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par QZ - il y a 26 minutes
Some senior political leaders, who were in important positions during the late 1980s, claim that overtures were made to Atal Bihari Vajpayee to quit the BJP and join the fledgling Janata Dal at that time. Along with Atal, another BJP stalwart, Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, was also similarly approached.
The duo were told that they would have no long-term future in the BJP because it was abandoning its original Gandhian philosophy and was being converted into a party with a Hindu ideology. Thus it would make more sense for them to join the Janata Dal, which would be a party like the Janata Party, on whose principles Atal had sought to construct the BJP.
These leaders say that both Atal and Shekhawat wavered for a...
par QZ - il y a 33 minutes
It’s been only three years since China abandoned its infamous one-child policy, in place since 1979. Now, the country of 1.3 billion that once used to fine people for having more than one child, is floating the idea of mandatory contributions to a fund to encourage people to have more children.
The suggestion came from an Aug. 14 commentary (link in Chinese) in Xinhua Daily, a Communist Party-affiliated newspaper in China’s eastern Jiangsu province. Its authors, both from a local university, suggested that all citizens under age 40 be required to pay into a fertility fund based on salary. Parents can get the money out when having a second child, the idea being to compensate for the loss of income faced by...
par Fubiz - il y a 54 minutes
Situé dans le quartier d’affaires de Singapour, l’Oasia Hotel, un gratte-ciel « tropical », prend place au milieu des buildings. Cette incroyable oeuvre architecturale haute de 190 mètres a été imaginée par le cabinet d’architectes singapourien WOHA et l’architecte-designer espagnole Patricia Urquiola. Né d’une fusion entre architecture et nature, il se compose à la fois d’énormes espaces intérieurs et extérieurs.
Crédits : WOHA – Patrick Bingham – K. Kopter Luxe, confort, beauté et écoresponsabilité sont les maîtres-mots qui définissent le monument : « Le projet combine des solutions novatrices pour optimiser l’usage du sol dans une approche tropicale, tout en créant...
par France Inter - il y a 1 heure
Violaine Carrère, Juriste, chargée d'étude au GISTI (Groupe d'information et de soutien des immigrés) et Virginie Guiraudon, sociologue politique et directrice de recherche au CNRS sont les invitées du grand entretien à 8h20.
par QZ - il y a 2 heures
For most of us, booking a hotel room is an equation of convenience, affordability, and comfort. But for hotel points obsessives, each night away from home is a strategic stop on the way to the promised land of elite status.
Points- and status-chasers can be a mystifying bunch. The basic premise is this: By staying only in hotels that fall under a chosen loyalty program—and generally using co-branded credit cards to book them—status chasers rack up a slew of benefits at different tiers. This can range from late checkout and free breakfast all the way to free stays in ultra luxury properties. For the most part, people who have to travel for business use the points and status they amass while working to use...
par France Inter - il y a 2 heures
André Manoukian, compositeur, pianiste, comédien, animateur TV & radio est l'invité de 7h50.
par QZ - il y a 2 heures
Amit Pasricha’s lens looks at India the way few others do. One of the foremost panoramic photographers in the country, he uses a technique that stitches together multiple images to create a single image that is far larger or wider than a camera can capture, or indeed the human eye can take in at a glance.
A third-generation photographer, Pasricha, 51, has worked on several projects that have been turned into highly acclaimed coffee-table books. They include India at Home, a fascinating account of people from across India captured in their homes, and The Sacred India Book, which examines the role of religion in everyday life, all shot in his signature panoramic style.
India Lost and Found, Pasricha’s new...
par France Inter - il y a 2 heures
“Freedom freedom !” s’exclame–t-elle. Aretha Franklin chante "Think" dans Tubes & Co au petit matin. Une chanson de l’année 1968 qui connut une deuxième naissance en 1980.
par HackAdAy - il y a 3 heures
We’ve all got a box full of old PCBs, just waiting to be stripped of anything useful. [Dennis1a4] decided to do something with his, turning it into an attractive mosaic that he hung on the wall of his new workshop. But this isn’t just a pile of old PCBs: [Dennis1a4] decided to use the LEDs that were on many of the old boards, creating a blinky junk build. That’s kind of neat in itself, but he then decided to go further, building in an IR receiver so he could control the blinkiness, and a PIR sensor that detected when someone was near the mosaic.
This whole setup is controlled by an ATMega328p  that is driving a couple of PCF8575 port expanders that drive the LEDs. These blink in Morse code patterns....
par Le Taurillon - il y a 3 heures
Du 2 au 5 août a eu lieu le principal festival de musique électronique d'Europe de l'Est, le festival Untold dans la ville roumaine de Cluj-Napoca. Ce rendez-vous de la jeunesse européenne est soutenu depuis son origine par l'Union européenne. Cluj, la capitale de la nuit et de la magie
Capitale européenne de la jeunesse en 2015, la ville universitaire de Cluj-Napoca, en Roumanie avait créé pour l'occasion le festival Untold. Avec un budget initial de trois millions d'euro et Avicii, David Guetta et Armin van Buuren en tête d'affiche, le festival a réussi dès son lancement à s'imposer comme le Tomorrowland d'Europe de l'Est et à rassembler plus de 240.000 jeunes dont plusieurs dizaines de milliers...
par France Inter - il y a 3 heures
L'hommage à Aretha Franklin, à Detroit, la ville de son enfance. Les fans de la chanteuse disparue hier se pressent devant l'église où son père était pasteur, et où elle avait appris à chanter.
par Usbek & Rica - il y a 3 heures
Seules 18 % des biographies Wikipédia sont dédiées à des femmes, alors que 9 Wikipédiens sur 10 sont des hommes.
par The Verge - il y a 3 heures
Tesla is said to be looking for a COO or other number 2 executive to work directly under Elon Musk following concerns over the CEO’s recent erratic behavior, according to a report in The New York Times. Musk told the Times in an interview that Tesla approached Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg about the job two years ago, but says “there is no active search right now” as far as he’s aware. The Times’ sources say otherwise. Some board members are reportedly “angered” over Musk’s recent chaotic exploits on Twitter in particular, from the seemingly spontaneous announcement of a plan to take Tesla private to the ugly public spats with analysts and cave divers. The board is also said to be concerned with...
par QZ - il y a 3 heures
As India celebrated its 71st Independence Day on Aug. 15, the southern coastal state of Kerala was being ravaged by the worst floods in nearly 100 years. Here are 10 numbers that show the intensity of the devastation in the state:
915% more rainfall
…than usual received by Kerala on Independence Day. Over the past seven days, the state has received 257% excess rainfall.
14 districts
…which is the entire state, are on red alert. All of Kerala’s 44 rivers are overflowing.
A drowning man being rescued on the outskirts of Kochi, Kerala, on Aug. 16, 2018.
256 dead
…since the rains began in May. This includes over 20 lives lost on Aug. 15 alone. The search for missing people is currently on.
par Courrier International - il y a 4 heures
“Divine” pour Barack Obama, “unique” pour Elton John, Aretha Franklin, disparue jeudi à l’âge de 76 ans, “laisse un trou béant dans l’identité culturelle américaine”, tant par son génie musical que par son engagement politique.
par The Verge - il y a 4 heures
Google CEO Sundar Pichai and co-founder Sergey Brin have addressed the controversy over “Dragonfly,” reportedly an effort to re-enter the Chinese market with a news and search product, in an all-hands meeting with employees. Pichai described the effort as “exploratory” and in the “early stages,” according to a transcript obtained by Bloomberg. “We are not close to launching a search product in China,” he told employees. “And whether we would do so or could so is all very unclear.”
The Dragonfly project would reportedly involve censoring information in accordance with the Chinese government’s demands, which has prompted some employees to protest the company’s secrecy over the matter....
par HackAdAy - il y a 6 heures
You step out of the audience onto a stage, and a hypnotist hands you a potato chip. The chip is salty and crunchy and you are convinced the chip is genuine. Now, replace the ordinary potato chip with a low-sodium version and replace the hypnotist with an Arduino. [Nimesha Ranasinghe] at the University of Maine’s Multisensory Interactive Media Lab wants to trick people into eating food with less salt by telling our tongues that we taste more salt than the recipe calls for with the help of electrical pulses controlled by everyone’s (least) favorite microcontroller.
Eating Cheetos with chopsticks is a famous lifehack but eating unsalted popcorn could join the list if these chopsticks take hold and people want...
par io9 - il y a 8 heures
Do you love science fiction and/or Disney theme parks? Well, you may want to hold your breath. Next week in Los Angeles, there’s an auction of vintage Disneyland memorabilia.Read more...
par HackAdAy - il y a 9 heures
Regular Hackaday readers are surely familiar with Nixie tubes: the fantastically retro cold cathode display devices that hackers have worked into all manner of devices (especially timepieces) to give them an infusion of glowing faux nostalgia. But unfortunately, Nixie displays are fairly fragile and can be tricky to drive due to their high voltage requirements. For those who might want to work with something more forgiving, a possible alternative is the Numitron that uses incandescent filaments for each segment.
There hasn’t been a lot of prior-art that utilizes Numitrons, but that might be changing, given how fantastic this wristwatch created by [Dycus] looks. With a multi-day battery life, daylight...
par io9 - il y a 9 heures
It was a cute joke at the beginning. “I watch Game of Thrones, but there are so many characters, I can’t keep them all straight.” But then the show got a second season, a third season, and became one of the biggest, most popular TV shows in history. Names like Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Brienne of Tarth, and Arya…Read more...
par The Verge - il y a 10 heures
Good news for the more than 1 billion WhatsApp users out there: starting this November, you won’t need to sacrifice valuable Google Drive storage space to back up your messages. Until now, any WhatsApp data that was backed up onto Google’s Drive counted toward the space you had available in the cloud. But the Facebook-owned company cut a deal with Google to make those backups completely free, even while staying inside your personal account. It’s a handy way to keep tabs on all of your messages if you lose or break a phone that you use for messaging on the regular.
WhatsApp is a little different from other texting apps that store messages on their servers: it requires users to back up their messages to...
par Le Taurillon - il y a 10 heures
This summer, you can read our French sister edition Le Taurillon's summer print version edited for JEF-France's Europe En Vacances project. It's an occasion to get readers to travel around with the help of postcards. Today's postcard comes from Cyprus! Cyprus, the island of Aphrodite, the forgotten small country at the east of the Mediterranean
Often mixed up with Malta or Crete, Cyprus is truly a little gem. It's hot (actually very hot in the summer – 40 degrees!), the water is beautiful and the Cypriots are welcoming – what else could you ask for? Despite its small size, its multimillennial cultural and natural heritage can proudly rival those of the old lands of the continent.
Are you dreaming of...
par io9 - hier à 23:00
There’s an air to Voltron: Legendary Defender’s seventh season that telegraphs the fact that the show is soon coming to an end, but it’s also shot through with a forward momentum suggesting that there might be more to the series’ story even beyond the impending final season.Read more...
par The Verge - hier à 22:54
Doja Cat (real name: Amala Zandile Dlamini) is a 22-year-old LA artist who makes music she’s described as “trappy-go-lucky,” and this week she’s scored her latest viral hit in “Mooo!” — where she raps the chorus “bitch, I’m a cow” while dancing around her bedroom in front of a homemade green screen while dressed in a cow costume. The video quickly blew up the internet, earning 1.3 million views in six-ish days. Dlamini told Noisey the idea came from one of her regular Instagram Live sessions, where she says she hangs out with her fans to produce and write — “50-60 people” a session, in her words. Some of those people thought her freestyling about cows was funny, and urged her to write...
par The Verge - hier à 22:38
A former member of Tesla’s in-house security team has told the Securities and Exchange Commission that the company silenced internal investigations into alleged criminal activity at the Gigafactory in Nevada, according to a summary of his formal complaint. Those investigations focused on claims of massive theft and “substantial drug trafficking.” The complaint also includes allegations that Tesla spied on employees’ electronic devices.
It’s the second known whistleblower complaint from a former Tesla employee filed with the SEC this summer. The news was first reported by Jalopnik.
Karl Hansen, the former employee, claims that Tesla was told in May by the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Storey...
par io9 - hier à 22:15
Welcome to the Gaming Shelf, io9's new roundup of tabletop gaming news, releases, updates, and interesting Kickstarter campaigns—focusing on sci-fi and fantasy games, with the occasional exception of course (Machi Koro is too cute to ignore!). Seeing as we’re on the heels of GenCon, board game companies have been…Read more...
par HackAdAy - hier à 22:00
Are you using Octoprint yet? It’s so much more than just a way to control your printer over the internet, or to keep tabs on it over webcam when you’re off at work or fetching a beer. The 3D printing community has rallied around Octoprint, creating all sorts of handy plug-ins like Octolapse, which lets you watch the print blossom from the bed via time-lapse video.
Hackaday alum [Jeremy S Cook] wanted to devise a 3D-printable mount for a Raspi camera after finding himself inspired by [Tom Nardi]’s excellent coverage of Octoprint and Octolapse. He recently bought a wire shelving unit to store his printer and printer accessories, and set to work. We love the design he came up with, which uses the...
par Torrentfreak - hier à 21:45
Last year several major record labels, represented by the RIAA, filed a lawsuit against ISP Grande Communications accusing it of turning a blind eye to pirating subscribers.
According to the RIAA, the Internet provider knew that some of its subscribers were frequently distributing copyrighted material, but failed to take any meaningful action in response.
Grande refuted the accusations and filed a motion to dismiss the case. The ISP partially succeeded as the claims against its management company Patriot were dropped. The same was true for the vicarious infringement allegations, as the court saw no evidence that the ISP had a direct financial interest in the infringing activity. The labels were not willing to...
par HackAdAy - hier à 19:01
I was always a sucker for art classes in my early days. There was something special about getting personal instruction while having those raw materials in your hands at the same time. Maybe it was the patient voice of the teacher or the taste of the crayons that finally got to my head. Either way, I started thinking: “I want to do this; I want to teach this stuff.”
Last year at Hackaday Superconference I got my chance. Hardware workshops with real hardware were so rare; I just had to bring one to the table! What follows is my tale of joys and woes bringing together a crew to take their first few steps into the world of cable-driven animatronics. If you’re thinking about getting your feet wet with...
par Paul Jorion - hier à 17:36
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par Le Taurillon - hier à 17:22
პლატფორმა Europe Elects ევროპაში ჩატარებული მასობრივი გამოკითხვის შედეგებს რეგულარულად აკვირდება. ეროვნულ დონეზე ჩატარებული წარმომადგენლობითი კვლევების მონაცემების გამოყენებით პლატფორმა ცდილობს განსაზღვროს თუ როგორ გადანაწილდება ევროპარლამენტში მანდატები მომავალ...
par Les Décodeurs - hier à 17:12
Plusieurs sites ont désigné les membres de la communauté des gens du voyage comme coupables de la fusillade de Beaune. Il n’en est rien.
par io9 - hier à 17:00
Amber fossils containing bugs are nothing new, but the discovery of a beautifully preserved Cretaceous Period beetle with bits of pollen still around it is changing what we know about the planet’s earliest pollinating insects. Read more...
par Fubiz - hier à 16:38
Le photographe allemand résidant à Munich ne cesse de nous impressionner grâce à ses clichés pris du ciel et sa précision à rendre justice à la richesse de la Terre. Tout en offrant des photographies à couper le souffle, l’artiste visuel et designer graphique souhaite porter notre attention sur les conséquences, parfois déplorables et parfois sublimes, de la vie humaine sur la nature. Ses oeuvres accompagnées de riches informations sont de véritables chefs-d’oeuvre engagés et esthétiques. Rencontre. Quel chemin vous a mené à devenir photographe?
J’ai étudié le design et la communication en Allemagne et au Royaume-Uni de 2011 à 2017. La photographie faisait partie de mes études, mais...
par Paul Jorion - hier à 16:37
Je commence par vous rappeler un billet publié ici il y a un an et demi. Je le fais suivre d’une mise à jour consistant en un commentaire de quatre captures d’écran de télévision hier dans la soirée.
Trump vs. CIA + FBI : un combat de titans !, le 24 février 2017 (Donald Trump est alors Président depuis 35 jours)
M. Trump mène ses affaires comme une entreprise dont le patron a le droit d’être le tyran implacable (rien ne l’interdit, n’est-ce pas ? malgré notre allégeance aux valeurs démocratiques). Mais pour le rayonnement extérieur de celle-ci, il lui faut nouer des alliances. M. Poutine a semblé à M. Trump, être un patron dans son genre : celui qui fait taire toute opposition par...
par Courrier International - hier à 16:24
L’interprète inoubliable de Respect s’est éteinte ce 16 août à Détroit. La presse rend hommage à une grande voix et à une femme engagée, icône du mouvement pour les droits civiques.
par France Inter - hier à 16:12
Lady Soul, comme la surnommaient ses très nombreux admirateurs, nous a quittés. Notre programmateur musical Thierry Dupin nous offre cette playlist hommage.
par Courrier International - hier à 16:06
La hausse serait due avant tout à l’explosion des décès impliquant des opioïdes de synthèse tels que le fentanyl.
par Les Décodeurs - hier à 15:33
De nombreux sites présentent la future mise en place, à la rentrée, de cours d’éducation sexuelle comme une mesure figurant dans le texte de la loi Schiappa, promulguée début août.
par FluxBlog - hier à 13:39
Jake Shears “Big Bushy Mustache”
First off, I am just so glad to have this guy back. I miss the Scissor Sisters very much, but some solo Jake Shears will do for now – especially since it all just sounds like Scissor Sisters anyway. There’s some magic missing without Baby Daddy and Ana Matronic, but Shears’ songwriting is still distinctive sharp.
“Big Bushy Mustache” is a funky fantasy about masculinity that’s based in a desire to emulate a certain kind of ’70s straight man. It’s a nostalgic song about a type of guy you don’t really see anymore – strong and bold and flashy, right on the edge of campy but not quite. If you see this dude today he’s probably queer, and emulating the vibe...
par Les Décodeurs - hier à 11:07
La députée Les Républicains des Bouches-du-Rhône a publié sur son compte Twitter une série de chiffres issus d’un contenu faux qui circule depuis janvier sur les réseaux sociaux.
par Torrentfreak - hier à 10:48
Back in May, TF broke the news that Justin Sun, the entrepreneur behind the popular cryptocurrency TRON, was in the process of acquiring BitTorrent Inc.
Two months later, BitTorrent Inc. and the TRON Foundation confirmed the acquisition.
“With this acquisition, BitTorrent will continue to provide high quality services for over 100M users around the world. We believe that joining the TRON network will further enhance BitTorrent and accelerate our mission of creating an Internet of options, not rules,” BitTorrent Inc. said.
TRON’s Justin Sun added that the acquisition of BitTorrent supports his foundation’s goal to decentralize the web but more concrete details beyond this vision have proven elusive. The...
par Fubiz - jeudi à 8:31
La seconde édition de la biennale du design de Londres aura lieu du 4 au 23 septembre et aura pour thème central «Les états émotionnels », le design affectant chaque aspect de notre vie, « influençant nos émotions, notre existence et nos expériences ».
De grandes problématiques seront soulevées à travers les oeuvres d’art d’une quarantaine d’artistes internationaux, telles que la durabilité, la pollution, l’énergie, la migration, les villes ou encore l’égalité sociale. Les installations et innovations sélectionnées seront proposées autour d’un parcours interactif et immersif. Concepteurs, innovateurs et organismes culturels les plus ambitieux du monde se réuniront lors de...
par Usbek & Rica - jeudi à 7:00
Installer une végétation propice aux insectes pollinisateurs dans les centrales solaires serait bénéfique pour les agriculteurs et salvateur pour les insectes.
par Le Taurillon - jeudi à 6:00
Cet été, retrouvez le Taurillon en vacances, notre édition papier estivale éditée pour le projet Europe En Vacances des Jeunes Européens - France. L'occasion de faire voyager nos lecteurs et lectrices à travers quelques cartes postales. Celle d'aujourd'hui nous vient de Chypre ! Chypre, l'île d'Aphrodite, le petit pays oublié tout à l'est de la Méditerranée… Souvent prise pour Malte ou pour la Crète, Chypre est un vrai petit bijou. Il fait chaud (vraiment très chaud l'été – 40° !), l'eau est belle et les Chypriotes sont accueillants, que demander de plus ? Malgré sa petite taille, son patrimoine multi-millénaire et naturel rivalise dignement avec nos bons vieux pays du continent.
par Le Taurillon - jeudi à 0:15
On 25 July, the European Union successfully launched four satellites from French Guiana. That was one of the last steps before the completion of the Galileo program, scheduled for 2020. This system, created to compete with the American GPS system, presently provides positioning and time measuring services to about 400 million users. Its goal is to make Europe independent from the USA in the fields of technology and digital advancement. Space is a major concern for the EU. This field demands a large budget and a reconciliation of national sovereign ambitions, but commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska managed to address the challenge. That challenge was all about changing the European Commission from an entity...
par Paul Jorion - mercredi à 19:07
Le Monde : Au « Média », le grand déballage se poursuit, le 15 août 2018
Un extrait de Le temps qu’il fait le 17 février 2017 :
« Je voudrais pour commencer,  vous citer quelques chiffres. Les chiffres sont les suivants : courant collectiviste anti-autoritaire, 63 % des suffrages,
courant collectiviste marxiste, 31 % des suffrages, et
courant mutuelliste, dit encore « proudhonien », 6 % des suffrages. Si vous additionnez, ça fait bien 100 %. Alors de quoi ça parle ? Et bien ça parle du quatrième congrès à Bâle de l’Association internationale des travailleurs encore appelée l’Internationale. Et l’Internationale aura vécu de 1864 à 1872 – et bien entendu la Commune de Paris...
par Torrentfreak - mercredi à 18:35
After years of careful planning and negotiating, the European Parliament was ready to vote on its new copyright directive last month. With backing from large political factions and pretty much the entire entertainment industry, many assumed that proposal would pass. They were wrong. The Copyright Directive was sent back to the drawing board following protests from legal scholars, Internet gurus, activists, and many members of the public. Article 13, often referred to as the “upload filter” proposal, was at the center of this pushback. The vote was a massive blow to those who put their hope on the EU’s proposed copyright changes. Following the failure of SOPA and ACTA, this was another disappointment,...
par Paul Jorion - mercredi à 18:19
Ouvert aux commentaires.
Le pont Morandi de Gênes était condamné à s’écrouler car il n’avait pas été conçu pour le trafic actuel, ni pour exister plus de 50 ans – nous en sommes à 51 ! Si l’on ressortait son cahier des charges d’origine, on verrait non seulement qu’il a dépassé son espérance de vie mais aussi qu’il dépassait ses capacités physiques et matérielles.
On veut nous faire croire qu’il aurait suffi d’un ripolinage, d’une meilleure maintenance, alors que de par sa conception, un pont à chevalets et à haubans datant des années 60 ne pouvait pas supporter une autoroute contemporaine avec son trafic démultiplié et des véhicules souvent deux fois plus lourds...
par Fubiz - mercredi à 16:22
Pippa Dyrlaga est une artiste spécialisée dans la découpe du papier et la gravure, actuellement basée à Yorkshire en Angleterre. Elle débute l’art de la découpe papier en 2010, trouvant l’inspiration dans la nature et dans le monde qui l’entoure. Ses créations, dont la minutie est impressionnante, sont réalisées à l’aide d’un scalpel, entièrement découpées à la main, et peuvent l’occuper pendant des heures.
Pippa Dyrlaga a fait du papier le matériau principal de ses oeuvres étant donné que tout le monde l’utilise presque tous les jours, mais également du fait qu’il possède une valeur sociale, chacun l’utilisant pour communiquer avec d’autres personnes. De plus, le papier...
par Les Décodeurs - mercredi à 15:45
Un film très partagé sur les réseaux sociaux affirme que des migrants espagnols auraient pillé un restaurant. Ces images ont été prises en Afrique du Sud en 2015.
par Paul Jorion - mercredi à 15:25
Je reproduis un article publié sur pour l’ouvrir ici à la discussion. J’ai voulu leur écrire pour confirmer avec eux qu’ils en étaient d’accord (c’est le principe implicite sur la toile), malheureusement leur interface « Contact » est hors-service. Je leur demande du coup de me contacter si cela leur cause un souci. Ouvert donc aux commentaires. Quand des patrons de fonds d’investissement new-yorkais font appel à un spécialiste de la société de l’information, afin d’améliorer leurs chances de survie après l’Évènement qui détruira le monde tel que nous le connaissons. [ AVERTISSEMENT, CECI N’EST PAS UNE FICTION ] À l’initiative de Céleste Bruandet (que...
par Usbek & Rica - mercredi à 14:00
Les festivals ne sont pas épargnés par la mondialisation. Mais une autre voie est possible, et elle passe par le développement durable.
par FluxBlog - mercredi à 13:31
Bad Bad Hats “Makes Me Nervous”
“Makes Me Nervous” is an airy, atmospheric pop song that conveys a very subtle anxiety in the way the guitar chords sound so crisp, taut, and rigid. It’s the uptight feeling hidden beneath the smiling facade, and the grasp on to familiarity in the face of the unknown. Kerry Alexander’s voice is ideal for this sort of low-key tension – she always sounds reasonable and calm, but her phrasing always reveals an easily wounded and sensitive soul. Her lyrics for this song match the tone perfectly, with her character getting paranoid about her relationship and freaking out a bit when she can’t get in touch with her partner. There doesn’t seem to be anything actually...
par Fubiz - mercredi à 12:00
Le photographe thaïlandais Visarute Angkatavanich, évoqué précédemment, revient avec des clichés pris sur le vif de poissons aux couleurs extraordinaires. De prime abord, on pourrait croire à de l’art abstrait : Des formes ondulées dont le mouvement est figé par l’image, tapies sur un fond monochrome. En réalité, il s’agit de photographies de poissons combattants dont on peut deviner la nature si l’on y regarde de plus près. Grâce à son indéniable talent, le photographe a le pouvoir de sublimer chaque nageoire, chaque poisson, nous entraînant ainsi dans l’illusion d’une majestueuse chorégraphie marine dont les poissons sont les principaux danseurs.
par Torrentfreak - mercredi à 10:40
In the summer of 2016, shockwaves rippled through the BitTorrent scene when KickassTorrents (KAT), the world’s most popular torrent site at the time, was forcefully shut down.
The action coordinated by the US government saw alleged KAT founder Artem Vaulin taken into custody. Meanwhile, millions of former users scrambled to find alternatives elsewhere on the Internet.
Unsurprisingly, many dispersed to existing torrent giants such as The Pirate Bay and RARBG but it didn’t take long for new blood to enter the ecosystem. Soon after KAT’s demise, a new indexer called ‘iDope’ made its debut, largely as a tribute to the dismantled torrent behemoth.
“This project was developed the next day after we knew...
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La mission spatiale Alina transportera, en 2019, 17 disques de saphir rassemblant des centaines d'informations sur l'humanité. C'est le projet Sanctuary.