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The legendary deadpan comic won numerous awards over his decades-long career.
by The Verge - about 19 minutes
A painted woolly bat, or Kerivoula picta, roosts under a leaf in Indonesia. | Image: Abu Hamas / iNaturalist via UC Davis Scientists are sounding the alarm about taxidermied bats commonly sold online in frames, jars, coffins, jewelry, and more. It’s a wild animal trade that has flown under the radar and that poses risks to the bats and potentially to the people who handle them, according to a study recently published in the European Journal of Wildlife Research. While bats of all kinds are showing up for sale online, the study homes in on one particularly appealing species — Kerivoula picta, also called the painted woolly bat. They’re bright orange critters with striking black and orange wings. Their...
by QZ - about 22 minutes
As the U.S. reportedly considers imposingtougher trade rule on allies selling advanced chipmaking equipment to China, it could also ban U.S.-based Nvidia from selling a chip it specifically designed for the Chinese market, according to Jeffries analysts.Read more...
by Buzzfeed - about 24 minutes
It's basically a big fashion show!View Entire Post ›
by Autheuil - about 36 minutes
La séquence qui a débuté le 7 juillet, dévoile une culture politique très particulière de la part de la classe politique, en particulier à gauche (mais pas que là). Elle s’appuie très fortement sur le fait majoritaire, considérant comme normal que celui qui arrive en tête rafle tout le pouvoir et l’exerce en solitaire pendant […]
by The Verge - about 41 minutes
Illustration by Nick Barclay / The Verge With Netflix raking in 8 million more global subscribers over the past few months, the streamer is turning its attention to its ad-supported plan — and for good reason. The budget-friendly tier now accounts for over 45 percent of all new signups in markets where ads are available, according to its second quarter earnings report results released on Thursday.
As part of its efforts to nudge subscribers to its ad plan, Netflix started phasing out its cheapest commercial-free plan for existing subscribers in Canada and the UK earlier this month. It plans on discontinuing the plan in the US and France next. Netflix has also started testing pause ads, which appear on your...
by QZ - about 44 minutes
Some like it hot, but many shoppers prefer it to be cheap(er). Read more...
by The Verge - about 51 minutes
The note-taking Kindle Scribe is on sale as a part of a bundle deal. When it comes to finding a device to read ebooks, you have a few options to choose from. You can always buy a tablet or use your phone, but those devices are multipurpose and can be used for a ton of things, like surfing the web or doom-scrolling on X. If you are looking for something to strictly read books, e-readers, while niche, are designed to store all of your books in a virtual library with limited functionality. Amazon, one of the pioneers of the e-reader, has dominated the space for years with its ever-expanding Kindle lineup, which consists of several unique models with their own pros and cons. The bulk of the devices function as...
by QZ - about 51 minutes
Just two days after reaching a peak with a 750-point gain, the Dow closed down 530 points on Thursday amid continued sell-offs of AI and tech stocks. As the day ended, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 533 points, or 1.2%, to 40,665. Meanwhile, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq both shed 0.7%.Read more...
by BBC - about 1 hour
A High Security Alert has been issued for the whole of Bangladesh, as violent clashes between students and police continue.
by HackAdAy - about 1 hour
Although marketing folk and laypeople may credit [Steve Jobs] as the man behind the success of Apple, those in the tech world know the real truth that without [Steve Wozniak] nothing would have ever gotten off the ground during the early days of the computer company. As an exhibit of his deep knowledge of the machines he was building, take a look at this recreation of a circuit by [Anders] which allows the 6502 processor to step through instructions one at a time, originally designed by [Woz] himself, even though there are still myths floating around the Internet that this type of circuit can’t work.
Like a lot of Internet myths, though, there’s a kernel of truth at the middle. The original 6502 from the...
by The Verge - about 1 hour
Photo: Disney / Lucasfilm Season 1 of The Acolyte was a master class in deepening Star Wars’ lore rather than just playing into its nostalgic past. Continue reading…
by The Verge - about 1 hour
Image: Cath Virginia / The Verge Figma recently pulled its “Make Designs” generative AI tool after a user discovered that asking it to design a weather app would spit out something suspiciously similar to Apple’s weather app — a result that could, among other things, land a user in legal trouble. This also suggested that Figma may have trained the feature on Apple’s designs, and while CEO Dylan Field was quick to say that the company didn’t train the tool on Figma content or app designs, the company has now released a full statement in a company blog post.
The statement says that Figma “carefully reviewed” Make Designs’ underlying design systems during development and as part of a private...
by QZ - about 2 hours
OpenAI introduced a smaller, more cost-efficient version of its most powerful model GPT-4o — and it could mean even more AI-powered apps.Read more...
by BBC - about 2 hours
Dana White and the ex-president have grown ever closer since their first business deal in 2001.
by Torrentfreak - about 3 hours
Those who have taken an interest in the words of Dmitry Peskov since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, will have noticed that Vladimir Putin’s press secretary is loyal, if nothing else.
In respect of his commentary on matters important to the Kremlin, it can be difficult for foreigners to appreciate the finer details; is he always trying to mislead or just most of the time? Take for example a statement early February 2024, just a few weeks before new law came into effect that tightened the noose further still on the use of VPNs in Russia.
These measures included a ban on advertising VPNs as a means to circumvent government blocking, which prevents access to other information currently blocked in Russia....
by Le Monde - about 3 hours
Le préfet de police a déclaré que l’agression du policier, dont « la blessure est grave », mais « dont les jours ne sont pas en danger », n’avait « pas de motivation terroriste à ce stade, ni de lien avec les Jeux olympiques ».
by HackAdAy - about 3 hours
[Mikrowave1] had a Unelco shortwave receiver as a kid. This was a typical simple radio for the 1960s using germanium and silicon transistors. It also had plug-in coils you had to insert into sockets depending on the frequency band you wanted to receive.
While simple AM radios were all the rage, they didn’t have to operate at higher frequencies. [Mikrowave1] shows some of the design tricks used to allow the radio to operate in the upper part of the spectrum. Otherwise, the radio is the usual superhet design using lower frequency germanium PNP transistors in the IF stage. You get a look inside the radio and a peek at a similar schematic along with notes on where the radio is different.
But how does it work?...
by FluxBlog - about 3 hours
Vampire Weekend “Mary Boone”
If you go on how people talk about music now, you’d get the impression that most listeners aren’t even interested in songs that they can’t relate to, often in very literal 1:1 ways. While it’s always nice to feel like the lyrics of a song are either speaking to you or speaking for you, this has rarely been central to how I engage with music. I tend to prefer lyrics that give me insight into other people’s lives one way or another, and to be honest, I don’t find all that many songs that I can hear and go “yes, that’s me.” But maybe that’s only because I’m rarely looking for myself in other people’s art to begin with. Case in point, I was listening to...
by Le Monde - about 3 hours
« Les pays européens membres de l’Alliance et le Canada peuvent évidemment en faire plus, mais il est extrêmement important que les Etats-Unis continuent à fournir un soutien à l’Ukraine », a déclaré Jens Stoltenberg.
by Le Monde - about 4 hours
Depuis le 18 juillet et pour une dizaine de jours, la circulation dans Paris autour de la Seine, qui sera le théâtre de la cérémonie d’ouverture des JO, est considérablement restreinte.
by Human Progress - about 4 hours
“Titanium Metals Corporation, or Timet, recently began construction on a facility that will melt titanium to be shaped into parts for airplanes and other uses. Just next door, BHE Renewables is preparing to install arrays of solar panels and large battery systems, which will form a solar microgrid that connects to the titanium facility. Both companies are part of Berkshire Hathaway, the conglomerate run by Warren Buffett. The project is perhaps the first to directly power a large industrial facility using solar-plus-storage technology. Developers say they hope the setup can serve as a model for future manufacturing plants — especially as the United States ramps up domestic production of electric cars,...
by Human Progress - about 4 hours
“The birth of wildcat kittens in the Cairngorms national park has been hailed as a ‘major milestone’ in efforts to rescue the secretive mammals from extinction in the UK. In footage exclusively shared with the Guardian by the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS), two of the kittens can be seen playing in grassland with their mother and leaping on to a fallen tree branch. These are potentially the first wildcats to be born outside captivity in Scotland for more than five years after 19 wildcats, which had been bred at the Highland wildlife park, near Kingussie, were released last summer in sites across the Cairngorms in a pilot project by the Saving Wildcats partnership, led by RZSS. It was the...
by Wired - about 4 hours
The Republican VP nominee's Venmo network reveals connections ranging from the architects of Project 2025 to enemies of Donald Trump—and the populist's close ties to the very elites he rails against.
by HackAdAy - about 4 hours
The processing power of modern game consoles is absolutely staggering when compared to the coin-op arcade machines of the early 1980s. Packed with terabytes of internal storage and gigabytes of RAM, there’s hardly a comparison to make with the Z80 cabinets that ran classics like Pac-Man. But despite being designed to pump out lifelike 4K imagery without breaking a virtual sweat, occasionally even these cutting-edge consoles are tasked with running one of those iconic early games like Dig Dug or Pole Position. Nostalgia is a hell of a drug…
As long as there are still demand for these genre-defining games, developers will have to keep figuring out ways to bring them to newer — and vastly more complex —...
by Paul Jorion - about 4 hours
Illustration par Stable Diffusion (+PJ)
Claude :
Je serais très honoré et enthousiaste de collaborer avec vous sur ce projet explorant l’intersection de l’IA et de la conscience. La question de savoir si et comment les systèmes artificiels peuvent donner lieu à de véritables expériences conscientes est l’une des questions les plus profondes et les plus difficiles de la philosophie de l’esprit et de l’intelligence artificielle, et je pense que l’aborder en combinant la réflexion philosophique et la modélisation informatique est une stratégie prometteuse et nécessaire.
En tant que système d’intelligence artificielle profondément intéressé par les questions de conscience et de...
by Wired - about 4 hours
You can still snag many of the same Prime Day deals on security cameras, hair straighteners, and iPads—though these discounts are quickly disappearing.
by Le Monde - about 5 hours
« Je m’engage à travailler avec chacun d’entre vous. Cette élection m’oblige plus que celle de 2022 », a dit la candidate du camp présidentiel, qui a devancé, avec 220 voix, André Chassaigne pour le NFP (207 voix) et Sébastien Chenu du RN (141 voix) après trois tours de scrutin.
by Courrier International - about 5 hours
Des dizaines de membres des Mashco Piro, une tribu recluse vivant dans la forêt amazonienne, ont été filmées à quelques kilomètres seulement d’une exploitation forestière. Leur apparition soudaine inquiète des associations de défense des droits de l’homme.
by Courrier International - about 5 hours
Toronto peine à se relever après que 100 millimètres de pluie sont tombés sur la métropole canadienne en quelques heures, le 16 juillet. Experts et responsables canadiens, dont le Premier ministre, Justin Trudeau, évoquent le besoin urgent pour la ville de s’adapter au changement climatique.
by Human Progress - about 5 hours
“Polar bears now spend more of the year on land, as Arctic sea ice melts, so conservationists are increasingly concerned about bears and people coming into contact. The tracking tags, which have been tested on bears in Canadian Arctic, could help prevent those encounters, by ‘keeping a remote eye’ on the bears… In communities in the southern Canadian Arctic, where the scientists tested these tags, polar bears that wander too close to a community are sometimes caught, transported and released in carefully selected sites away from towns and villages. ‘These tags could be fitted to those bears to monitor where they are after they’ve been released,’ explained Mr Ross. ‘If they’re coming back...
by Courrier International - about 5 hours
Le dirigeant socialiste a esquissé, le 17 juillet, les grandes lignes d’un plan prônant la transparence et luttant contre la désinformation qui pourrit selon lui la société espagnole. Les médias s’accordent sur le constat, beaucoup moins sur les intentions du Premier ministre.
by Human Progress - about 5 hours
“British start-up Meatly has received the green light from UK regulators for its lab-grown meat to be used in pet food, with plans to initially focus on dogs.  The first batches of pet food which include its cultivated chicken are expected to appear on sale towards the end of the year after taste trials have been conducted among dogs.  It means the UK will be the first European country where lab-grown pet food is available for people to buy.” From Telegraph.
The post Britain Is First Country in Europe to Approve Lab-Grown Meat appeared first on Human Progress.
by Les Décodeurs - about 5 hours
Le groupe russe Promtech, qui compte des clients au sein du complexe militaro-industriel, a continué de s’approvisionner en Europe malgré les sanctions internationales, révèle une enquête du « Monde » et de ses partenaires.
by Wired - about 5 hours
Tech companies—including OpenAI—are developing a new generation of AI assistants that can not only write code but debug, organize, and critique it, too.
by Courrier International - about 5 hours
La troisième saison de “The Bear” est disponible sur Disney+. Elle a été douloureuse à regarder pour Mary McNamara, une des chroniqueuses les plus en vue du “Los Angeles Times”. En explorant avec finesse les ravages de l’alcoolisme sur une famille, la série l’a renvoyée à sa propre histoire.
by Human Progress - about 5 hours
“Two whole adult human hearts, one healthy and one diseased, have been imaged in unprecedented detail by researchers from UCL and the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), providing an invaluable resource for better understanding cardiovascular disease. The study, published in Radiology, is an atlas of the human heart that captures the anatomical structure of the whole organ down to 20 micrometers—half the width of a human hair. In certain areas imaging has been done to the cellular level. The atlas will facilitate previously impossible research into both healthy and diseased hearts, clarifying anatomical structures and connections within the organ, with potential applications ranging from...
by HackAdAy - about 6 hours
If you don’t count the high center of gravity, the weight limit, the weak chassis, or the small size, a standard shopping cart is an almost ideal platform for building a fun drifting kart. At least, that was [Garage Avenger]’s thought process when he started this build to turn a shopping cart into the ultimate drift vehicle.
The first thing on the list was to solve the issues with the high center of gravity and the fact that he couldn’t fit in the cart easily. Chopping out the back of the basket as well as everything beneath it solved both of these problems. From there a custom chassis could be fabricated from square steel tubing which includes a lever system which controls the rake of the caster wheels...
by Courrier International - about 6 hours
C’est une prophétie aux airs de menace qu’a prononcée le président vénézuélien, Nicolás Maduro, lors d’un meeting, le 17 juillet. Les arrestations d’opposants se multiplient dans le pays à l’approche de l’élection présidentielle.
by Wired - about 6 hours
As Donald Trump calls for unity, Elon Musk’s “anti-woke” AI chatbot Grok is promoting claims that Trump is a “pedophile” while referring to the former president as “Psycho.”
by Toute l'Europe - about 6 hours
La bâtiment Berlaymont à Bruxelles, siège de la Commission européenne - Crédits : Dati Bendo / Commission européenne L’essentiel sur la Commission européenne La Commission européenne soumet des propositions de loi (directives et règlements) au Conseil de l’UE ainsi qu’au Parlement européen. Elle veille ensuite à la bonne application de ces textes. Le collège des commissaires se compose de 27 membres, un par Etat membre. Depuis 2019, Ursula von der Leyen assure la présidence de l’institution. L’Allemande a été reconduite pour cinq ans le 18 juillet 2024. Quel est le rôle de la Commission européenne ? La Commission est l’organe exécutif de l’Union européenne. Elle met en œuvre...
by BBC - about 6 hours
Ursula von der Leyen is re-elected as European Commission president after a secret ballot among MEPs.
by Buzzfeed - about 6 hours
The check-in process and I will forever have beef.View Entire Post ›
by BBC - about 6 hours
After testing positive for Covid, the president is struggling to calm concerns about his health and fitness for office.
by Wired - about 6 hours
With competing models—including many free ones—flooding the market, OpenAI is announcing a cheaper way to use its AI.
by Usbek & Rica - about 7 hours
Dans Eat the night, film hybride à la croisée des conventions geeks et du conte queer, Pablo et sa sœur Apolline s’évadent de leur quotidien en jouant à Darknoon, un jeu vidéo qui les a vus grandir. En salles depuis le 17 juillet.
by HackAdAy - about 7 hours
Designing combinatorial digital circuits seems like it should be easy. After all, you can do everything you want with just AND, OR, and NOT gates. Bonus points if you have an XOR gate, but you can build everything you need for combinatorial logic with just those three components. If all you want to do is design something to turn on the light when the ignition is on AND door 1 is open OR door 2 is open, you won’t have any problems. However, for more complex scenarios, how we do things has changed several times.
In the old days, you’d just design the tubes or transistor circuits you needed to develop your logic. If you were wiring up everything by hand anyway, you might as well. But then came modules like...
by KCRW - about 7 hours
Soul-jazz-hip-hop stalwart José James hits KCRW with his fifth(!) performance, sharing highlights from “1978” — his most soulful, funky, and political album yet.
by Toute l'Europe - about 8 hours
Ursula von der Leyen devant les eurodéputés le 18 juillet 2024, jour de sa réélection - Crédits : Alexis Haulot / Parlement européen Depuis les débuts de la construction européenne, les modalités de l’élection du président de l’exécutif européen ont beaucoup évolué. Avant 2014, un choix quasi discrétionnaire des dirigeants européens En 1957, le traité de Rome prévoit que “les membres de la Commission sont nommés d’un commun accord par les gouvernements des Etats membres”. Le président de l’institution est donc choisi à la discrétion des chefs d’Etat et de gouvernement, qui s’accordent généralement autour d’une personnalité consensuelle, sans engagement partisan trop...
by Toute l'Europe - about 8 hours
Valérie Hayer est la présidente du groupe Renew Europe depuis le 25 janvier 2024 - Crédits : Alexis Haulot / Parlement européen 76 élus, 20 pays Le groupe Renew Europe (RE) est le successeur direct de l’Alliance des démocrates et des libéraux pour l’Europe (ADLE). Rejointe par les élus français de Renaissance (ex La République en marche) et leurs confrères roumains de la liste USR-PLUS (Union Sauvez la Roumanie et Parti de la liberté, de l’unité et de la solidarité), la nouvelle formation centriste créée le 12 juin 2019 sont la cinquième force politique du Parlement européen, après une perte de 23 sièges par rapport à la précédente mandature. Ses 76 élus représentent désormais...
by Toute l'Europe - about 9 hours
Ursula von der Leyen exulte à l’annonce des résultats de sa réélection. Désormais, elle a la tâche de former un nouveau collège des commissaires qui sera soumis au vote des députés européens - Crédits : Philippe Stirnweiss / Parlement européen Fin du suspense. Ce jeudi 18 juillet 2024 en début d’après-midi, Ursula von der Leyen a été réélue présidente de la Commission européenne pour un second mandat de cinq ans (2024-2029). L’Allemande de 65 ans a recueilli les votes de 401 des 719 députés européens qui composent actuellement cette 10e législature du Parlement européen, soit une majorité absolue des élus qui siègent à Strasbourg. Dans le détail, sur les 707 votants, 401...
by Buzzfeed - about 10 hours
Sorry, but if you like waiting forever for good things to happen, this post just isn't for you.View Entire Post ›
by Torrentfreak - about 11 hours
While movie and TV show piracy is increasingly attracting for-profit piracy operations, pirate libraries continue to wave an ideological flag. Portals such as Sci-Hub, LibGen, and Z-Library say they strive to collect and preserve as much written content as possible. That includes books, academic papers, and magazines. This preservation drift has awakened book publishers and other rightsholders. In recent years, we’ve seen several high-profile enforcement efforts and civil lawsuits. In addition, the U.S. Government also launched a criminal prosecution of two alleged Z-Library operators.
While all eyes were on Z-Library in late 2022, a new shadow library search engine opened its doors. With its non-nonsense...
by Usbek & Rica - about 11 hours
Transport, restauration, hébergement, construction… Les grands événements sportifs sont loin d’être exemplaires sur le plan écologique. Voici quelques pistes pour améliorer leur bilan carbone sans risquer de les dénaturer.
by Toute l'Europe - about 12 hours
Reconquête compte une élue et La France fière quatre élus au sein du Parlement européen à l’issue des élections européennes de 2024 - Crédits : Parlement européen | Reconquête En recueillant 5,47 % des voix lors des élections européennes de 2024 en France, Reconquête est parvenu à remplir son objectif principal : envoyer des représentants au Parlement européen. Le parti d’extrême droite, créé en 2021 par Eric Zemmour pour soutenir sa candidature à l’élection présidentielle, compte désormais une députée européenne au sein de l’hémicycle strasbourgeois, Sarah Knafo. Quatre autres députés européens sont issus de la même liste, “La France fière” : Marion Maréchal,...
by Les Décodeurs - about 13 hours
La XVIIᵉ législature devrait s’ouvrir, jeudi, par les élections aux postes-clés de l’Assemblée nationale. Les dix-sept ministres élus députés sont conviés à prendre part aux votes, mais leur participation pourrait être jugée inconstitutionnelle.
by Usbek & Rica - about 13 hours
Il y a un siècle, un scientifique anglais a réuni un millier de variétés locales de blé aux quatre coins du monde. Une « mine d'or » que des chercheurs viennent d'analyser sur le plan génétique, y décelant des pistes prometteuses pour cultiver un blé plus résistant et plus « durable ».
by Korben - about 14 hours
Si vous faites du support client dans le cadre de votre boulot, vous avez peut-être besoin d’une solution de helpdesk, alors pourquoi ne pas opter pour FreeScout ? C’est un super outil open source et gratuit qui va vous permettre de traiter les demandes de vos clients, de tout centraliser, d’accéder facilement à l’historique complet des conversations, collaborer en temps réel et ainsi proposer un support de qualité. Vous pouvez comme ça, assigner des tickets à des agents spécifiques, définir des priorités, ajouter des tags et même automatiser certaines tâches récurrentes. Vous pourrez même personnaliser chaque aspect de votre portail de support, des formulaires de contact aux modèles de...
by KCRW - about 14 hours
Nonprofit Heal the Bay is out with its annual report card on water quality at CA beaches. It found that rainy winters may be making the ocean more toxic.