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by Société de Géographie - about 5 minutes
Retrouvez en vidéo la conférence donnée le 16 mai 2024 par Antigone Schilling et intitulée
« Géographie des parfums ».
by BBC - about 13 minutes
Dublin Airport says the Boeing 787-9 dreamliner experienced turbulence while airborne over Turkey.
by BBC - about 16 minutes
Hamas fires rockets towards the Tel Aviv area in central Israel for the first time in months.
by Courrier International - about 27 minutes
Construit à l’intérieur d’anciens silos à céréales, ce musée a été inauguré le 11 mai dans la ville norvégienne de Kristiansand. Le Kunstsilo, projet lancé par le millionnaire Nicolai Tangen, abrite une vaste collection d’art moderne nordique. Le chroniqueur architecture de “The Guardian” a visité le musée.
by Courrier International - about 30 minutes
Pourquoi réserver le théâtre à des espaces fermés où l’on se rend le soir, après une journée de travail ? Pendant huit semaines, le festival All Greeks se propose de rendre cet art à la ville. Trente-deux tragédies grecques sont proposées gratuitement au public. Elles n’ont rien perdu de leur actualité, observe la presse.
by BBC - about 35 minutes
The land is still sliding and rescue is difficult, the head of the UN migration agency says.
by Courrier International - about 40 minutes
L’intensification des violences des groupes djihadistes et la mainmise de ces derniers sur de nombreux axes routiers se répercutent particulièrement sur les activités des commerçantes du secteur informel, selon un reportage de la “Cenozo”.
by Buzzfeed - about 44 minutes
Beware of grilling fish!View Entire Post ›
by Courrier International - about 53 minutes
Pour la première fois depuis plusieurs mois, des roquettes ont ciblé le centre et le nord d’Israël dimanche 26 mai. Une attaque menée par les Brigades Ezzedine Al-Qassam depuis la région de Rafah, dans le sud de la bande de Gaza, selon “Ha’Aretz”.
by Korben - about 56 minutes
Vous rêvez de créer des visuels de fou pour vos réseaux sociaux ? Ne cherchez plus, SocialScreenshots est là ! Développé par Gabriel, un jeune développeur toulousain de 29 ans, cet outil ingénieux vous permet de capturer, recadrer et améliorer vos captures d’écran en quelques clics, directement depuis votre navigateur. Inspiré par l’interface de Screen Studio, Gab a développé son site uniquement avec ReactJS et canvas, en créant lui-même tout l’habillage et le résultat est très sympa ! Grâce à ce site, vous pouvez créer un screenshot directement depuis un site web, puis le recadrer automatiquement au format voulu (Pour X, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin et les résolutions d’écran...
by The Verge - about 56 minutes
Illustration: The Verge Apple will finally tell its own AI story at WWDC 2024, but it may not mean the sorts of showy features demoed by the likes of Google, Microsoft, or OpenAI. Instead, the event may see Apple rolling out basic AI features like transcribing voice memos or auto-generated emoji — and announcing a rumored partnership with OpenAI, according to Mark Gurman’s Power On newsletter for Bloomberg today. Recent rumors have held that Apple will be allowing chatbots to integrate more deeply into its operating systems, and it seems that OpenAI is getting the first crack at that with ChatGPT. But Apple is still working on an agreement with Google to do the same with Gemini, according to Gurman. It’s...
by QZ - about 1 hour
After a week in which the Nasdaq reached a new all-time high and Ether ETFs received SEC approval, standouts in the upcoming week include several earnings reports, new economic data — and potentially some more action in the crypto market.Read more...
by BBC - about 1 hour
Authorities say the death toll is likely to rise as a search and rescue operation is mounted.
by io9 - about 1 hour
Image: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty ImagesDisney announced revered composer Richard Sherman passed away on Saturday from “age-related illnesses.” He was 95 years old. Dubbed a “key member” of Walt Disney’s creative inner circle, Sherman was born on June 12, 1928. He and his older brother Robert (who passed in 2012) were part of a double act called the Sherman Brothers that started writing songs together after being challenged by their father Al, himself a popular songwriter. Robert founded the Music World Corporation in 1958, which would come to work with Disney’s broadcast music company Wonderland. The success of the brothers’ single “Tall Paul” (as sung by Mouseketeer Annette Funicello) drew...
by HackAdAy - about 2 hours
Some people trick out their cars. Some, their computers. There are even people who max out their audio systems, although back in 1979, there was more of that going on, probably, than today where you discresionary income is split so many ways. Case in point: [Alan Cross] remembers how excited he was to get the Radio Shack catalog that year. He was working at a grocery store, saved his money, and — over time — picked up a haul ranging from an equalizer to a strobe light.
Who didn’t need a power meter or a “light organ?” These gadgets seem cheap until you realize it was 1979 and [Alan] was a student working at a grocery store. He points out that the $20 power meter is about the same as $80 today. Not...
by Wired - about 2 hours
The company has a dizzying array of streaming sticks, boxes, and soundbars to choose from, but don’t worry—these are the ones to buy.
by The Verge - about 2 hours
Image: Samar Haddad / The Verge From the earliest pixelated games to the outrageously realistic experiences of today, flight simulators have always been pushing the boundaries of what can be visually recreated in a video game. It’s one thing to make space look good; it’s another thing entirely to faithfully recreate the cockpit of a 747 and the whole world around which it might fly.
On this episode of The Vergecast, the fourth and final installment of our series on the five senses of video games, we asked Polygon’s Charlie Hall to help us make sense of the current state of the art in flight simulation. Hall, who once spent more than four months in VR mapping the edge of the Milky Way galaxy in Elite:...
by Le Monde - about 3 hours
Les frappes russes sur un magasin de bricolage dans la ville ukrainienne de Kharkiv, samedi, ont fait 16 morts et 43 blessés, annonce le gouverneur régional, Oleh Synehoubov.
by Le Monde - about 3 hours
Les sirènes d’alarme de l’armée israélienne n’avaient pas retenti à Tel-Aviv depuis quatre mois. Au moins huit roquettes ont été tirées de Rafah, à l’extrême sud de la bande de Gaza.
by Wired - about 3 hours
Spotify favors serving up algorithmically curated playlists instead of complete albums. If you love a long-player, here are some tips to regain control of your listening sessions.
by Torrentfreak - about 3 hours
Three years ago, Bungie filed a complaint at a federal court in Seattle, accusing Destiny 2 cheat seller of copyright and trademark infringement, among other things. The same accusations were also made against Phoenix Digital Group, the operating company behind the website, and third-party developer James May.
AimJunkies denied the claims and argued that cheating isn’t against the law. In addition, it refuted the copyright infringement allegations; these lacked substance because some of the referenced copyrights were registered well after the cheats were first made available, AimJunkies said.
Landmark Trial in Seattle, Washington
After years of legal twists and turns, the case went to trial...
by Le Monde - about 3 hours
Dans les quartiers balnéaires du sud de la ville portuaire, les badauds tentent d’oublier les violences, mais la montée des tensions est dans toutes les têtes.
by Wired - about 3 hours
From smart displays to soundbars, Google’s voice assistant comes in all shapes and sizes. Here are our favorites.
by BBC - about 4 hours
Exploration of a 300-year-old wreck in the Caribbean Sea with an estimate £16bn trove starts.
by Le Monde - about 4 hours
L’association Sungai Watch tente, depuis 2020, de freiner la pollution plastique dans les rivières indonésiennes. Fondée par une fratrie française, elle n’hésite pas à faire pression sur les principales multinationales à l’origine des déchets.
by Buzzfeed - about 4 hours
Keeping a jar opener around is far better than being forced to date someone with strong forearms.View Entire Post ›
by Le Monde - about 4 hours
Longtemps incertain, le corps meurtri par les blessures, l’Espagnol s’apprête à entamer, lundi face à Alexander Zverev, son dix-neuvième tournoi sur la terre battue parisienne. Et vraisemblablement le dernier.
by The Verge - about 4 hours
Image: David Pierce / The Verge Hi, friends! Welcome to Installer No. 39, your guide to the best and Verge-iest stuff in the world. (If you’re new here, welcome, get ready for gadgets this week, and also, you can read all the old editions at the Installer homepage.) This week, I’ve been writing about Surfaces and other tablets, chatting with some internet friends about the fall of Red Lobster, reading about Magic: The Gathering and the history of emoji, watching MoviePass, MovieCrash, weeding my patio with a literal flamethrower, and for some reason, eating a lot of popcorn. Like, a lot of popcorn.
I also have for you a bunch of cool new gadgets, a new YouTube channel you’re going to love, a new-old...
by HackAdAy - about 5 hours
For small electronics projects, prototyping a design on a breadboard is a must to iron out kinks in the design and ensure everything works properly before a final version is created. The power supply for the breadboard is often overlooked, with newcomers to electronics sometimes using a 9V battery and regulator or a cheap USB supply to get a quick 5V source. We might eventually move on to hacking together an ATX power supply, or the more affluent among us might spring for a variable, regulated bench supply, but this power supply built specifically for breadboards might thread the needle for this use case much better than other options.
The unique supply is hosted on a small PCB with two breakout rails that...
by Wired - about 5 hours
It’s been nearly 50 years since Jaws and Star Wars turned summer moviegoing into an endless parade of family-friendly fandom flicks. This year promises something blessedly more bleak.
by Wired - about 5 hours
Using machine learning, string theorists are finally showing how microscopic configurations of extra dimensions translate into sets of elementary particles—though not yet those of our universe.
by Buzzfeed - about 5 hours
"I can't live without this cleansing oil; it's magic in a bottle."View Entire Post ›
by Zataz - about 6 hours
Des fraudeurs ont trouvé un nouveau stratagème, cette fois en utilisant la fluorographie médicale. Leur méthode repose sur une offre d'examen médical gratuit, prétendument pris en charge par les caisses d'assurance maladie....
by Zataz - about 6 hours
Le service de veille ZATAZ a repéré une étrange adresse web aux couleurs de Disney. Une cyberattaque imminente sous couvert des oreilles de Mickey ?...
by Zataz - about 6 hours
Le tournoi de Roland-Garros vient de débuter, et des pirates informatiques ont mis en ligne de faux sites aux couleurs de la marque Lacoste....
by Human Progress - about 6 hours
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by Human Progress - about 6 hours
Sign up for our newsletter to receive these emails in your inbox. Plant breeding has come a long way. When the famed agronomist Norman Borlaug was developing his rust-resistant wheat variety in mid-20th-century Mexico, he lacked the detailed understanding of DNA’s role in heredity that we have today. Instead, he based his work on observed traits, crossing plants with desired characteristics and hoping their offspring developed the best features of both parents. It was imprecise and arduous work. In The Wizard and the Prophet, a book that includes a biography of Borlaug, the American journalist Charles C. Mann writes: “Genetically speaking, high-volume crossbreeding is equivalent to throwing a huge number...
by The Verge - about 6 hours
Bambu P1P vs. Creality K1C: an ‘easy’ 3D printer showdown. Continue reading…
by QZ - about 7 hours
OpenAI announced its new flagship model ChatGPT-4o, or GPT-4 Omni, in mid-May, which can verbally respond to voice commands. Read more...
by HackAdAy - about 8 hours
Building a retro computer of some sort is a rite of passage for many of us, with some building replicas or restorations of old Commodores, Ataris, and other machines from decades past. Others go even further back, to the time of the Intel 8008 or earlier, and a dedicated few will build something completely novel. This project from [3DSage] falls squarely in the latter category, with his completely DIY computer built component by component from scratch, including the machine code needed to run it.
[3DSage] starts with the backbone of every computer: the clock. He first demonstrates how a pair of NOT gates with a set of capacitors can be used as a rudimentary clock pulse, then builds a more refined version with...
by The Verge - about 9 hours
Ventje’s eVentje. The eVentje custom buildout is a worthy all-electric successor to the iconic VW Camper. Continue reading…
by Korben - about 9 hours
Vous en avez marre que votre carte graphique soit bridée sous Linux ? Vous rêvez de pouvoir overclocker votre GPU comme un pro pour booster les perfs dans vos jeux préférés ? Alors laissez-moi vous présenter votre nouveau meilleur pote : CoreCtrl ! Ce logiciel open source va vous permettre d’exploiter enfin tout le potentiel de votre GPU AMD sans vous prendre la tête. Plus besoin d’être un champion de la ligne de commande pour régler les fréquences, les voltages et autres joyeusetés. Avec CoreCtrl, tout se fait en quelques clics depuis une interface super facile à prendre en main. L’outil embarque une tripotée de fonctionnalités pour les power users. Vous pourrez par exemple créer des...
by KCRW - about 9 hours
Medicine has seen many changes over the past 30 years, but AI will be a disruptive game changer.
by daryo Bluesky - about 10 hours
La position ambivalente de l'Union européenne sur le gaz algérien
by Journal du Lapin - about 10 hours
Un jour, je me pencherais sérieusement sur le cas des disques de démonstration d’Epson, utilisés pour plus ou moins recycler la Pippin à la fin des années nonante. Mais aujourd’hui, je vous montre juste la photo d’un disque qui n’était pas documenté. Pour le moment, j’ai juste une photo : il est en vente avec une Pippin @World complète, donc c’est un peu cher pour juste un disque. C’est le disque COLO-CLUB-A Version 2, pour l’imprimante MJ-830C. C’est donc probablement le disque qui va avec la boîte montrée sur ce site de référence. Et il y a donc au moins quatre disques Epson différents pour la console. Pour le moment, je n’ai pas encore réussi à en trouver un.
Le disque (à...
by Le Taurillon - about 10 hours
Alors que l'Alsace n'apparaît plus sur les cartes administratives françaises, englobée désormais dans le contesté Grand Est, l'identité européenne de la région historique reste, quant à elle, intacte. En effet, que cela soit à Strasbourg, à Ensisheim, à Neuf-Brisach ou à Niederschaeffolsheim, l'Europe n'est pas lointaine, elle est quotidienne ! Entre France et Allemagne, l'Alsace, de front à trait d'Union
Situés entre la France et l'Allemagne, l'Alsace et les Alsaciens ont toujours été au cœur des affrontements entre les deux ensembles. Sans remonter aux révolus Royaume de France et Saint Empire romain-germanique, le joug de la province fut une raison directe, ou indirecte, de trois guerres...
by HackAdAy - about 11 hours
The Surface Arc is a designed-for-travel mouse that carries flat, but curves into shape for use. It even turns on when it’s bent and shuts itself off when it’s flat. The device isn’t particularly new, but [Mr Teardown] was a bit surprised at the lack of details about what’s inside so tears it down in a video to reveal just how the mechanism works.
The mechanism somewhat resembles a beaver’s tail, and locks into place thanks to a magnetic connector at the base that holds the device’s shape.
The snap-action of the bending is accomplished with the help of a magnetic connection near the bottom end of the mouse’s “tail”, locking it into place when flexed. Interestingly, the on and off...
by Usbek & Rica - about 11 hours
Pour le scientifique Jacques Neirynck, le climatiseur est l’emblème d’une société qui oppose « des solutions sommaires, rentables pour certains et inefficaces pour les autres, à un problème qui pourrait être résolu par des mesures plus efficaces ». Entretien.
by HackAdAy - about 14 hours
According to Smithsonian Magazine, a salvage company in London was cleaning out a property and found an odd-looking computer device. No one knew what it was, and they couldn’t find anything with a quick online search. The devices in question were two ultra-rare Q1 computers dating from the early 1970s.
While these machines looked formidable, they contained Intel 8008 CPUs but did have built-in screens, keyboards, and printers. The two machines had a few minutes of fame at Kingston University London and are now for sale. They will probably bring about $60,000 each. Not bad for salvage junk. Ironically, the $60,000 price tag is lower than the original cost, reported at $90,000. The article reports that many...
by Hiram - about 18 hours
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Cet article Vidéo : un « Paris maçonnique » bien complotiste est apparu en premier sur
by Hiram - about 18 hours
Un communiqué de la commission Europe de la Fédération Française de l’Ordre Maçonnique Mixte International LE DROIT HUMAIN Le 24 mai 2024 Votons aux élections européennes du 9 juin 2024 Le 9 juin prochain, les 359 millions d’électeurs européens sont appelés à élire au suffrage universel direct à un tour leurs représentants au Parlement européen pour les cinq prochaines […]
Cet article Communiqué du DH sur les élections européennes est apparu en premier sur
by Hiram - about 18 hours
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Cet article La photo maçonnique du dimanche 26 mai 2024 est apparu en premier sur
by Autheuil - yesterday at 23:12
Cela fait pas loin de 20 ans que je suis parisien, et pour la première fois, j’en viens à me demander s’il ne faudrait pas envisager de quitter Paris, tellement la vie quotidienne va en se dégradant. Je fais le constat très personnel (donc hautement subjectif) que ma qualité de vie est en baisse, et […]
by Les Décodeurs - yesterday at 23:08
L’attaquant de 25 ans, qui a disputé son dernier match avec PSG face à l’OL en Coupe de France, a battu, en huit ans, de nombreux records.
by daryo Bluesky - yesterday at 23:00
Vous avez déjà vu ça au dos d’un iPad Air 2022 ? Ça n’a pas l’air de s’enlever
by io9 - yesterday at 22:00
Image: ParamountThere’s been a number of dormant horror franchises that’ve been revived in the past few years—your Alien, Halloween, Strangers, and so on. (Sorry, Jason.) Several of these have come courtesy of Blumhouse, and it’s now working to resurrect another old movie: My Bloody Valentine.Per Bloody Disgusting, the horror studio is in the early stages of developing a new film. At the moment, this is the only piece of information about the film: it’s not clear if this’ll be another remake, or a legacy sequel to either of the previous versions. It’s also not known who’s behind it, or if original director George Mihalka will have any kind of involvement.The original My Bloody Valentine...
by io9 - yesterday at 20:50
Image: Avalanche Studios/WB GamesThe newly released Furiosa has the world blazing with Mad Max fever. Some are celebrating the occasion by rewatching 2015's Fury Road, if not all four movies. Others are thinking about what could’ve been, particularly as it pertains to the 2015 Mad Max game from Just Cause creator Avalanche Studios.During a recent interview with Gaming Bible at Cannes, franchise director George Miller talked about the game, which he isn’t too hot on. He was candid in calling it “not as good as I wanted it to be.” To him, it failed because the team had to “give all our material” to Avalanche instead of being involved directly, and “I’m one of those people that i’d rather not do...
by Torrentfreak - yesterday at 19:55
Good news concerning AI development often finds itself dampened by reports of models hallucinating, providing misleading responses, or simply inventing facts that are anything but. This week Michael Kearns of Penn Engineering wrote about “model disgorgement,” a potential solution that forces models to purge themselves of “content that leads to copyright infringement or biased responses.”
From our admittedly very narrow perspective, that proposition couldn’t be more ironic.
Living The LLM Dream – Mostly…
Since hosting your own LLMs is now so easy, having a few to hand to test out opportunities for TF has turned into quite the habit. Most of the ‘big brand’ LLMs such as Llama 2 and 3, Mistral,...
by Paul Jorion - yesterday at 18:55
Illustration par DALL·E à partir du texte
L’Éthicien, le 25 mai 2024
Par Kwame Anthony Appiah
Aujourd’hui, l’éditorialiste du New York Times Magazine répond à la question d’un lecteur sur les plateformes d’intelligence artificielle et s’il est hypocrite pour les enseignants d’utiliser ces outils tout en interdisant aux étudiants de faire de même.
Puis-je utiliser l’IA pour noter les devoirs de mes élèves ?
Je suis professeur d’anglais dans un collège. Au cours de l’année scolaire en cours, il y a eu une augmentation significative de la fraude des élèves sur les devoirs en utilisant l’intelligence artificielle. Notre département estime que les élèves de 13 ans ne...