points en soulignant...
by QZ - yesterday at 23:47
New York City is giving a raise to food delivery workers.The New York City Council passed a “minimum per trip payment” today (Sept. 23) as part of a series of bills aimed at improving working conditions for app-based delivery workers. The measures also address longstanding problems for the city’s estimated 65,000 food delivery workers have faced, including access to restaurant bathrooms, limiting the distance for deliveries, and disclosing gratuity policies to workers.This is the latest regulatory blow for delivery companies Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub. In recent weeks, the companies have clashed in a series of legal battles with San Francisco and New York City, cities where restaurants are...

by Le Monde - yesterday at 23:30
L’ancien conseiller à l’Elysée et son ami Vincent Crase se sont expliqués durant deux jours sur leur comportement au Jardin des plantes, à Paris, en marge des manifestations du 1er mai 2018.

by io9 - yesterday at 23:30
Banthas are much creepier when they’re only severed faces.Screenshot: LucasfilmWhile the nerds were told they couldn’t sit at the cool kids’ table at this past weekend’s Emmy Awards, they had a grand old time at the Creative Emmy Awards the week prior. There, The Mandalorian’s second season received, understandably, the Emmy for “Outstanding Special Effects in a Series or a Movie.” Now, in celebration, we’ve gotten another peek behind the CG... and in front of it, and off to the side, too, I guess.What does it take to make a season of The Mandalorian? Oh, hunks of practical sets, bunches of bluescreens, some robotics, some puppets, that insane LED rig called the Volume that allows actors to be...

by New Yorker - yesterday at 22:44
Instagram and TikTok erased the authority of the traditional teen magazine, but teen-agers still want guidance and a community.

by Torrentfreak - yesterday at 22:30
Over the past two decades, online piracy has proven a massive challenge for the entertainment industries.
Some copyright holders have tried to go after individual pirates in court but, increasingly, third-party intermediaries are targeted as well. There are several lawsuits pending in US Courts, where rightsholders accused Internet providers of not doing enough to stop piracy. One of the main allegations is that ISPs fail to terminate accounts of repeat infringers in ‘appropriate circumstances’, as is required under the DMCA. These lawsuits were pioneered by music companies, which had some success on this front, including a $1 billion verdict against Cox. More recently, however, a group of filmmakers...

by New Yorker - yesterday at 22:30
The President and the Democrats are trying to reshape the economy. Some of the resistance comes not from the Republicans but from within his own party.

by KCRW - yesterday at 22:30
Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award-winning Richard Powers discusses his new novel, “Bewilderment,” which has been longlisted for the Booker Prize and National Book Award.

by Wired - yesterday at 22:23
The prior algorithm adjusted calculations for Black patients—making it harder for them to qualify for transplants and other treatments.

by Goalcast - yesterday at 21:22
Benjamin Franklin is quoted as having once said: “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” While the attribution may be apocryphal, there’s a degree of truth in the statement. Because while making you wiser may be beyond the purview of an earlier wake up time, there are definitely health and career benefits to waking up earlier.  There’s just one problem with it all: if you’re not a morning person, waking up early sucks. The body’s internal clock is not always your friend, and trying to get your circadian rhythm in tune with your life can be a challenge. However, there is good news! Once you get used to it, waking up early can actually be amazing! To wake up early...

by KCRW - yesterday at 21:00
Daniel Foote, the U.S. special envoy to Haiti has resigned, condemning the Biden administration’s decision to fly thousands of Haitian migrants back to their home country. He said he would “not be associated with the United States’ inhumane and counterproductive decision'' to return people to a country ravaged by an earthquake last month and political instability tied to the assassination of Haiti’s president in July.
Since their recent arrival to the U.S., thousands of Haitians have been flown back to the island country. Some migrants have been admitted into the country, but others are still waiting in a squalid encampment outside of Del Rio, Texas. Social media has been outraged by images of border...

by BBC - yesterday at 20:57
Daniel Foote says US policy on Haiti is "flawed" and sending migrants back is "counterproductive".

by QZ - yesterday at 20:52
Even as US presidents have set the tone for the US’s action on climate change policy, much of the action happens in the states. What are these politicians doing to help—or hinder—climate policy?The average American isn’t paying much attention. Fewer than 20% of US citizens can name their state legislators, while one-third don’t know their governor, according to a study by John Hopkins University. But state senators and representatives are often the ones making decisions about land use, extractive industries, energy efficiency, and more with the most immediate impact on constituents’ quality of life.While opinion polls consistently show a majority of Americans believe that climate change is a...

by QZ - yesterday at 20:23
Chalk this up to another side effect of the Covid-19 pandemic.In its latest bulletin, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reports that 4,385 unruly-passenger incidents have occurred on flights since January, with 85% of the altercations involving face masks. The agency has launched formal investigations into 789 cases, which is more than quadruple the number of incidents in 2020.One reason for the spike in investigations is that the FAA established a zero-tolerance policy in January, substituting warnings and counseling with legal action and fines of up to $37,000 per incident against any traveler who assaults, threatens, intimidates, or interferes with an airline crew member.Read the rest of this...

by Blast - yesterday at 20:18
"Mélenchon contre Zemmour, l’affiche est alléchante. Car les deux hommes sont cultivés et maîtrisent les codes de la télévision. Pour le reste, tout les oppose. Mais s’agit-il d’un événement politique ou simplement d’un choc médiatique ?"

by Paul Jorion - yesterday at 20:05
Je ne dis rien, je vais être le plus honnête possible : ne juger que sur pièces. Peut-être en cours de route. On verra.
Ça démarre sur les chapeaux de roue. JLM attaque violemment, en tant que défenseur de la démocratie. EZ dit que JLM a été communiste et n’a jamais dénoncé ni les morts du stalinisme, ni ceux du maoïsme.
EZ, quand l’industrie a opéré une transition, il aurait fallu faire comme le Japon : développer le machinisme plutôt que faire venir une main-d’œuvre immigrée. Il donne des chiffres.
JLM : je ne me laisserai pas balader par des chiffres. Une grande part des immigrés sont en fait des étudiants étrangers. La France favorise la créolisation. Nous disons “Nous sommes...
by Goalcast - yesterday at 20:01
The first thing to understand about overcoming depression is that no matter how impossible it seems, or how far gone you feel, it is possible. Every choice you make matters and can have an impact on how your life unfolds. We all know the stories of famous people such as Kurt Cobain and Avicii who succumbed to this illness, but the truth is that YOU CAN overcome depression. Because depression is complex, presenting with a wide range of symptoms and severity levels, it affects everyone differently. For this reason, it makes sense that there is no cure-all formula. That said, fortunately there is a ton of research on lifestyle choices and treatment options that can help in relieving depression symptoms or or...

by New Yorker - yesterday at 20:00
You have expanded the definition of “work” to mean simply sitting at your desk.

by Descartes - yesterday at 19:58
Ce week-end, je suis descendu rendre visite à des amis à Aix en Provence. Une ville que je connais bien pour y avoir autrefois travaillé et fait pas mal de politique. Et même si la plupart de mes connaissances ont … Continuer la lecture →
by Goalcast - yesterday at 19:51
These days, it almost feels like life's the full-time grind while work is the escape. Her everyday struggle Angel, an employee at Modell's sporting goods store will tell you that. While training a new associate named Joey during the filming of a documentary, she confided to him about her struggles. "I love this job... but it hasn't always been this way," Angel confesses. When Angel turned 25, she became pregnant and lost her old job as restaurant manager. We've been homeless for a long time. We live in a shelter now. It doesn't matter, though. I don't want you to feel sad for me
- Angel Angel said that she'd been living there with her three children for two years. Prior to that, she said that they've slept in...

by Goalcast - yesterday at 19:34
To accomplish her goals took years of perseverance and hard work. She spent her days in Smoky Mountain When Sophy Ron was a child, she spent 8 years essentially living in a notorious Cambodian garbage dump called Steng Meanchey, also known as "Smoky Mountain." Every day, Ron would join thousands of people picking through the garbage amidst toxic fumes in hopes of finding food and recyclables to sell. In a day's work, she'd earn about 0.50 cents a day, enough for a few cups of rice to share with her parents and six siblings. "I didn't realize it was smelly, I didn't realize it was dirty," she told ABC Australia in 2019, adding that the local school didn't have space for her. "I slept there, I ate there, I did...

by France Inter - yesterday at 19:21
Après l'abandon du projet de loi grand âge, le Premier ministre a annoncé aujourd'hui 400 millions d'euros supplémentaires pour l'aide aux personnes âgées en 2022. 10000 soignants seront recrutés en EHPAD d'ici 2025.

by Le Monde - yesterday at 19:20
Le programme européen Life ours Pyr, doté d’un budget de 8 millions d’euros, vient d’être reporté par la France.

by Le Monde - yesterday at 19:00
Notre enquête révèle que l’ancien préfet de l’Aube et de la Dordogne avait été visé par des enquêtes administratives pour des dépenses non justifiées.

by BBC - yesterday at 19:00
The compensation payment is one of hundreds by the Ministry of Defence, revealed for the first time.

by QZ - yesterday at 18:37
Trips in ride-share cars are more damaging to the climate, and impose a greater cost to society in terms of traffic congestion and public safety, than journeys in private vehicles, according to a new study from engineering and public policy researchers at Carnegie Mellon University.The researchers gathered public data on rides with Uber, Lyft, and other services in Austin, Chicago, New York, and cities in California. Using a computer model to simulate 100,000 trips, they painted a representative picture of journey lengths, the time spent in between rides (known as “deadheading”), and the types of vehicles used by drivers.What is deadheading?Read the rest of this story on Become a member to get...

by Toute l'Europe - yesterday at 18:36
Le palais du Reichstag abrite le Bundestag, chambre basse du Parlement allemand, appelé à être renouvelé lors des élections fédérales - Crédits : Teka77 / iStock 1ere ! Au sein de l’Union européenne, l’Allemagne occupe la première place dans de nombreux domaines. Pays le plus peuplé du continent avec 83 millions d’habitants (sur 447 pour l’UE), elle en est également la première économie (un quart du PIB de l’UE en 2020 avec 3 400 milliards d’euros), son plus grand exportateur (un quart des biens et services de l’UE), et sa principale industrie (le secteur emploie un tiers de la population active allemande, notamment dans l’automobile). Elle constitue, avec la France, l’un des...

by Courrier International - yesterday at 18:26
Âgée de 28 ans, cette enseignante britannique a été retrouvée morte dimanche 19 septembre. Elle aurait été assassinée dans un parc de la capitale du Royaume-Uni. Une affaire qui rappelle celle du meurtre de Sarah Everard, et qui a poussé le maire de Londres à parler d’une “épidémie de violences contre les femmes”.

by Toute l'Europe - yesterday at 18:19
Les informations présentées sur cette page, valables au 23/09/2021, sont susceptibles d’évoluer. Le texte et la carte sont intégralement mis à jour de manière hebdomadaire. Nous signalons les dernières nouvelles dans un encadré en début d’article.Par ailleurs, les pays frontaliers de la France font l’objet d’une mise à jour plus régulière. Les changements sont indiqués dans le texte, avec la date à laquelle les mesures sont valables.Outre l’Union européenne, le Royaume-Uni et les pays de l’Espace économique européen sont également couverts dans cet article. La Commission européenne a proposé le 17 mars dernier la mise en place d’un certificat numérique commun afin de...

by Blast - yesterday at 18:07
Au lendemain de la victoire judiciaire de Blast contre Bernard-Henri Lévy, Denis Robert s'entretient avec Julien Kahn notre avocat ainsi que Bernard Nicolas et Thierry Gadault, les deux journalistes auteurs de l'enquête. Au centre de la conversation, les…

by QZ - yesterday at 18:06
Supermodel Linda Evangelista announced today (Sept. 23) that she hasn’t worked for more than five years because a cosmetic procedure left her “brutally disfigured.” The 56-year-old Canadian was one of the most in-demand models in the 1990s, starring in top designers’ runway shows—and a George Michael music video—alongside the likes of Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and Christy Turlington.In an Instagram post, Evangelista says she’s stayed out of the spotlight while her peers’ careers have been “thriving,” after she underwent a procedure called CoolSculpting, which she blames for her condition—it allegedly did the “opposite of what it promised.” She did not share an image of her...

by Toute l'Europe - yesterday at 18:02
Plusieurs définitions regroupant des pratiques différentes Pour l’Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), trois types de locuteurs francophones peuvent être distingués. Les premiers sont les francophones de naissance, que l’on retrouve en particulier en France, dans la fédération de Wallonie-Bruxelles, en Suisse romande et au Luxembourg. Ils naissent et vivent dans un environnement francophone, sauf en cas d’expatriation. Certains locuteurs, dont le français n’est pas la langue maternelle, “vivent aussi en français”, selon l’expression de l’OIF. Ils ont appris le français à l’école mais utilisent la langue presque quotidiennement dans une sphère professionnelle,...

by Usbek & Rica - yesterday at 18:00
IA et combat, quand les robots partent au front.

by Blast - yesterday at 17:44
Le petit monde des travaux en hauteur a longtemps compté comme une unique organisation représentative un syndicat... patronal. Sans convention collective, les cordistes ne disposent pas de données officielles pour mesurer leur accidentologie. Alors que se…

by Courrier International - yesterday at 17:43
Le premier titre du petit studio indépendant britannique Shedworks invite à un voyage initiatique chaleureux. Sable a séduit les critiques anglo-saxons par sa direction artistique originale, mais pas seulement.