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by io9 - about 55 minutes
The new book series, by the writer of, uh, Puss in Boots and the creator of Netflix’s Cursed, also seems liable to be coming to film. Read more...
by io9 - about 2 hours
It’s been twenty years since Richard Kelly’s Donnie Darko, the favored movie of moody teenage boys everywhere. Which makes it a good time to learn a bit new about it. Read more...
by The Verge - about 2 hours
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Italy’s data privacy authority has ordered video sharing app TikTok to temporarily block the accounts of any users whose ages can’t be confirmed, Reuters reported. The order comes after the death of a 10-year-old girl in Palermo, whose parents told authorities their daughter was participating in a “blackout challenge” she saw on the app. The child died of asphyxiation, and authorities are investigating whether anyone invited her to try the challenge. The Italian Data Protection Authority ordered TikTok to block unverified users in Italy until at least February 15th. The company told The Guardian it had not found content on its platform which would have encouraged...
by HackAdAy - about 3 hours
Considerable effort is often required to rejuvenate the yellowed and grungy plastic cases of retrocomputing gear. One generally does well to know their enemy in order to fight it, though, which is where this guide to the chemistry of plastic yellowing and whitening (PDF) comes in handy.
“The Retrobright Mystery” was written and sent in to us by a high school student who goes by the name [Saltypretzel]. The paper begins with an excellent description of the chemistry of plastic yellowing. We had always heard that the yellowing in ABS, or acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene, the plastic most commonly used for cases back in the day, was primarily caused by brominated compounds added to the plastic as flame...
by Courrier International - about 4 hours
Malgré le confinement et une crise sanitaire à son acmé, les Portugais sont appelés aux urnes ce dimanche pour élire leur président. L’actuel chef de l’État, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, est le grand favori de ce scrutin, qui pourrait accoucher d’une abstention record.
by io9 - about 4 hours
Well, we can’t do
box office numbers. So we’re doing this now.
by Goalcast - about 4 hours
Larry King was idolized by journalists and broadcast television lovers alike. A host of his CNN program for decades, he’s interviewed everyone from presidents to dictators, celebrities and athletes – and he did it all with a very distinct style that many have tried to emulate but no one could possibly match. King died today, at 87 years old, after a battle with COVID-19, according to a statement on his Facebook account that confirmed his death. "With profound sadness, Ora Media announces the death of our co-founder, host and friend Larry King, who passed away this morning at age 87 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles," the statement said. "For 63 years and across the platforms of radio,...
by France Inter - about 4 hours
La première vague du féminisme qui revendiquait les droits politiques avait atteint son but quand parut "Le deuxième sexe" en 1949. Puis le livre infusa lentement et nourrit la deuxième vague du mouvement que Beauvoir rejoignit. A son enterrement l'assistance répéta "Femmes, vous lui devez tout !" Et maintenant ?
by Courrier International - about 5 hours
Durant huit ans, ce village situé au sud-est de Tripoli s’est transformé en une véritable zone de non-droit, sous l’emprise du pouvoir absolu de sept frères. Plus d’une centaine de personnes sont tombées devant leur politique de terreur, un exemple du chaos dans lequel a sombré la Libye depuis la révolution de 2011.
by The Verge - about 5 hours
Image: HBO The year is kicking off with what’s becoming a loose tradition: a documentary about a renowned ‘90s athlete that aims to shade in a more complete picture. This time around, it’s Tiger, a two-part HBO Sports documentary about golf superstar Tiger Woods. Like The Last Dance, which chronicled Michael Jordan’s final season with the Chicago Bulls while reflecting on his entire career, Tiger attempts to complicate the prevailing narrative of a legend defined by his meteoric rise and equally steep fall. Even if you didn’t know golf, you probably knew about Tiger Woods. If you came of age in the ‘90s or early aughts, it was impossible to not know about the man who brought raucous, Michael...
by The Verge - about 6 hours
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Facebook says some users were logged out of their accounts unexpectedly Friday due to a “configuration change,” and the issue has been fixed as of Saturday morning. “On January 22, a configuration change caused some people to be logged out of their Facebook accounts. We investigated the issue and fixed it for everyone earlier today. We’re sorry for the inconvenience,” a Facebook company spokesperson said in an email to The Verge. So Facebook, heard it was a "configuration change". to the engineers who fixed the issue and patiently tried to explain the cause to us to no avail.— Facebook App (@facebookapp) January 23, 2021 The problems...
by HackAdAy - about 6 hours
The biggest news this week is that Raspberry Pi is no longer synonymous with single-board Linux computers: they’re dipping their toes into the microcontroller business with their first chip: the RP2040, and the supporting breakout board, the Pico. It’s an affordable, capable microcontroller being made by a firm that’s never made microcontrollers before, so that’s newsy.
The Hackaday comments lit on fire about this chip, with some fraction of the commenters lamenting the lack of wireless radios onboard. It’s a glass-half-full thing, I guess, but the RP2040 isn’t an ESP32, folks. It’s something else. And it’s got a hardware trick up its sleeve that really tickles my fancy — the programmable...
by The Verge - about 6 hours
Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images A year ago this week, The Verge published our first story about the virus. It was January 21. The first case had arrived in the US. We’d only heard of about 300 cases reported in China and six deaths. We still knew there was a chance it could get bad. “It’s bringing back SARS flashbacks for me,” coronavirus expert Timothy Sheahan told Verge reporter Nicole Wetsman at the time. The 2002 SARS outbreak taught researchers speed, but was only a deadly teaser to the still-unnamed pandemic that was about to begin.
One year and almost 1,000 coronavirus-related articles later, we’ve passed more grim milestones than we ever should have. More than 97 million people have...
by Fubiz - about 7 hours
Zach Cooley, photographe américain de paysages et de nature, capture la lune comme personne. Dans sa série The Moon, il livre des images époustouflantes de ce satellite, qu’il immortalise le plus souvent lorsqu’elle est pleine. L’artiste s’amuse notamment à créer des effets des styles en jouant avec l’environnement, au point que ses images donnent parfois l’impression d’être irréelles. Comme avec cette photo impressionnante dans le parc national des Arches dans l’Utah, qui laisse voir la pleine lune au beau milieu du « North Windows Arch ».
Pour découvrir le reste du travail du photographe, rendez-vous sur son compte Instagram.
Images : © Zach Cooley
by The Verge - about 7 hours
Image: Vizio In news that’s likely to be devastating to people who are looking for any and all reasons to upgrade their TV, CBS announced that Super Bowl LV won’t be broadcast in 4K HDR. The decision was made because of complications caused by the pandemic. This likely isn’t going over too well with all of the TV manufacturers that use the Super Bowl as the moment to clear out 2020 models at a big discount. But there are other reasons to seize these deals while they’re around.
There’s more 4K content than ever, with HBO Max’s Wonder Woman 1984 being one of the big new releases to support 4K HDR. One of the TVs mentioned below has HDMI 2.1 ports, giving it the ability to display certain PS5 and Xbox...
by France Inter - about 7 hours
C'est une des "armes" traditionnelles des États pour lutter contre la propagation de l'épidémie de Covid-19 : mieux contrôler les personnes, potentiellement atteintes, au moment où elles entrent sur le territoire. Plusieurs pays européens prennent des mesures de ce genre, mais souvent de manière trop différente.
by io9 - about 8 hours
Dyson HP02 Pure Hot + Cool Purifier (Refurbished) | $280 | NeweggRead more...
by Paul Jorion - about 9 hours
Comme j’ai parfois du mal à faire passer mon message (au point que certains commentateurs probablement de bonne foi m’attribuent des opinions qui sont l’inverse des miennes), je me réjouis de voir celui-ci exprimé sous une forme très différente de celle que j’adopte de mon côté.
Bonus :
by HackAdAy - about 9 hours
[Billy Wu] has been writing for a few years about electrochemical 3D printing systems that can handle metal. He’s recently produced a video that you can see below about the process. Usually, printing in metal means having a high-powered laser and great expense. [Wu’s] technique is an extension of electroplating.
Boiling down the gist of the process, the print head is a syringe full of electroplating solution. Instead of plating a large object, you essentially electroplate on tiny areas. The process is relatively slow and if you speed it up too much, the result will have undesirable properties. But there are some mind-bending options here. By using print heads with different electrolytes, you can print...
by Goalcast - about 10 hours
Adhara Pérez Sánchez is eight years old with a higher iQ than Einstein, and her accomplishments are destroying misconceptions about disabilities. An impressive life Sanchez has gone through a lot in her young life, and she remains and an inspiration. At just eight years old, she is studying toward two engineering degrees, and her dream is to be a scientist and to become an astronaut at NASA. It’s been a struggle every step of the way, though. At three years old, Sanchez was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and at the age of four she had a seizure that nearly left her in a coma. The episode caused her to lose full use of her hands for a year and led to physical therapy. "Still, she never gave...
by Goalcast - about 10 hours
For a decade, Greg Dunston and Marie Mckinzie were among the 8,000 people experiencing homelessness on the streets of San Francisco. At least they were, until millionaire Terry McGrath invited them to stay with him in his home. Down on their luck San Francisco has an infamous issue with homelessness. While being the richest city in America with a largely liberal population, many avert their eyes and refuse to support measures to remedy the issues causing it. But instead of waiting on others to do something, Terry McGrath did his part to help. He read an article in the San Francisco Chronicle about Greg Dunston and Marie Mckinzie, a lovely couple who defied the stereotypes of the type of who live on the street....
by France Inter - about 10 hours
Vinciane Despret, philosophe, chercheuse au département philosophie de Liège, auteure de « Quand le loup habitera avec l’agneau » (réédition La Découverte, 2020), est l'invitée du Grand face à face. Elle est l’invitée intellectuelle du Centre Pompidou en 2021.
by Torrentfreak - about 10 hours
This week it was reported that Njord Law, a prominent Danish law engaged in cash settlement demands against alleged BitTorrent pirates, is in serious trouble.
Working with middle-man licensing companies CMS and MIRCOM, which have connections to German-based BitTorrent tracking company MaverickEye and notorious international trolling operation Guardaley, the company demanded that their targets pay sums of money, often in excess of US$1,200, to make potential lawsuits disappear.
After hundreds of cases were kicked out of court, mainly due to CMS and MIRCOM having no standing to file a lawsuit, Njord Law and partner lawyer Jeppe Brogaard Clausen have now been charged with acting fraudulently. While both deny the...
by Paul Jorion - about 11 hours
La planète Lévi-Strauss : Grande-Bretagne A paru dans Le Magazine Littéraire, 223, 1985 : 63 Le structuralisme a mal franchi…
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by Paul Jorion - about 11 hours
Affaires de famille  A paru dans Le Magazine Littéraire, 223, 1985 : 62 Il y a près de quarante ans…
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by QZ - about 11 hours
“How can he be so average, yet so full of confidence?”That baffled line about the male psyche, delivered by 28-year-old stand-up comedian Yang Li last year, has become a catch-phrase for feminists in China. In the face of widespread sexism, it was a moment of public pushback that is becoming less rare.“Men are so mysterious,” Yang said, feigning a confused look on her face as she elaborated cuttingly about men’s self-involvement at the online comedy show Rock and Roast. “Unlike women, who always think of themselves as unimportant, men always think of themselves as the center of the universe. Every single sentence from men carries utmost importance, and points out the right direction in which the...
by Conspiracy Watch - about 11 hours
Aux vaccino-sceptiques, la star d’Hollywood rappelle quelques conseils de bon sens. « C’est simple : si votre maison est en feu, vous n’allez pas sur YouTube, vous appelez les pompiers », écrit-il.
Source : compte Facebook d’Arnold Schwarzenegger (capture d’écran, 20/01/2021).
Arnold Schwarzenegger s’engage contre la défiance anti-vaccinale. L’acteur américain et ancien gouverneur de Californie s’est fait drive-vacciner sous les caméras il y a trois jours. Une action qui lui a valu de très nombreux commentaires sur les réseaux sociaux auxquels il a pris le temps de répondre.
L’une de ses réponses a recueilli plus de 22 000 likes à ce jour. La star hollywoodienne y défend le...
by Courrier International - about 11 hours
Aux États-Unis, la pandémie a accéléré la montée en puissance de l’achat en ligne.
by France Inter - about 12 hours
Invitée de "On n'arrête pas l'éco", la ministre chargée de l'Industrie a réagi à la polémique sur la "sixième dose" de vaccin présente dans les flacons Pfizer, censés n'en contenir que cinq. Elle explique cette différence et demande à l'industriel d'assumer sa capacité réelle de production.
by QZ - about 12 hours
When Quartz science editor Katie Palmer was in college, she studied anxious rats. The project involved looking at the biological differences between two groups of rats that had been bred by temperament; researchers separated them as pups from their mothers, and sorted them into groups according to whether they cried or simply chilled out. Ultimately, Palmer says, she didn’t find anything too noteworthy.Au contraire, I say, for in the process she did uncover an interesting management metaphor.In the workplace, most of us can classify ourselves as anxious rats or chill rats. The anxious rats worry that they’re about to get fired every time their boss schedules a one-on-one. They beat themselves up over...
by QZ - about 12 hours
By the time his play “RUR” (which stands for “Rossum’s Universal Robots”) premiered in Prague in 1921, Karel Čapek was a well-known Czech intellectual. Like many of his peers, he was appalled by the carnage wrought by the mechanical and chemical weapons that marked World War I as a departure from previous combat. He was also deeply skeptical of the utopian notions of science and technology. “The product of the human brain has escaped the control of human hands,” Čapek told the London Saturday Review following the play’s premiere. “This is the comedy of science.”In that same interview, Čapek reflected on the origin of one of the play’s characters:The old inventor, Mr. Rossum (whose name...
by QZ - about 12 hours
On Jan. 20, Kamala Harris became vice president of the US—the first woman, the first person of South Asian descent, and the first African American to do so. Harris also became the first vice president to have graduated from a historically black college or university.Each of these achievements is significant in its own right. However, the vice presidency itself has traditionally been a relatively insignificant position, though the office has become more influential in recent years.The ‘most insignificant’ office?Read the rest of this story on Become a member to get unlimited access to Quartz’s journalism.
by HackAdAy - about 12 hours
Interested in making a custom keyboard, but unsure where to start? Good news, because [Jared]’s build log for an adorable “2% Milk” two-key mini-keyboard covers everything you need to know about making a custom keyboard, including how to add optional RGB lighting. The only difference is that it gets done in a smaller and cheaper package than jumping directly in with a full-size DIY keyboard.
[Jared] is definitely no stranger to custom keyboard work, but when he saw parts for a two-key “2% Milk” keyboard for sale online, he simply couldn’t resist. Luckily for us, he took plenty of photos and his build log makes an excellent tutorial for anyone who wants to get into custom keyboards by starting...
by QZ - about 12 hours
The notion of human beings as consumers first took shape before World War I, but became commonplace in America in the 1920s. Consumption is now frequently seen as our principal role in the world.People, of course, have always “consumed” the necessities of life—food, shelter, clothing—and have always had to work to get them or have others work for them, but there was little economic motive for increased consumption among the mass of people before the 20th century.Quite the reverse: Frugality and thrift were more appropriate to situations where survival rations were not guaranteed. Attempts to promote new fashions, harness the “propulsive power of envy,” and boost sales multiplied in Britain in the...
by Courrier International - about 13 hours
Aucun doute, pour ce magazine europhile, le Royaume-Uni réintégrera l’Union, ou finira au moins par renouer une relation privilégiée avec le continent. Mais la route, qu’il convient d’emprunter le plus vite possible, s’annonce particulièrement longue et sinueuse.
by Courrier International - about 13 hours
Sorti le 8 janvier, le nouvel album du chanteur de 27 ans bat des records sur les plateformes de streaming. Avec son improbable coupe mulet, le natif du Tennessee est en train de propulser la country dans le XXIe siècle.
by Korben - about 13 hours
Alors non, je ne vais pas vous faire un article sur le système capitaliste à la dérive, mais plutôt vous expliquer comment récupérer un smartphone Xiaomi (voici le mien) que vous auriez malencontreusement flashé et sur lequel apparaît cette erreur qui fait frémir : The system has been destroyed – Press power button to shutdown Avant tout : PAS DE PANIQUE. Il est récupérable. Logiquement, s’il est dans cet état là, c’est que vous l’avez débloqué (unlock) et essayé de le rooter. Voici donc comment sauver l’affaire. Tout d’abord, vous aurez besoin d’un ordinateur Windows et de la ROM MIUI de votre smartphone Xiaomi. Prenez le temps de bien la choisir sans vous tromper. Décompressez...
by France Inter - about 15 hours
Respectivement auteure-compositeure-interprète et directeur musical des antennes de Radio France, Juliette Armanet et Didier Varrod présente l'Hypernuit organisée par Radio France.
by Le Taurillon - about 15 hours
Il n'est pas rare que la presse britannique porte un regard sévère sur la France et en égratigne au passage les représentants politiques. Néanmoins c'est bien la première fois qu'un journal comme le Financial Times retire un article critiquant la politique française et plus particulièrement la loi sur le séparatisme en offrant de surcroît un droit de réponse à Emmanuel Macron. Il est vrai que les incompréhensions franco-britanniques concernant la gestion de la pluralité culturelle et cultuelle existent. Il est difficile d'appréhender le point de vue du Royaume-Uni sur ce qui se passe en France si on n'essaye pas de comprendre comment s'articule dans cet État la relation au religieux et par...
by HackAdAy - about 15 hours
These days, having a little computer in your pocket is par for the course. But forty years ago, this was a new and high tech idea. [The 8-Bit Guy] has a great video covering the state of the art in pocket computers and personal digital assistants from the 1980s and 1990s. You can see the video below.
There are a lot of familiar faces on the video including the Radio Shack pocket computers, Palm Pilots, and some more obscure machines of varying quality.
It might impress you to know that the Radio Shack TRS-80 PC-1 pocket computer actually had two CPUs. Of course, each CPU was a 4-bit processor running at 256 kHz, so maybe not as impressive as it sounds. Still, what a marvel in its day, programming BASIC on a...
by Usbek & Rica - about 15 hours
Dans son roman Les lumières de Tel-Aviv (éd. Rivages/Noir), paru en mars 2020, la journaliste et écrivaine Alexandra Schwartzbrod propose une vision originale sur le conflit israélo-palestinien en décalant le curseur dans un futur proche et plutôt inquiétant où l’Etat d’Israël se verrait coupé en deux, avec les ultra-orthodoxes d’un côté, et des « Résistants » revenus à l’utopie pionnière originelle de l’autre. Derrière ce récit captivant, une question : au-delà de la « question israélienne », le monde de demain sera-t-il sécessionniste ?
by Goalcast - about 22 hours
When Lukieya Coachman noticed her face started to swell in 2017, she went to the emergency room thinking it could be an allergic reaction, but found out she actually had a 10-cm mass in her chest. “From that point on, they admit me into the hospital and they're running all kinds of tests,” she told People. “They're doing biopsies, CT scans, everything. And it took them six days to come back and tell me that it was cancer.” The treatment had adverse effects After Lukieya’s doctor located a second mass, she was diagnosed with stage 2 Hodgkin’s lymphoma and started treatment right away. During chemotherapy and radiation, at a time when most patients lose weight, Lukieya “did the total opposite of...
by Hiram - about 22 hours
Dans la rubrique Un autre regard, Jacques Carletto rencontre des auteurs d’ouvrages qui sont, qui ne sont pas, ou qui pourraient être des Sœurs ou des Frères. Aux lecteurs de deviner. Aujourd’hui Gilles Cosson. Ce livre n’est pas une réflexion de plus sur le pourquoi et le comment de la situation actuelle, il répond à […]
Cet article Vers une espérance commune est apparu en premier sur
by Hiram - about 22 hours
. Le n°28 de Paroles Plurielles, la revue philosophique et symbolique de la Fédération française LE DROIT HUMAIN est paru. La revue va retrouver sa régularité semestrielle grâce à sa nouvelle équipe du comité de rédaction. Achat du numéro à l’unité pour 13 €. Possibilité de s’abonner pour seulement 19 € annuellement (2 numéros par […]
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by Torrentfreak - friday at 22:26
Spearheaded by the RIAA, several major music industry companies have filed lawsuits against some of the largest U.S. Internet providers. The music companies accuse these providers of failing to terminate accounts of the most egregious pirates, thus ignoring millions of copyright infringement notices.
The liability lawsuits are seen as a major threat to the ISP industry, as multiple companies face hundreds of millions of dollars in potential damages. This is not just a hypothetical threat, as the $1 billion verdict against Cox has shown.
In response to these lawsuits, several ISPs have submitted counterclaims, scrutinizing the copyright infringement notices. Internet provider RCN did the same and also targeted...
by Goalcast - friday at 21:53
When all the children at an orphanage were adopted except one, a 27-year-old man took it upon himself to adopt the boy. But the adoption process, and then raising the special needs child, was no easy task. A very special boy Avnish faced rejection from the time he was born. After being diagnosed with Down Syndrome, a genetic disorder, he was abandoned by his parents and placed in an orphanage. But then, he met Aditya Tiwari. “I met Avnish on September 13, 2014, when I visited an orphanage for the first time on the occasion of my father’s birthday," Tiwari told Indian Express. "I came to know that all children had been adopted except one and they pointed at a handicapped child, about five to six months...
by Paul Jorion - friday at 20:01
François Péron (1775 – 1810) A paru dans les notes de mon cours Encyclopédie de l’ethnologie et histoire des doctrines…
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by io9 - friday at 20:00
Oh, Tall Lady, how do I love thee, let me count the ways. Read more...
by Paul Jorion - friday at 18:24
Vous êtes trois entre hier et aujourd’hui (vous vous reconnaîtrez facilement) à me signaler des personnes citant quasi verbatim des choses que j’ai dites ou écrites… mais sans mentionner où elles l’ont trouvé.
Question : « Est-ce propre à moi, ou bien est-ce la pratique courante (aujourd’hui désormais ou de tout temps) ? »
P.S. L’un de vous trois m’envoie d’ailleurs très aimablement une photo du gars où l’on aperçoit (corpus delicti !) mes livres derrière lui sur les rayons de sa bibliothèque.
by Les Décodeurs - friday at 18:06
La forte hausse de la mortalité observée en 2020 par l’Insee ne peut pas uniquement s’expliquer par le vieillissement de la population.
by Les Décodeurs - friday at 17:47
Il faut analyser avec prudence la baisse du taux d’incidence dans les quinze départements où la mesure a été imposée dès le 2 janvier.
by Les Décodeurs - friday at 17:30
Le député européen Jean-Lin Lacapelle a affirmé à la télévision qu’aucune personne âgée de moins de 44 ans n’était morte du nouveau coronavirus. C’est faux.
by Toute l'Europe - friday at 17:05
Jeudi 21 janvier, les chefs d'Etat et de gouvernement des Vingt-Sept étaient réunis lors d'un Conseil européen à distance largement consacré à la  lutte contre l'épidémie de coronavirus au niveau du continent. Ils ont invité les Européens à annuler leurs voyages non-essentiels, et se sont accordés sur la nécessité d'harmoniser la validité des tests et des vaccins au niveau européen. Un premier consensus qui ouvre la porte à une autre perspective, plus polémique celle-ci : l'instauration d'un certificat de vaccination facilitant les déplacements sur le territoire de l'Union.
by FluxBlog - friday at 15:51
Emanative & Liz Elensky featuring Bed Hadwen “Fall In To Me”
“Fall In To Me” has an intriguing dynamic in which Liz Elensky’s vocal and Ben Hadwen’s tenor sax sound like they’re both attempting to break out of the tense rhythm laid down by Emanative. They move around the stiff groove in different ways. Elensky’s approach is more soulful and zen, like a passive resistance to the oppressive force. Hadwen’s sax is more loose and emotive, at first sneaking around the beat before more obviously reacting against it. I like the way the drama plays out, like the rhythm is trying to capture something about the human spirit that simply cannot be held for long. Buy it from Bandcamp.
by Usbek & Rica - friday at 14:09
Dans cette nouvelle chronique, Thomas Gauthier, professeur et responsable du dispositif pédagogique « Disrupted Futures » à emlyon business school, avance plusieurs pistes pour permettre aux entreprises de prendre des décisions stratégiques dans des périodes d'incertitude comme celle que nous traversons depuis le début de la crise sanitaire.
by Conspiracy Watch - friday at 13:32
Pour Brigitte Stora et Robert Hirsch, la dernière sortie d’Houria Bouteldja (« on ne peut pas être Israélien innocemment ») et les soutiens qui lui ont été témoignés depuis lors, doivent être réinscrits dans un héritage précis : celui de l’antisémitisme stalinien.
Texte de soutien à Houria Bouteldja sur le site (capture d’écran, 17/01/2021).
Les tribunes se multiplient pour soutenir Houria Bouteldja et son texte déprogrammé de Mediapart dans lequel l’ex-patronne des Indigènes de la République tentait à nouveau d’absoudre la haine antisémite, dirigée cette fois contre la candidate de Miss France, April Benyaoum, Miss Provence. Sans justifier des termes tels...
by CIBDI - friday at 11:37
Avec le décès de Jean Graton survenu ce 21 janvier, c'est incontestablement une des dernières grandes signatures de l'Age d'or de la bande dessinée franco-belge qui vient de nous quitter à l'âge de 97 ans. -
actualités de la bd
by Toute l'Europe - friday at 11:20
Jeudi soir, un nouveau sommet a réuni par visioconférence les 27 dirigeants des pays de l'Union européenne. Passeport vaccinal et accélération de la vaccination… Face à l'apparition de variants du coronavirus, les chefs d'Etat et de gouvernement ont évoqué les solutions envisagées pour remédier à la fermeture des frontières intérieures de l'UE, de plus en plus envisagée par certaines autorités nationales.
by Toute l'Europe - friday at 11:09
Face à la pandémie de coronavirus qui frappe le continent, l'Union européenne a d'abord engagé des moyens financiers conséquents dans la recherche d'un vaccin. Elle pose désormais le cadre juridique et scientifique de son usage, tout en jouant un rôle de coordination dans l'approvisionnement des Etats membres en doses.
by Usbek & Rica - friday at 11:01
La crise sanitaire a bouleversé notre quotidien, qu'il s'agisse de l'économie, de l’organisation de la société, ou même de notre manière d’être au monde et de vivre les uns avec les autres. Les villes peuvent désormais en tirer les leçons pour davantage protéger la santé et favoriser le bien-être de leurs habitants.